Tears in the Bronx: Ex-Yankee reveals heartbreaking departure

Robinson Cano with the Yankees in 2013.

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Former New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano recently opened up about the emotional turmoil surrounding his departure from the iconic team. Reflecting on his journey in an intimate interview with Dominican reporter Junior Matrillé, Cano shared the profound difficulty he faced when confronted with the choice to part ways with the franchise that had nurtured him since he was signed as an international prospect in 2001.

Tears in the Bronx

Recalling a pivotal moment during contract negotiations, Cano recounted the stark ultimatum presented by the Yankees. Despite his desire to extend his tenure in New York, the team’s offer fell short of his expectations. General Manager Brian Cashman’s reluctant stance pushed Cano toward an inevitable crossroads.

The decision to leave New York, a place he had envisioned retiring in, weighed heavily on Cano’s heart. Despite his longing to remain a Yankee, he ultimately felt the undeniable pull to honor his family name and secure his future with a team that fully embraced his talents.

“But I told my agent, I don’t want to leave. I want to stay,” Canó said. “But, at the end of the day my last name is Canó, you know? At the end of the day, I want to sign a contract with the Yankees. If they came back to me with $200 for 10 years, I would have taken it.”

The poignant moment of departure marked a bittersweet transition for Cano. Departing from the familiar streets of New York, he embarked on a new chapter across the country, signing a monumental contract with the Seattle Mariners. The move signified the end of an era for Cano, as he bid farewell to the only professional home he had ever known.

The hardest goodbye

The magnitude of the decision was not lost on Cano, who candidly admitted to shedding tears as he grappled with the reality of leaving behind cherished memories and familiar faces. The abrupt shift from the bustling streets of New York to the tranquil shores of Seattle brought forth a wave of emotions, underscoring the profound impact of his departure.

“I even cried. I didn’t cry because they said no to me, I just didn’t want to leave,” Canó recalls. “I had to decide between the Yankees and Seattle, and it was like growing up in a neighborhood where you know everybody, you go to the same schools and then you have to leave. You’re going to miss everybody and everything.

Despite the geographical transition, Cano’s tenure with the Mariners was marked by impressive statistical achievements, showcasing his enduring talent on a new stage. However, his journey was marred by setbacks, including suspensions due to violations of MLB’s drug policy, which cast a shadow over his illustrious career.

In the twilight years of his baseball journey, Cano’s path meandered through various teams, each chapter underscored by fleeting moments on the field. As the final innings of his career unfolded, Canó’s legacy endured, a testament to his unwavering dedication to the sport that defined him.

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One thought on “Tears in the Bronx: Ex-Yankee reveals heartbreaking departure

  1. Problem with his legacy is he chose to cheat while with Seattle and so at the end of the day as Cano put it he did tarnish his family name. I was ok when he left the Yankees. I was tired of felt like laziness on Cano’s part especially running the bases and especially running to first. Always wished the best for him but the cheating leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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