Severino and Cortes take charge in Boone’s Yankees pitching plan

Aaron Boone, the manager of the Yankees

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The New York Yankees have surprised fans and experts with significant pitching rotation changes. Struggling pitcher Luis Severino gets another chance, set to start against the Astros, while Nestor Cortes returns swiftly, by passing rehab. Manager Aaron Boone hints at more adjustments, including reevaluating key starters. The revamped rotation’s impact on the competitive season is eagerly anticipated.

During an interview before the third match against the Rays, the Yankees’ manager, Aaron Boone mentioned that there were several developments concerning the pitching staff. He anticipated having a clearer picture by the day’s conclusion. He confirmed the good health of German and Carlos Rodon. 

Furthermore, Luis Severino successfully completed his bullpen session on Wednesday afternoon, expressing his satisfaction with it. As reported by Bryan Hoch of, Severino is likely to take the starting position on Friday. He playfully added,  “So if you guys know something, let me know.”

Severino given redemption opportunity

Luis Severino head the dugout after he was removed in the first inning.
Brad Prenner / USA Today

As stated by NJ Media, Luis Severino, the struggling right-hander, has been granted another chance to prove his mettle on the field. Despite a lackluster performance that saw him concede a staggering number of runs, Severino is poised to take the mound once again. The coaching staff’s decision to start him against the Houston Astros on Friday night has ignited discussions about the team’s strategy and their faith in Severino’s potential.

Cortes’ swift return raises questions

Nestor Cortes - the Yankees player

Nestor Cortes, who has been sidelined on the 60-day injured list, is set to make an unexpected and expedited return to the rotation. Originally scheduled for a rehab start in Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Cortes was suddenly redirected to prepare for a weekend game. This abrupt change has raised eyebrows and prompted speculation about potential implications for the Yankees’ overall rotation dynamics.

Broader rotation

Manager Aaron Boone alluded to more changes in the works, revealing that the team is actively reevaluating their pitching rotation. While key starters like Domingo German, Carlos Rodon, Clarke Schmidt, and Gerrit Cole maintain their health, the decision to alter Cortes’ rehab timeline hints at larger adjustments within the rotation structure. The anticipation surrounding these changes has fueled curiosity among fans and observers. 

Amidst the rotation shakeup, Carlos Rodon’s performance has come under increased scrutiny. The left-hander, who secured a substantial contract last December, has faced challenges since his return from injury. Inconsistencies in his recent starts have raised doubts about his form and ability to contribute effectively to the team’s success.

Cortes eager to return

Nestor Cortes expressed enthusiasm about his swift return to action. After being sidelined due to a strained rotator cuff since early June, Cortes is eager to make a meaningful impact on the team’s performance. His readiness to contribute adds an element of anticipation to the evolving rotation dynamics.

As the Yankees’ revamped rotation takes center stage, all eyes are on the upcoming games to gauge the impact of these strategic adjustments. Fans and analysts alike await further updates that will shed light on the team’s path forward in the competitive season.

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One thought on “Severino and Cortes take charge in Boone’s Yankees pitching plan

  1. It’s official. The Yankees’ front office doesn’t give a damn about Yankee fans.
    I’m ashamed to wear my Yankee apparel out of the house, I really am. A conservative estimate is $1,500 worth of Yankee apparel, and it’ll stay in my closet until this joke of a team is torn down to the ground.
    Steinbrenner can kiss my ass. I’ve been a Yankees fan since the late 1950s, but I’m not
    spending another penny on this “team” until Steinbrenner sells the club. He knows absolutely nothing about baseball, but he sure knows how to wring every penny out of the fans to fill his bank account. I’ve had enough.
    Goodbye Yankees!

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