Rumors of Anthony Rizzo leaving Yankees unnerve fans

Anthony Rizzo of the New York Yankees
John Allen
Tuesday October 25, 2022

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The offseason keeps getting worse for the New York Yankees, who could lose their first baseman, Anthony Rizzo. Reports say that Rizzo will probably choose to opt out of his contract with the Yankees. Many Yankees fans are worried about what would happen if they lost Rizzo.

Anthony Rizzo is a strong defender at first base and a great offensive player when he is healthy. Rizzo has been able to score a lot of runs, including 32 home runs in the 2022 season. In the MLB, players like that are hard to find.

Jim Bowden of CBS Sports was the first to reveal the news about Anthony Rizzo’s potential move away from New York.

Anthony Rizzo’s decision to leave the New York Yankees could signal the start of a rough offseason. After getting swept by the Houston Astros in the American League Championship Series, it’s not surprising that the Yankees’ focus has turned to the offseason. In sports, there are many players, but New York Yankees fans do not want Anthony Rizzo to leave. After playing for the team for two years, he has become a fan favorite.

When a season ends without a win in the World Series, changes are likely to happen. If Rizzo decides to opt out of his contract with the Yankees, they will lose a key player. Even though they spend more than any other MLB team, that doesn’t mean they will find a good replacement.

Rizzo was a leader for the Yankees, and his absence will be felt by everyone in the team.

New York Yankees fans are also worried that their star player Aaron Judge could leave the team this offseason. Anthony Rizzo and Judge are close friends, and fans could see them both joining a new team. If this happened, the Yankees of 2023 would look very different from the ones of 2022.

Anthony Rizzo was a key part of the Chicago Cubs team that won the World Series, and the Yankees hoped he could do the same for them. Now that their season is over and they were swept, he might be ready to move on. He will probably get offers from some of the best MLB teams after his great season.

The New York Yankees need to make some important decisions about their team’s future. Many think rumors don’t mean for sure that Anthony Rizzo will leave the Yankees. But this could get him more money or more time out of his deal.

Do you think Anthony Rizzo will leave the Yankees?

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