Revamped buzz among Yankees fans: Will Ohtani or Soto don the Pinstripes?

Soto and Ohtani are the newest names linked to joing the Yankees in 2023.
Amanda Paula
Friday July 14, 2023

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After a sluggish start to the season, New York Yankees fans have been buzzing with anticipation as rumors circulate that the team might pursue either Shohei Ohtani from the Los Angeles Angels or Juan Soto from the San Diego Padres. 

Additionally, Sports Illustrated reported that the Yankees may add Soto to their roster this season. This exciting possibility has generated significant interest and discussion among Yankees supporters.

Soto or Ohtani: Yankees fans went to twitter asking them to come to the Bronx.

Many have expressed their desire to see Soto or Ohtani wearing the pinstripes, making “Soto or Ohtani” a trending topic in the United States.

While some dismiss these hopes as unrealistic, others view it as a tremendous opportunity for the Yankees to bolster their roster.

Why could Ohtani be the key player for the Yankees?

Yankees target Ohtani in action for the All-star games
Sports Illustrated

Shohei Ohtani, set to become a free agent at the end of the season, possesses the potential to be the missing piece in the Yankees’ quest for success. Ohtani’s outstanding performance as both a hitter and a pitcher has captured the attention of fans across the league. He currently leads MLB in triples and boasts an impressive 32 home runs, accompanied by a remarkable 1.050 OPS. 

Ohtani’s 3.32 ERA and .184 opponent batting average demonstrate his exceptional abilities as a pitcher. However, securing Ohtani’s services requires a substantial financial commitment, with predictions suggesting a record-breaking contract in the range of $600 million. Additionally, acquiring Ohtani would necessitate parting ways with valuable MLB-ready players and prospects, making it a challenging endeavor for the Yankees.

The potential rise of Soto as the Yankees’ superstar

Soto, the Padres player could arrive at the Yankees sooner.
USA Today

In their pursuit of success at the trade deadline, the Yankees are eyeing a significant acquisition to compensate for the absence of Aaron Judge, who is sidelined due to a toe injury. Juan Soto, a young and highly talented outfielder, has emerged as a prime candidate to fill this void if the San Diego Padres decide to make him available.

While Soto still has a year remaining on his contract, speculation remains as to whether the Padres would be willing to trade him only a year after acquiring him in a major blockbuster trade. Given the hefty price, the Padres paid for Soto, a similar package of prospects would likely be expected in any potential deal with the Yankees.

Soto and Ohtani could be the next Yankees' players.

Although such a trade would deplete the Yankees’ farm system, it presents an opportunity for the team to make a win-now move, capitalizing on their seasoned veterans’ prime years. Soto’s versatility in both left and right fields and his exceptional offensive capabilities make him an ideal fit for the Bronx Bombers. His addition would address a significant lineup gap and potentially restore the Yankees’ status as World Series contenders.

While the availability of Soto and Ohtani remains uncertain, Yankees fans eagerly hope the team will make a bold move and secure a star player. The potential arrival of either player would fortify the Yankees’ roster and invigorate their championship aspirations. Time will tell whether the Yankees can strike a deal and usher in a new era of success in the Bronx.

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