Radio host sparks speculation of Derek Jeter taking over as Yankees GM

Yankees legend Derek Jeter is speaking at Yankee Stadium during his HoF ceremony in Sept 2022.

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Yankees legend Derek Jeter is set to participate in his inaugural Old Timer’s Day event this year. This has, prompted speculation from Shaun Morash that his appearance is a signal of he is preparing for a bigger role within the Yankees organization. The WFAN host speculates that this might result in the iconic Yankees figure taking over from much-maligned Brian Cashman as the Yankees general manager.

“Why is Derek Jeter now coming back for Old Timer’s Day? Is there not a comfort there with a guy who just ran a team? If he’s closer to the team and in the building,” Shaun said. “I believe if Brian Cashman is fired after this year or next year, Derek Jeter will be the guy to replace him. He ran the Marlins. He got Cashman to take Stanton.”

In recent years, Derek Jeter has been making a more frequent presence at Yankee Stadium giving rise to rumors that he may be hired by the team in some capacity. On the other hand, the Yankees fanbase is up in arms against current general manager Bria Cashman and even fans are planning for a “FIRE CASHMAN” night at the stadium.

Derek Jeter remains highly popular among Yankees fans and his involvement within the team’s front office will give owner Hal Steinbrenner a much-needed breather from the anger and denunciation by the Bronx faithful.

Shaun finds indications of Derek Jeter becoming Yankees GM

Derek Jeter in his last game at Yankee Stadium on September 25, 2014.

The radio host pointed out that there was an initial indication suggesting that Brian Cashman’s tenure could be approaching its climax considering the anger against him and the Yankees’ performance this season. He mentioned that Hal Steinbrenner tends to avoid venturing beyond his familiar territory and conducting extensive searches for replacements.

Shaun questioned the rationale behind Derek Jeter’s return for Old Timer’s Day, pondering whether it indicated a sense of ease and familiarity with someone who recently managed a team. He speculated that if Derek Jeter establishes a closer connection with the Yankees and becomes more present at the stadium, it could suggest him becoming a potential successor to Brian Cashman. Referring to Derek Jeter’s experience with the Marlins and his involvement in the acquisition of Stanton through Cashman, Shaun posited that the Yankees legend might be a candidate to replace Cashman if he were to be let go in the upcoming year or the following one.

Evan and Tiki remained skeptical about the idea, expressing doubt if Derek Jeter would be interested in assuming a GM role now. However, Shaun believes the former shortstop possesses a deep understanding of the organization, offering a bold and familiar internal option that aligns with Steinbrenner’s preferences. He further emphasized that Derek Jeter’s tenure in Miami had equipped him with valuable experience in baseball operations, making him a qualified contender for the position.

According to Shaun, Derek Jeter has an inclination toward owning and influencing baseball operations. He pointed out that the Yankees hold a special place for the legendary player, raising the possibility that Hal wouldn’t oppose Derek Jeter acquiring a minority ownership stake in the team as part of the arrangement.

“He clearly wanted to be an owner and have a say in baseball operations,” Shaun said. “The Yankees are his team…what if it comes with Hal letting him buy a minority stake in the team?”

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14 thoughts on “Radio host sparks speculation of Derek Jeter taking over as Yankees GM

  1. Whatever to bring Jeter home again is what Hal Steinbrenner needs to do. Jeter has never been conditioned to accept losing or mediocrity. Jeter should be given the authority to do what he needs to. If that means either gutting the Yankees analytics department or replacing the ass clowns who work there. Yankees need to rely a lot less on analytics and more on actual scouting, player development and smart free agent signings which aren’t analytics involved.

  2. A hall of fame player coming back for old timers day?


    What next? Mariano for pitching coach?

  3. I’m fine with getting rid of Cashman and bringing in Jeter in his place, BUT ONLY if Jeter finds a way to get rid of Stanton in the process.
    He talked Cashman into taking him off the Marlins’ hands, now he has to talk Cashman into taking Stanton with him when he’s fired.
    Nah, just firing Cashman will be good enough. The Yankees can always use Stanton as a speedbump in the parking lot.

  4. Cashman Boone fire them both what really got me when they fire girardi he took them to the world series then he got fire

  5. Hal only worried about the $$$$$.
    Prime , AppleTv what bulls#%&
    He could care less about the fans. Tune out and stop watching or listening on the radio. Stay home.
    Show him the empty seats.

  6. Bring in Jeter get a Old timer meger from the old timer yanker like Paul o nini he played Right Filde for the Yankees Jeter will fix the Yankees

  7. It is time to replace Cashman
    with Jeter then giving him some ownership
    then let him buy the team with a rich owner
    that loves the Yankees Hal retire with your
    6 billion and let new ownership take over
    Your Father wants Jeter owning and running
    the Yankees Jeter has more financial connections than a plumber he can raise the money he can talk to and draft the right
    players, rebuild the farm system, hirer the
    right manager, coaches, front office people,
    get rid of the dead wood, he knows what it
    is like to be a fan, in the minors, player, gm
    evaluate talent, heart and soul of a player.
    Free agents will want to play for him.

  8. Love it! Fire dumb-man & Ba-boone today! Jeter new GM & bring back Mattingly as manager! It’s way past time to clean up this mess created by them!! O’Neill new hitting coach and Coney new pitching coach!! They all know the true Yankee Way!!

    Let’s go Yankees!!!

  9. This radio show host has no clue whatsoever. Like most talking heads, he’s just spouting. Love him or hate him, Cashman signed a new deal at the end of last season and Hal isn’t firing him anytime soon.

  10. There is no way Hal Steinbrenner fires Brian Cashman this year. Forget about it. Not happening. This radio host is just a talking head spouting an opinion through his backside. Cashman just signed a four-year extension, and Hal isn’t about to pay him millions annually to do nothing. It’s not Hal’s MO. I also think the fans calling for Cashman’s scalp are overreacting. If the Yankees fail to reach .500, it will be his first losing season. Are we to forget all the winning the team has done under him, including those years from around 2015 on when the team briefly stopped spending, yet he still found a way to put out teams who won more often than lost? How would you like to be judged on your own job that way?

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