Radio host accuses Hal Steinbrenner of prioritizing business over Yankees’ championship


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The Yankees’ fanbase is upset after the team’s top brass let the trade deadline pass without any useful acquisition that can help recast their fate in the 2023 season. This led WFAN radio host Tikki to accuse owner Hal Steinbrenner of exploiting the Yankees to gain in business and not being inclined to make them win a championship.

His co-host Evan was also upset about Aaron Boone’s choice to bench Aaron Judge during an important game against the Orioles on Sunday. But Tiki argues that any Yankees fans who are really upset about this decision might not understand the way the current Yankee management and Hal Steinbrenner are handling things.

According to Tiki, Hal Steinbrenner’s business model is aimed at making the postseason, and they’re essentially following a basic business principle. Their main focus is on achieving their goal of reaching the postseason. Tiki also mentioned that if someone were in Aaron Boone’s position as manager, their priority would be to safeguard Aaron Judge while working towards making it to the postseason.

Hal Steinbrenner at a Yankees' training session.
Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

Tiki also pointed out that Hal Steinbrenner’s primary emphasis is on his business model. The Yankees’ main concern revolves around this aspect. Hal Steinbrenner’s discussions often revolve around forthcoming tax bills and the obligation to shareholders. This indicates a focus on financial gains, the overall bottom line, maintaining a positive financial position, and attracting a significant audience to games. This context clarifies why they made a substantial investment of $360 million in Aaron Judge. The overarching theme is the business side of the sport, rather than the singular pursuit of winning a championship.

“Their business model is to make the postseason…what they’re defaulting to is Business 101,” Tiki said. “It is ‘Make the postseason.’ That’s all that their focused on. If you’re Aaron Boone, and you’re managing to make the postseason, you have to protect Aaron Judge.”

Critics have frequently pointed out that Hal Steinbrenner has faced criticism for not spending as aggressively as his father, George, once did. Some believe that he might not be as determined to win and could be placing more emphasis on making profits rather than winning championships. However, Tiki argues that Hal Steinbrenner has his own set of responsibilities and individuals to respond to. People who critique his decisions or highlight the team’s cautious approach to handling their star player and main attraction might not fully consider this reality.

Steve Cohen vs. Hal Steinbrenner

Hal Steinbrenner and Steve Cohen

Tiki stated that Steve Cohen is primarily focused on winning a championship. He invests in the team with significant funds because he has a considerable amount of wealth, approximately $14 billion, to utilize. On the other hand, Hal Steinbrenner doesn’t commit such a substantial amount of resources to the Yankees.

“That is their business model. That is all they care about…you hear Hal talk about these tax bills that come due, and this responsibility to shareholders, and that’s about making money, the bottom line, that’s bout not showing a loss and getting asses in seats. That’s why you pay Aaron Judge $360 million. It’s all about the business of the game, and not about the business of winning a championship.”

His main priority is the Yankees, unlike a hedge fund, which is Cohen’s focus to make business. Observing the situation from a different perspective rather than solely as an impassioned fan reveals this distinction. Hal Steinbrenner’s perspective revolves around fulfilling responsibilities to shareholders and maintaining a profitable bottom line. Unlike Cohen, he doesn’t have the same luxury of disregarding those considerations.

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4 thoughts on “Radio host accuses Hal Steinbrenner of prioritizing business over Yankees’ championship

  1. Hal needs to sell the Yankees. After Cashman’s washout at the trade deadline last year, he should be replaced. Boone, open to question. All comes down from Hal and Cashman.

    About the author, I was born and raised in NYC in the Yogi Berra Era. I used to take the IRT Subway to old Yankee Stadium before it was refurbished and subsequently replaced. Lifelong Yankee Fan.

  2. I remember when George purchased the Yankees from CBS. I wrote a term paper on the new ownership group at that time.

    George would be rolling in his grave now and never would have stood up for this. He was Steve Cohen before Steve Cohen. Hal is definitely neither George nor Cohen.

  3. That’s the most “well, duh!” statement anyone on radio could ever make.
    I’m through with this team until Steinbrenner sells his controlling interest in the club.
    If that doesn’t happen before I croak, oh well.
    I’m not going to be part of Steinbrenner’s cash-cow from now on. The spoiled little brat can kiss my tookis.

  4. Well Woop de do who would have thunk it…
    Of course they run it as a business, but they still have a 260 million dollar payroll, 2nd highest in baseball. Anyone who knows anything about baseball knows that if you get into the playoffs your chances of winning the whole enchilada are “almost” as good as anyone’s. You can’t just buy your way to a WS championship. Both NYC teams are proof of that this year. Hang in there, there’s always next year. 🙄🙃😬

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