Aaron Judge’s stellar OPS ranks lead MLB, fuel Yankees’ surge

Yankees' stars Aaron Judge and Juan Soto lead MLB in OPS
Amanda Paula
Sunday June 2, 2024

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In the New York Yankees’ 7-3 victory against the San Francisco Giants, Aaron Judge continued his scorching performance. Thus far, Judge’s impressive performance has propelled him to an OPS of 1.067, surpassing his teammate Soto, who is in the second spot with a 1.202 OPS

Aaron Judge shines against Giants

Yankees' captain Aaron Judge leads MLB in OPS

In the showdown against the Giants, Aaron Judge had a good performance. Despite facing a chorus of boos from Giants fans in the opener, he responded resoundingly in the second game with a record-breaking home run, solidifying his reputation as one of MLB’s premier long ball hitters. This marked the first face-off since 2022, and Judge’s performance hinted at a continuation of his scorching hot streak as June began.

Yankees rally behind Aaron Judge as June starts

New York Yankees' star Aaron Judge ranks first in OPS in 2024

Throughout the offseason, speculation swirled around Aaron Judge’s ability to maintain his position as the primary star for the New York Yankees. With the emergence of Juan Soto, some insiders Aaron Judge’s burden might ease, although challenges persisted.

April witnessed Aaron Judge facing criticism amid a slump in his performance, prompting questions about his effectiveness on the field. Despite initial setbacks, May proved to be a triumphant month for Judge, showcasing an outstanding display of skills reminiscent of an MVP-caliber player.

As June commenced, Aaron Judge exhibited no signs of slowing down. On June 1st, he further solidified his dominance with a powerful two-run home run against the San Francisco Giants.

Aaron Judge’s performance during May and early June holds significant historical weight. He shattered multiple records during this period. According to statistical analysis by Katie Sharp, Aaron Judge stands alone in MLB history with 15+ home runs, 12+ doubles, and 20+ walks in any 25-game span. Additionally, he became the sole player to achieve at least 12 doubles and 11 home runs in a 20-game span.

Yankees’ Aaron Judge soars as Juan Soto’s future looms

Aaron Judge and Juan Soto's stellar OPS ranks lead MLB

Aaron Judge’s remarkable performance has not only silenced doubters but also etched his name in the annals of MLB history. But while Aaron Judge has been flying high this month, Juan Soto has delivered good performances, with the OPS ranking speaking for itself. However, Soto’s impending free agency at the end of this season is a major topic within the Yankees community. His contract negotiations are expected to result in one of the most lucrative deals in sports history.

Juan Soto ranks the second best OPS in MLB

Despite strong performances this season, the future of Aaron Judge and Juan Soto playing together with the Yankees remains uncertain. Judge and Soto were viewed as a lethal duo heading into the season. Judge, despite missing most of 2023, was still considered the best Yankee player of that year by some critics.

However, the Yankees may face challenges in retaining Soto and Aaron Judge as a powerful duo for the next season with the upcoming payroll limitations announced by Hal Steinbrenner. To make matters worse, the Mets are rumored to be interested in acquiring Soto, which could lead to a high-stakes bidding war.

Looking ahead

Regardless of whether Soto becomes a future colleague, last Saturday Aaron Judge demonstrated the potential to not only be the standout player for the Yankees this year but also to possibly have a season for the history books. Currently, Aaron Judge is gearing up to lead the New York Yankees in their third game against the San Francisco Giants at Oracle Park, scheduled for 4:05 PM EST this Sunday.

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