MLB commentator questions the intent behind Yankees hiring Andy Pettitte

Andy Pettitte is talking to reporters at Steinbrenner Field in Tampa in 2019.

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Yankees fans are happy to see the team hiring five-time World Series winner Andy Pettitte as an adviser to the manager Aaron Boone. However, Jomboy, the MLB commentator and podcast owner, claims that the club is trying to cover up its problems by bringing the former popular pitching legend.

In 2019, Andy Pettitte served as a special advisor to Yankees general manager, Brian Cashman. Fans are happy to see him back in the clubhouse in 2023, but some have reservations. One of those individuals is MLB podcaster Jimmy O’Brien, popularly known as Jomboy.

He has questioned the appointment of Andy Pettitte, as the Yankees near the August 1 MLB trade deadline. The sports commentator expressed his happiness over the announcement of Andy Pettitte’s recruitment, especially during a time when people are discussing trades and acquiring players to help the team. However, he called it an eyewash and expressed concerns regarding the direction the Yankees are taking and how they are dealing with their issues. According to Jomboy, this was an attempt by the team’s top brass to get rid of growing anger among Yankees fans.

“Love it. Great time to announce it, when everyone wants you to talk about trades and go get people who can help the team…, he said. “I love Andy Pettitte. None of my reaction to this, and being a grouch, has to do with anything about the beautiful Andy Pettitte. I like him a ton. I just hate how much the Yankees are becoming an eyewash factory.”

Andy Pettitte with Aaron Judge at Yankee Stadium on July 23, 2023.

Fans are happy to see Andy Pettitte with Yankees

After making the switch to a new hitting coach earlier this month, the team has now brought in fan-favorite left-hander Andy Pettitte to serve as an advisor to Aaron Boone and his pitching staff. It appears that there has been a change in philosophy among the decision-makers at the New York Yankees.

During the team’s golden era and as a key member of the revered “Core Four,” Andy Pettitte was a prominent figure and played a significant role in helping the Yankees secure five World Series victories. Throughout his career, he achieved an impressive record of 256 wins and 153 losses, with a 3.85 ERA in 531 Major League games. Most of these matches, specifically 521, were as a starting pitcher.

One remarkable fact is that Andy Pettitte holds postseason records for the most wins (19), starts (44), and innings pitched (276 2/3). The 51-year-old has joined as an advisor for Boone, working with the team’s pitching coach, Matt Blake, and other pitchers on the team.

The recent additions of Andy Pettitte and new hitting coach Sean Casey indicate a possible shift in philosophy at the New York Yankees. It seems that the team is now placing more emphasis on experience rather than purely relying on analytical proficiency.

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2 thoughts on “MLB commentator questions the intent behind Yankees hiring Andy Pettitte

  1. I’m not necessarily trying to trash analytics but real game experience does in fact matter. I’m not saying that Dylan Lawson was garbage and Matt Blake is in over his head or Jomboy’s whitewash issues but experience does matter. Analytics is one thing but REAL baseball fans don’t give a 🐀 ass about exit VELO & WAR. What should matter is what is on the back of a baseball card. PERIOD.

  2. I think the philosophy they’ve been using since around 2017 is majorly flawed and the entire aleague knows it. They tried to copy the Rays but couldn’t. They’ve put together lineups that would have gotten managers fired. Cashman has no plan. He simply looks at numbers and signs the player with the best numbers he’s looking for. But he forgot the human side. Will he be good in the clubhouse? Will he flourish in NYC? Then the period of no right hand bats in the lineup. What? This team has become a joke.

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