Major shifts expected after Yankees’ disappointing year

Player of the New York Yankees against Royals on saturday night, september 30.

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The recent in-depth analysis by The Athletic regarding the New York Yankees‘ disappointing season in 2023 strongly suggests the possibility of a significant offseason firing. This implication is notable and deserves attention.

What’s going to happen with the Yankees?

Yankees team against Royals on saturday night, september 30.

As the 2023 New York Yankees’ season spiraled into disappointment, it became evident that the team’s performance had deeply upset owner Hal Steinbrenner. The team struggled throughout the season, prompting comparisons to the high-spending Padres and Mets, both of whom faced similar scrutiny in Athletic profiles. However, the Yankees’ examination lacked the sensational elements found in some other team profiles. Captain Aaron Judge, in a relatively restrained manner, attributed much of the team’s struggles to a lack of depth rather than placing blame on individuals. Most anonymous sources echoed this sentiment, pointing to injuries as a major factor in the team’s downfall.

One name that repeatedly surfaced during the analysis was Eric Cressey, the Yankees’ “Director of Player Health & Performance” and an internet guru in the field. Cressey’s performance came under scrutiny due to ongoing issues with player injuries and performance despite his leadership. The Yankees have consistently ranked among the top 10 teams in terms of players on the injured list since 2017, despite making changes to their strength and conditioning department in 2020 when Cressey assumed his role.

The article implies that Cressey may be held accountable for the team’s injury woes, which have persisted for several seasons. While he cannot be faulted for unforeseeable incidents like Judge’s toe injury, the chronic soft-tissue issues among players have raised concerns. The article also questions Cressey’s physical presence with the team, highlighting the need for a more hands-on approach to player health and performance, especially given the continuous injuries suffered by the team.

The piece briefly touches on the potential firing of manager Aaron Boone, suggesting that such a move, without addressing other organizational issues, might be insufficient to address the team’s problems. It implies that the real change may be necessary in areas like player health and performance, which could involve letting go of Cressey. Overall, the article suggests that a change is imperative following another disappointing season, and members of the Yankees’ analytics department should be on alert as well.

The analysis of the New York Yankees’ 2023 season strongly hints at the possibility of significant changes in the organization during the upcoming offseason, with a particular focus on the role of Eric Cressey and the analytics department. The team’s ongoing struggles and injuries have raised questions about the effectiveness of key personnel, and owner Hal Steinbrenner’s determination to conduct a comprehensive examination of the organization’s practices further underscores the need for change.

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3 thoughts on “Major shifts expected after Yankees’ disappointing year

  1. Trips to the IL definitely has to be examined. You certainly have to deal with that issue before you can blame Boone.

  2. If there is anybody to blame its Cashman for this train wreck. An its Hal Steinbrenner fault for sitting back and watching this train wreck. The Championship teams that won under Cashman was already set before Cashman got their. The last Championship team was part of Cashman.

  3. Since the core of them championship team left. What have Cashman done nothing. But made bad trades and invested money with bad returns. One thing he did do right is we got Judge and Cole. The youth group is looking good going forward.

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