Judge-Volpe duo equals 1939 Yankees record of DiMaggio-Keller

Yankees stars Anthony Volpe and Aaron Judge celebrate with the team's win on April 28, 2024, at Yankee Stadium.
Inna Zeyger
Wednesday June 5, 2024

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Aaron Judge and Anthony Volpe made history on Tuesday, becoming the first Yankees teammates since 1939 to simultaneously extend their on-base streaks to 30 games. The milestone was reached during the game against the Twins, marking a rare Yankees achievement last accomplished by Joe DiMaggio and Charlie Keller 84 years ago.

Judge, the Yankees captain renowned for his slugging prowess since his MLB debut in 2016, and Volpe, the promising young shortstop who entered the majors last season, both successfully reached base for the 30th consecutive game. This rare feat underscores their pivotal roles in the Yankees’ lineup.

In the third inning, Volpe singled to right field, followed by Judge’s RBI double, which contributed to the Yankees’ 3-0 lead. These hits extended their impressive on-base streaks, showcasing their consistency and offensive impact.

The last MLB teammates to achieve concurrent 30-game on-base streaks were Rafael Furcal and Andruw Jones with the 2003 Atlanta Braves.

Judge has solidified his place among the Yankees’ greats and is considered one of baseball’s top all-around players. Volpe, on the other hand, has quickly emerged as one of the league’s most promising young talents since his rookie debut in 2022.


Their exceptional on-base performance is driving the Yankees’ offensive strength as the team aims to defend its American League pennant.

Gleyber Torres initiated the scoring with a 376-foot homer in the second inning, while starter Luis Gil dominated the mound with six shutout innings, effectively stifling Minnesota’s offense. If New York holds its lead, the Yankees will notch their sixth consecutive win, enhancing their MLB-best record to 43-19.

The Yankees have been overpowering opponents recently with contributions from every part of their lineup and exceptional starting pitching. This latest comprehensive performance underscores why New York is currently regarded as baseball’s most complete team.

Is Yankees’ Luis Gil facing a pitch count hurdle?

Yankees' Luis Gil is pitching against the Twins at Yankee Stadium on June 4, 2024.

When assessing Luis Gil‘s remarkable performance over the initial two months of this season, there’s an inevitable sense of urgency, whether real or imagined.

Despite the Yankees’ assurance that there’s no set innings limit on Gil, a countdown is underway, albeit undefined. At just 26 years old, Gil, the standout in the Yankees’ unexpectedly strong rotation, has had minimal build-up since his Tommy John surgery in 2022. Last season, he only pitched four innings at Class A Tampa. His highest innings total, 108 2/3, was split between two minor league levels and the majors in 2021.

Traditionally, teams adhered to a conservative approach, capping pitchers at an increase of 40 to 50 innings from the previous season to safeguard their long-term health. However, the Yankees, following a modern trend, including last season with Clarke Schmidt, abandoned this philosophy in favor of a more data-driven method, using metrics like Hawk-Eye pitching and other physical exertion measures.

Without this shift in protocol, Gil’s stellar six-inning performance on Tuesday night, contributing to the Yankees’ 5-1 victory over the Twins (one hit, no runs, six strikeouts), might have marked the end of his season. It elevated his innings to 69 1/3, a substantial rise from the previous year’s 4 innings. Not long ago, such an increase was viewed as risky for a young pitcher’s arm.

However, for the 8-1 Gil, leading the AL with a 1.82 ERA, it’s seen as progress. The Yankees wisely pulled him after 88 pitches, his lowest since April 1. Manager Aaron Boone emphasized the importance of preserving Gil strategically, stating, “We’re certainly mindful of that, but also understanding he’s healthy and strong, and there’s going to be nights where let’s go.”

The Yankees are balancing Gil’s workload meticulously, enabling their emerging star to capitalize on his current dominance while adhering to a modern, data-driven approach that allows flexibility in managing his innings load.

The approach to managing Luis Gil’s workload moving forward is a blend of science and hopeful optimism, according to pitching coach Matt Blake, speaking on behalf of the Yankees.

Blake outlined that Gil’s performances would be closely scrutinized, with the team meticulously evaluating his outings and monitoring his recovery between starts for any signs of strain that might suggest he’s nearing his limit for the season.

Prior to Tuesday’s game, pitching coach Blake discussed Luis Gil’s recovery, explaining that the Yankees had a solid understanding of his progress based on both subjective and objective factors. He emphasized the importance of considering all this information to make informed decisions regarding Gil’s workload moving forward. Blake acknowledged the challenge of managing a pitcher’s health but expressed confidence that the team’s approach would be effective.

Yankees' Luis Gil is pitching against the Twins at Yankee Stadium on June 4, 2024.

The pitcher, currently a frontrunner for the Cy Young Award, recently clinched both the AL Pitcher and Rookie of the Month titles after an exceptional May, boasting a 6-0 record with a 0.70 ERA. Notably, Gil became the first Yankees pitcher with over 80 strikeouts (85) and a sub-1.85 ERA in 12 starts, as noted by statistician Katie Sharp.

Manager Aaron Boone, speaking before Tuesday’s game, was reluctant to discuss the possibility of shutting Gil down soon. He even hinted that they might manage Gil’s workload throughout the regular season, much like they did last year with Clarke Schmidt, who saw an increase from 90 2/3 innings in 2022 to 159 innings over 32 starts.

The plan may involve occasionally pulling Gil earlier from games to reduce his pitch count or granting him additional rest, but Boone emphasized, “We’re not imposing any specific limit on him.”

Balancing a young pitcher’s innings presents a nuanced challenge, particularly for an emerging star like Gil. While the Yankees aim to capitalize on his impressive performance, they also weigh the potential long-term consequences of overburdening his arm.

Yankees' Luis Gil in action during his 14-K's game vs. the White Sox on May 18, 2024, at Yankee Stadium.

Yankees pitching coach Matt Blake acknowledged the absence of clear-cut guidelines, citing Clarke Schmidt’s successful comeback last year as indicative that pitchers can deviate from conventional recovery trajectories. However, Blake highlighted Schmidt’s late-season signs of fatigue, including diminished velocity and prolonged recovery periods.

The coaching staff intends to vigilantly monitor Gil’s workload and adapt as necessary to safeguard his contributions. Blake outlined plans to explore various strategies, including strategic rest intervals between starts, to help Gil sustain his effectiveness.

As the season unfolds, the Yankees will navigate the delicate balance between Gil’s long-term well-being and the immediate pursuit of another World Series title, a challenge they have confronted in the past with their history of managing prominent pitching comebacks.

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