Juan Soto’s blind trust in Boras signals future headache for Yankees

Yankees' Juan Soto celebrates after an RBI against the Twins on Feb 26, 2024.

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The New York Yankees acquired star outfielder Juan Soto from the San Diego Padres during the recent offseason. This move has generated excitement among fans who anticipate significant contributions from the highly-regarded player.

Despite being recognized as a “generational talent,” Juan Soto’s current commitment to the Yankees is short-term. He has expressed a desire to learn more about the organization before making decisions regarding his future. But him delegating the contract negotiations to his agent Scott Boras and having blind faith in him is likely to create negotiation troubles for the Yankees.

Juan Soto’s high praise for Boras

While expectations exist for the Yankees to offer a long-term contract to retain Juan Soto, the player himself remains focused on his current enjoyment of the game. He stated in an interview with The Athletic that he entrusts his agent Scott Boras to handle contract negotiations, allowing him to maintain his focus on playing baseball.

Yankees slugger Juan Soto at Tampa during the 2024 spring training camp.

Juan Soto expressed his trust in Scott, emphasizing their longstanding relationship since his childhood. He credited Scott with guiding him through various situations without causing any concern. The slugger emphasized Scott’s responsibility in managing such matters, stating his unwavering trust in him. He reiterated his focus on playing baseball while leaving contractual matters in Scott’s hands.

“I just believe in Scott. He’s been with me since I was a little kid and been helping me out with everything. He’s been helping me go through these kinds of things without any worry. Scotty has everything on his hands. I trust him to death. I just come here and play baseball,” he said.

Yankees know it is tough to negotiate with Boras

The New York Yankees enter the season with their sights set on their 28th World Series title. One of the most anticipated storylines for fans and analysts alike is the situation surrounding Juan Soto and his contract as the regular season nears.

While recently acquired by the Yankees, Juan Soto is set for free agency at the end of the season, leading to speculation about his long-term future. His established success in the league suggests he will command a significant contract, potentially surpassing Shohei Ohtani’s record-breaking $700 million deal.

Jul 18, 2022; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Washington Nationals right fielder Juan Soto (22) with agent Scott Boras in attendance during media availabilities at Dodger Stadium. Mandatory
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Addressing concerns about his future contract in an interview with The Athletic, however, Juan Soto downplayed the financial aspect, emphasizing his passion for the game itself. He stated that his primary focus is on playing baseball, and his energy is directed toward improving his on-field performance rather than securing the biggest contract.

But Juan Soto representative Scott Boras has already dropped clues that his client’s prospective pricing anchors to recent precedent-setting deals like Yoshinobu Yamamoto’s record pact. The superstar agent suggested Soto’s value in extension talks or 2024 free agency figures to mirror or exceed milestones like the massive contract Los Angeles furnished that Japanese pitching phenomenon.

Boras’ messaging outlining Juan Soto’s elite tier, paired with referencing monumental money secured elsewhere signals upcoming contract demands from the young slugger could have historic connotations. His clear implication sets rational fiscal guardrails aside when aiming at resetting positional player peaks.

In other words, the Soto sweepstakes seem destined for astronomical, stat reshaping terrain thanks to Boras. For suitors like the Yankees, that means nine-figure annual outlays and half-billion totals may merely open bidding on retaining this generational figure’s second act.

Juan Soto is at Tampa, where the Yankees have their spring training, in February 2024.
USA Today

“Boras said he would not discuss potential dollars — but noted that Soto would be a free agent after his age-25 season and (asked,) ‘Did you see what (Yoshinobu) Yamamoto got?’” Joel Sherman reported for the New York Post. “It was an allusion that without ever pitching an inning in MLB, Yamamoto (not a Boras client) topped (Gerrit) Cole’s $324 million pitching record contract at $325 million, in part because organizations will go to huge levels for the combination of youth and talent.”

However, Juan Soto tried to downplay it at least for now and reflected on his childhood mindset, noting that his focus was always on playing baseball rather than money. He emphasized that his primary goal was to excel in the sport and make his family and country proud. As a child, the slugger explained, he never concerned himself with financial matters or contractual status but rather prioritized achieving success on the field and fulfilling his aspirations of reaching the major leagues.

According to the exchange, Juan Soto’s sole desire was to engage in baseball and bring honor to his family and nation.

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One thought on “Juan Soto’s blind trust in Boras signals future headache for Yankees

  1. But in order to protect himself, Soto has got to look at his Biras has changed his tactics over the last 5 years or so. He no longer looks to make that big signing at the Winter Meetings, and wants to sit back and hope that teams will give in to the demands. But this off season has been more of a 👎 than anything else. Yes, Soto is a different cat, but still. Boras misread the landscape, he’s gotta be better prepared for next year. If a team makes an offers of 11 year, $485M, that is nothing to sneeze at, and it’s enough for that club to be taken seriously, and at least make a counter offer that is not based in another galaxy.

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