Josh Donaldson picks a battle with teammate Aaron Judge, seeks exit

Josh Donaldson and Aaron Judge

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Aaron Judge is the star of the moment and he eclipses all others no matter how is their performance. The crowds flock to the ballpark to see the Yankees’ slugger hitting home runs and chasing records. It is clearly the Judge moment. In the midst of Aaron Judge’s greatness, Josh Donaldson is adamant about leaving the Yankees, as he feels disappointed with the focus on one player.

Because he frequently hits home runs that leave the stadium and helps his team win games, Aaron Judge is in the best shape of his life. Josh Donaldson has fallen behind him due to his spectacular on-field performance. In addition, Judge is poking fun at Donaldson and the latter is unhappy with it.

Early in September, the third baseman for the Yankees welcomed his second daughter into the world and became a father again. He might have been irritated since Judge had called him “Daddy” nonstop during an interview.

Aside from the teasing, Judge is catching everyone’s attention with his own performance. Josh Donaldson is also peeved at that. It hurts to see your teammates receive all the praise while you are forced to stand on the sidelines and are not even allowed to participate.

In addition to his dispute with Judge, Josh Donaldson also seems to be having some issues with management. He occasionally shows signals of uneasiness with other players and a desire to stay away from any pranks.

The clubhouse did not exactly come out in Josh Donaldson’s favor following his altercation with Tim Anderson and the White Sox. There must be some dispute there. His response in the video is all that is necessary to extrapolate.

Josh Donaldson shares the same aspirations as his teammate to succeed and prosper in his career. He hasn’t even played in a World Series or won a championship, unlike Aaron Judge. His best alternative, short of signing with the Dodgers, would be to stay with the New York Yankees. Judge has already made a huge contribution this season, and based on his current performance, he will continue to exceed his teammates in the coming year. Fans continue to see him as a part of the Yankees’ offense but the player has a different plan.

On the other side, picking battles with the team’s greatest player can be an excellent strategy to get fired if Josh Donaldson truly wants to leave his squad!

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