Veteran Jose Trevino’s new-found Yankees consistency overshadows rookie Austin Wells

Yankees catchers Austin Wells and Jose Trevino.

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As the New York Yankees charge through the early stretches of their season, a surprising twist in their catching saga is stealing the spotlight. Many anticipated Austin Wells to take the lead with his bat, but it’s Jose Trevino who’s lighting up the scoreboard, causing a stir among the fans. With the team off to a robust start and the catching duties evenly split, Trevino’s sizzling form is raising questions about the pecking order behind the plate.

Will the Yankees change the pecking order of their catchers?

Entering this season, the buzz was all about Austin Wells, with fans and experts alike pegging him as the frontrunner to dominate the catcher’s position. The Yankees, sitting pretty with a strong 17-9 start, have granted Wells and Trevino near-equal time on the field, but the offensive firepower has skewed unexpectedly. Wells, projected to be the offensive powerhouse, has yet to heat up at the plate.

On the flip side, Jose Trevino has been on a tear, flaunting a 126 wRC+ and slicing lines of .273/.347/.409 across 49 plate appearances. This burst of performance begs the question: should the Yankees tilt the scale in Trevino’s favor moving forward? Despite the brief glimpse we’ve had so far, Trevino’s contribution, particularly in games where the Yankees struggle to score, makes him a tempting option for more game time. Although the Yankees seem inclined to maintain an equal split for now, it’s intriguing to note that Wells isn’t far behind with promising underlying stats, suggesting his breakout might just be around the corner.

Austin Wells or Jose Trevino? Digging into the details

Zooming in on their stats reveals that while Trevino is the current favorite in terms of numbers, Wells is not far behind in terms of potential. Trevino shows better discipline at the plate with lower chase and whiff rates, but Wells counters with an impressive 20% walk rate, pointing to his keen eye despite other batting woes. Both catchers excel defensively, showcasing elite framing skills—Wells in the 94th percentile and Trevino perfect in the 100th. However, Trevino has the edge with a quicker arm, demonstrated by his superior pop time.

New York Yankees' Jose Trevino solid offense continues.

A critical element in Trevino’s stats is how the Yankees have played him predominantly against lefties, where he naturally excels. This strategic move has boosted his stats, and a shift to a more regular role could normalize his impressive figures to reflect a steadier, though possibly less explosive, performance.

Choosing the Yankees’ primary catcher won’t come down to their prowess behind the plate since both Wells and Trevino are neck and neck defensively. The spotlight instead shines on their ability to wield the bat, where Trevino currently holds a competitive edge. As the season unfolds, it will be compelling to see if Wells can tap into his latent power to challenge Trevino’s position, or if Trevino will continue to ride his hot streak and secure his spot. With both catchers showcasing considerable talent, the Yankees find themselves in a delightful conundrum—a testament to their depth and strategic gameplay that keeps the excitement high for fans. What do you think? Leave your comment below!

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