Yankees to keep alive John Sterling’s signature call at stadium until the season ends

John Sterling is presented a Yankees shirt at Yankee Stadium during his farewell on April 20, 2024.
Michael Bennington
Friday April 26, 2024

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He is no more at the Yankees booth but the iconic voice of John Sterling continues to reverberate at Yankee Stadium. The Yankees fans are carrying forward his indelible legacy just as the late Bob Sheppard’s legendary player introductions remained a fixture for Derek Jeter even after Sheppard’s passing.

In a heartwarming homage to a cherished tradition, the Yankees are keeping the spirit of John Sterling alive. His electrifying calls will echo through The Bronx despite his recent departure.

Following home victories this season, fans will still be treated to the familiar and thunderous “Thuhhhhhhhh, Yankees win!” reverberating through the stadium. This beloved announcement, a hallmark of the Sterling era, will be played at least until the conclusion of the current campaign, according to a team spokesperson. The celebratory atmosphere will then be further amplified by the classic Frank Sinatra anthem, “New York, New York.”


This decision to preserve John Sterling’s unmistakable voice has struck a chord with fans and colleagues alike. Suzyn Waldman, his longtime broadcast partner, expressed her unabashed delight at the Yankees’ thoughtful choice. Similarly, fans have enthusiastically joined in, chanting along with John Sterling’s signature call after recent home triumphs.

John Sterling’s association with the Yankees stretches back to the 1989 season, and his energetic delivery became inextricably linked with the team’s broadcasts for over three decades. Even manager Aaron Boone has voiced his enthusiastic endorsement of the Yankees’ decision. Boone had previously remarked that hearing John Sterling’s iconic call after each victory would serve as a fitting tribute to his remarkable career, and it appears the organization has delivered on this sentiment.

With his voice continuing to grace Yankee Stadium after each hard-fought win, fans can revel in the on-field celebrations while simultaneously reminiscing about the legendary broadcaster’s enduring impact on the team and its storied history.

John Sterling bids adieu but voice echos in Yankee Stadium and beyond

John Sterling is with his family at Yankee Stadium as the Yankees give him a befitting farewell on April 20, 2024.

John Sterling’s retirement marks the conclusion of an iconic era, but his indelible imprint on the Yankees will continue to reverberate. Throughout an illustrious career, he called a staggering 5,420 regular-season games and 211 postseason matchups for the team. This remarkable feat includes an awe-inspiring streak of 5,060 consecutive games from 1989 to 2019, a true testament to his unwavering dedication and fervent passion for the game of baseball.

An emotional farewell unfolded at Yankee Stadium, with a heartfelt news conference followed by an on-field ceremony. John Sterling seized this opportunity to express his profound gratitude, particularly to the loyal fans who consistently supported him throughout his remarkable journey.

While John Sterling’s thunderous voice is no longer a fixture in the broadcast booth, Suzyn Waldman continues to deliver insightful commentary on radio broadcasts. She is often joined by Justin Shackil or Emmanuel Berbari, who previously filled in for John Sterling as his schedule became lighter. Despite his absence, the Yankees organization remains committed to preserving his enduring legacy, as evidenced by their decision to keep one of his iconic catchphrases alive.

Waldman believes this gesture perfectly encapsulates John Sterling’s essence – a man who cherished his impact on the Yankees and their devoted fanbase. As whispers of a potential Monument Park induction surface, placing him alongside legendary voices like Bob Sheppard and Mel Allen, John Sterling remains remarkably humble. When questioned about a possible plaque, he humorously responded that he wouldn’t object, acknowledging that any recognition at this stage in his life simply adds another precious thread to his already rich tapestry of experiences.

Whether or not his voice finds a permanent home in Monument Park remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: John Sterling’s legacy will continue to be celebrated for years to come. He leaves behind a wealth of cherished memories and a grateful heart, forever cherishing the remarkable journey he shared with the Yankees and their fans.

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