Joey Gallo remains a Yankees fan despite horrific experience

Joey Gallo
Amanda Paula
Tuesday July 11, 2023

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Joey Gallo’s time with the New York Yankees was a tale of unfulfilled expectations and struggles. Acquired from the Texas Rangers two years ago with high hopes, Gallo’s left-handed power was expected to make a significant impact in Yankee Stadium.

However, his tenure in the Bronx turned out to be a disappointment, shedding light on the challenges of playing in New York. The Yankees have grappled with their left field situation for years, and Gallo was seen as the solution.

Joey Gallo remains a Yankees fan

Former Yankees' player Joey Gallo has a solid OPS of .764 with 15 home runs and 28 RBIs in 2023 with the Twins.
NY Post / GettyImage

The team traded four minor league prospects to acquire him and reliever Joely Rodriguez, believing that Gallo’s skills would finally address the longstanding issue. At the time, Joey Gallo was an All-Star with the Rangers, further fueling optimism. Unfortunately, things did not pan out as expected for Gallo in New York.

Joey Gallo gets congratulated after hitting a home run against the Dodgers.

As the Yankees approach the trade deadline in search of a left fielder, Gallo has found success with the Minnesota Twins this season. Despite a low batting average of .186 at the All-Star break, he has managed a solid OPS of .764, hitting 15 home runs and driving in 28 runs in 69 games. However, Gallo’s struggles with the Yankees still haunt him.

“I’ll probably never have a chance to play for the Yankees again. That was my opportunity, and now I’m known as the guy who [f–king] sucked for the Yankees. That part is tough, and I have to live with that for the rest of my career and the rest of my life, really.”

Reflecting on his time in New York, he expressed sadness, as playing for the Yankees had been a lifelong dream. Gallo desperately wanted to perform well for his childhood team, but the pressure and expectations proved to be overwhelming.

“I grew up in Vegas watching Yankee games, not Twins or Rangers games. If you’re not playing the best, they’re gonna go out and get the best.”

In contrast to his impressive career OPS of .833 over six-plus years with the Rangers, Gallo’s OPS during his one-year stint with the Yankees dropped to a disappointing .660.

Former Yankees player Joey Gallo playing for the Twins.
NY Post

His batting average plummeted to an abysmal .159 by the end of his tenure, drawing criticism from fans. Gallo understands the unique challenges that come with playing in New York. The demanding nature of the city, with its constant scrutiny and high expectations, can make or break a player. The pressure to excel is immense, and failure to meet expectations can significantly impact a player’s confidence and reputation.

Despite his struggles, Gallo maintains strong relationships with former Yankee teammates like Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo, who have thrived in the New York spotlight. He appreciates their success but also recognizes the unique demands of playing for the Yankees. While Gallo’s time with the Yankees didn’t go as planned, he remains grateful for the opportunity to play for the historic franchise. He takes pride in the effort and commitment he puts into every game, even if his performance falls short.

Joey Gallo as a Yankees player
USA Today

Gallo’s experience serves as a reminder of the challenges of wearing the pinstripes and the importance of finding the right fit in the high-pressure environment of Major League Baseball. Looking ahead, Gallo hopes to find success elsewhere and create a legacy that surpasses his difficult stint with the Yankees.

While his time in New York will always be associated with unfulfilled potential, he remains optimistic about the future and the opportunity to significantly impact the game. Joey Gallo’s story serves as a cautionary tale for both fans and players, highlighting the unique challenges of playing in New York and the importance of managing expectations. It underscores the fact that not every player is suited for the demands of the New York stage and the significance of finding the right fit to thrive in the world of Major League Baseball.

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