Joey Gallo Embracing Move to L.A.


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The Dodgers hoped that acquiring Joey Gallo at the trade deadline from the Yankees would help Gallo reset his momentum as one of the main power hitters of the game.

We’re not sure they realized how literal the “change of atmosphere” concept was. Gallo was booed mercilessly by the New York crowds, and he was afraid of being heckled by hostile Yankee fans if he went to the deli around the corner, So escaping a fanbase that had turned against him was critical.

However, Gallo discovered that simply leaving New York was beneficial.

New York is a fantastic place to visit, and it would be great to live there for 6 months at some point in one’s life. Gallo enjoys the beautiful weather, fresh ocean air, and laid-back atmosphere of Southern California.

It’s an interesting dynamic if you watch the entire interview. Gallo discusses all of the differences between New York and Los Angeles, except the difference in fan support he has received from each — He appears to be determined not to criticize Yankees fans, recognizing that his performance in New York fell far short of the standards he has set for himself over the years.

Overall, Gallo is an excellent interview subject. He gives genuine answers with more depth than some of the cliche monsters, and it’s easy to understand how he’s feeling.

In 15 at-bats with the Dodgers in 6 games, the 2-time All-Star has 4 hits, including a HR and a double.

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