Jeff Passan calls Ty Schmit ‘scumbag’ on air for faux Yamamoto news

Ty Schmit, Yoshinobu Yamamoto, and Jeff Passan

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With the frenzied wait for Yoshinobu Yamamoto to make his decision, Ty Schmit experienced a brief moment of baseball insider glory on Thursday night. However, the elation proved to be short-lived, and MLB insider Jeff Passan

The producer of “The Pat McAfee Show” tried to scoop the news of Yamamoto’s signing, claiming on X that he had reliable information confirming a done deal between Yamamoto and the Yankees for 9 years and $326 million. Schmit even mentioned that ex-Yankees star Matsui played a role in finalizing the agreement.

However, this report faced swift rebuttals from various MLB insiders, including Jon Heyman of The Post. The situation took a more awkward turn when Yamamoto signed a groundbreaking contract with the Dodgers later that night.

McAfee later disclosed that Schmit’s report originated during the show’s holiday party, where the atmosphere was festive with flowing drinks.

“Ty Schmit, you are a spectacular scumbag,” Passan said to Schmit. “You are a scumbag. This show understands scumbaggery better than any show out there. Would you not say what Ty did last night was about as bad a thing as you could do to an entire fanbase? To make them think that the one guy all offseason they wanted — this was going to complete the offseason — and then, because of bourbon .. your sources were named Jack, Jim and Jose!”

Schmit admitted faux pass on Yamamoto

Schmit acknowledged the possibility of having taken more initiative by reaching out, investigating, and verifying the information before proceeding. However, given the relaxed setting with a couple of cocktails involved, Schmit described the Yamamoto news coming in as a delightful, easily hittable pitch. This led to the decision to release the information on Yamamoto without much further confirmation.

Reflecting on the consequences, Schmit likened the experience of delving into MLB hot stove news to suffering severe burns, describing the discomfort experienced as a result of the situation that unfolded the previous night.

Yoshinobu Yamamoto, a target of the New York Yankees during this offseason, playing for Japan in 2023

The calls for Ty Schmit’s dismissal and the criticism on social media were not the final repercussions he faced.

The true moment of reckoning occurred when Jeff Passan, ESPN’s prominent MLB insider and a key figure in reporting Yamamoto’s Dodgers deal, made an appearance on the show.

Passan, adopting a playful tone and making reference to Schmit’s Lou Holtz impression, humorously addressed Schmit, stating, “Ty Schmit, you’re quite the scumbag.” Passan continued, emphasizing the show’s familiarity with the concept of scumbaggery. He expressed the severity of Schmit’s actions the previous night, likening it to one of the worst things that could happen to an entire fanbase, creating false hope about acquiring a crucial player during the offseason.

He attributed the misinformation to the influence of bourbon, humorously suggesting that Schmit’s sources were named Jack, Jim, and Jose, referencing popular alcoholic drinks.

Yamamoto is a key target for the Yankees in the 2023 offseason.

Passan remarked that the information presented wasn’t close to being accurate. He specifically highlighted the use of terms like ‘Godzilla Matsui,’ suggesting that should have been a clear indicator to people that the information lacked credibility. He further questioned the authenticity of using the term ‘Yoshi,’ sarcastically implying a close friendship between the source and the player mentioned.

Passan didn’t stop there; he indicated that there were consequences to address regarding Schmit’s post, revealing that even someone from the Yankees had reached out seeking clarification or response.

Passan conveyed his astonishment at Ty’s appearance that day, expressing concern about the situation. He mentioned receiving several texts the previous night, ranging from inquiries about the accuracy of the information to criticism directed at Ty for running with it. People seemed to assume that Passan had provided Ty with the information that was later publicized.

In his defense, Schmit admitted to the mistake on Yamamoto. He admitted to being deceived, stating it in straightforward terms.

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