Is Yankees manager Aaron Boone being genuine or gaslighting fans after 3-0 rout?

Yankees Manager Aaron Boone is at a press conference after their 3-0 loss to the Cubs on July 07, 2023, at Yankee Stadium.
Sara Molnick
Saturday July 8, 2023

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Belittling all expectations, the New York Yankees had a remarkably poor offensive display against the Cubs on Friday. In the aftermath of one of their worst performances of the season, manager Aaron Boone candidly addressed the team’s performance with brutal honesty. However, enraged Yankees fans refused to believe in him and responded to it as “gaslighting.”

The fabled New York offensive has turned to be a paper tiger. As the game began, Yankees fans were hopeful of seeing plenty of hits against Jameson Taillon, an ex-Yankee and starter with 6.93 ERA. However, the bats fell silent before Taillon placing him in an exclusive group of a select few pitchers, who have pitched at least eight innings while conceding one or fewer hits at Yankee Stadium.

This led to Michael Kay to shout at the team saying, “are getting shutout over four innings by a guy with a 6.93 ERA.”

Kay’s dissatisfaction with the Yankees’ lackluster offensive display was shared by many others. Following the game, Aaron Boone openly criticized his team, stressing the need for improvement and emphasizing that they must perform at a higher level.


Aaron Boone, in a video shared on Twitter by SNY Yankees, acknowledged Taillon’s strong pitching performance and credited him for the win. He commended Taillon for his command and execution on the mound. However, Aaron Boone also expressed the team’s need for improvement, highlighting that although they had some positive at-bats, it was insufficient. The Manger emphasized the necessity of generating more offensive opportunities, recognizing that the team is currently facing challenges in that aspect of the game.

“We’ve got some guys we lean on and we’ve struggled to get them going,” manager Aaron Boone said after the game.

Yankees fans blasted Aaron Boone

However, Yankees fans remain unconvinced and skeptical.

“The gaslighting never ends,” fan Andrew wrote.

“Excuse my language but: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?,” another fan shouted.

A livid Mike Francesa issued his sharpest condemnation of the Yankees so far blasting the performance of veterans Anthony Rizzo and Giancarlo Stanton while flaying the team as anemic, ridiculous, and patently stupid.

Fan named Bill Shepherd said: “Did Boone give out Participation trophies to all the hitters after the game? Asking for a friend…”

“I am dumbfounded he actually had the audacity to say what he just said,” a tweet read.

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