Host exits radio show over Yankees caller’s bizarre Juan Soto trade proposal

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In an unexpected twist, WFAN host Chris McMonigle unexpectedly departed the studio mid-show on Thursday night after a heated exchange with a caller. The incident unfolded amidst the New York Yankees‘ recent slump, having lost nine of their last 11 games and fallen behind the Baltimore Orioles in the standings. The caller’s audacious trade proposal seemed to have pushed McMonigle over the edge.

While sports radio thrives on fan engagement, this call evidently struck a nerve with McMonigle. His sudden departure underscores the volatile nature of live radio and the passionate reactions stirred by the Yankees’ current challenges.

During a recent WFAN radio show, a caller ignited controversy by proposing a trade scenario involving the New York Yankees. The caller recommended trading Juan Soto, despite his impending free agency, to the Toronto Blue Jays in exchange for Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and taking on George Springer’s contract, which he criticized as burdensome. Additionally, the caller suggested aiming to re-sign Soto in the offseason.

“You have to think, with Juan Soto, obviously he’s not signed for next year. Maybe, we trade him. Right?” the caller told. “We trade him for Vlad Guerrero Jr, maybe take back a George Springer contract, he’s signed for another four years, he’s a bad contract, he’s not good. You take that back. and then maybe in the offseason we negotiate with Juan Soto.”

This proposal reflects a common fan reaction during losing streaks: advocating for trading top players. While the Yankees may need to make moves before the trade deadline, experts argue that trading Soto is unlikely to solve their current challenges. The incident underscores the unrealistic expectations and proposals that often surface during periods of team underperformance.

Juan Soto hits a three-run homer in the Yankees vs. Blue Jays game in Toronto on June 28, 2024.

McMonigle’s reaction to a caller’s outlandish Yankees trade proposal became the focal point of discussion. Initially, the radio host attempted to laugh off the proposal, visibly rubbing his eyes in frustration. However, the host’s patience quickly wore thin. He abruptly announced his intention to end the call, slamming his notebook on the table and threatening to leave the studio.

McMonigle expressed disbelief that the first call of the show could be so provocative, speculating that the caller might be intentionally trying to anger him. He stated that the idea of Yankees trading Soto for Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and George Springer was, in his opinion, incredibly foolish.

The incident highlights the challenges faced by sports radio hosts in managing fan interactions, especially during periods of team struggles. It also underscores the sometimes extreme reactions of Yankees fans to their team’s performance, even when the team holds a strong record.

Having worked as a producer for Mike Francesa, McMonigle is familiar with handling provocative calls. Francesa himself often dealt with similar attempts by callers to provoke reactions. The incident emphasizes an ongoing issue in sports radio: navigating inflammatory fan interactions.

On Friday, Juan Soto showed his power and speed in an imposing fashion and led the Yankees to a 16-5 victory over the Blue Jays.

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