Harrison Bader’s Yankees return plan takes a shocking twist

Harrison Bader of the New York Yankees.
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Amanda Paula
Sunday June 18, 2023

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The latest update reveals that Harrison Bader sent a text message to Aaron Boone, stating that he feels fine and is ready to be back at the Yankees in the coming days. Inching ever closer to gracing the grand stage in a New York Yankees uniform, Harrison Bader’s anticipation for more rehab games is palpable, as revealed by Yankees manager Aaron Boone during a Saturday night statement.

Be that as it may, late on the same day, Harrison Bader sent a text message to Aaron Boone, expressing that he felt fine and was ready to play on Saturday night. As reported by The Athletic, he also mentioned his intention to return from the injury list on Tuesday.

Prior to the recent update, the news surrounding Harrison Bader’s comeback took an unexpected turn amidst the announcement of the postponed clash between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. Max Goodman of NJ.com provided insight into the changed circumstances, altering the narrative surrounding the talented outfielder’s return. However, on Saturday night, another piece of news came out, indicating that the centerfielder is likely to be on the verge of returning to the Yankees within the next few days.

Is Harrison Bader returning to the Yankees next week?

Yankees' player Harrison Bader in action for Somerset Patriots, on Sunday, June 17th.
Somerset Patriots

The burning question on everyone’s minds: Will Harrison Bader rejoin the Yankees next week? Shedding light on the matter, Brendan Kuty of The Athletic took to Twitter to convey Boone’s words, stating that the Bonx native is slated to engage in a rehab game for the Somerset Patriots on this very evening, with the aim of regaining his form and potentially reuniting with the Yankees’ lineup come Tuesday.

This revelation comes as a much-needed sigh of relief for fans who have witnessed the Yankees struggle throughout the month of June, compounded by the absence of Aaron Judge due to a nagging toe injury.

Yet, as Harrison Bader took to the field for the Somerset Patriots this week, these encounters failed to provide him with ample opportunities to truly test the resilience of his hamstring. Although feeling positive about his performance, the Yankees’ center fielder remains cautious about hastily returning to the grand stage after a solitary rehab game with limited action. In an interview with NJ Advance Media on Saturday, Harrison Bader candidly expressed his reservations.

What is the Yankees’ plan?

Despite Harrison Bader’s valid concerns, Yankees manager Aaron Boone remains resolute in his belief that this sensational outfielder may well make his much-anticipated comeback next Tuesday. Tonight’s rehabilitation game for the Somerset Patriots presents the perfect platform for Harrison Bader to exhibit his skills, effectively setting the stage for his triumphant return to the Yankees’ formidable lineup in a mere few days.

Undoubtedly, Harrison Bader’s personal inclinations carry weight, but the Yankees have already voiced their unwavering reliance on his contributions in the coming week. As the curtain falls on tonight’s game, it represents the last opportunity for Harrison Bader to leave an indelible mark, crafting a lasting impression before rejoining his eager teammates on Tuesday.

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12 thoughts on “Harrison Bader’s Yankees return plan takes a shocking twist

  1. Players with a history of injuries should be avoided. Waste of money. Bring up talented minor league players. Problem worth the Yankees is not the roster but the coaches, manager, and continues right up through the owner.

      1. My thoughts on the trainers are that Eric Cressey is locked in a box, he has to get out and start training these players in a different way, one size does not fit all!!!! đź’Ş

  2. Judge and Bader make everyone better. Rizzo and Lemeheieu see better pitches. Even Bauers and Volpe seem more energized. It’s a head scratcher as to why German pitched so poorly though. Haven’t given up on the season though or Boone. There’s still time.

  3. The burning question is not whether or when Bader returns to active status, but for how long his playing health will remain good. It seems he is a significant injury or two just waiting to happen. I hope this will not be the case during his NYY career, but fear that it will be so.

  4. The biggest problem for the Yanks is Brian Cashman not the GM he was need new blood in the front office.And we need a real hitting coach we go up to the plate with no plan of attack Stanton takes a fast ball right down the middle every at bat Torres swings for the fences at every at bat no one goes up there with a plan just go up and swing for the fences that’s not a plan

  5. The biggest problem is the lack of punctuation in the world. This might be the biggest run on sentence I have ever seen.
    “And we need a real hitting coach we go up to the plate with no plan of attack Stanton takes a fast ball right down the middle every at bat Torres swings for the fences at every at bat no one goes up there with a plan just go up and swing for the fences that’s not a plan”.

  6. I Love the baseball player. But Harry ALWAYS gets injured. He better get in shape or the Yanks won’t be the last team he plays for……Speaking of Cash what great contract he gave Donaldson who can’t hit a lick. The guy is done!

  7. God bless Donald Trump!!!
    The reason the Yankees are doing so bad it’s because of potato Biden!!!!
    They are concerned with inflation instead of focusing on the ball!!!

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