Latest Yankees injury update on Hamilton, Cortes, Aaron Judge, and more

Anthony Rizzo is helped on the field after getting injured during the Yankees’ win over the Padres.

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After dealing with a groin problem, Yankees reliever Ian Hamilton is set to kick off his rehab assignment with Double-A Somerset on Sunday.

Before having a shot at returning to the New York Yankees bullpen, Hamilton will probably need to make several rehab appearances at the Double-A level. The right-hander has been sidelined since mid-May with a strain in his right groin. Prior to the injury, he showcased his effectiveness on the mound, boasting an impressive 1.23 ERA and an impressive 30:9 K:BB ratio across 22 innings in his 16 appearances for the Yankees.

Yankees look forward to Carlos Rodon’s return

Carlos Rodon’s long-awaited debut is finally approaching. The Yankees left-hander, who has been sidelined due to a forearm muscle strain and back discomfort, is set to kick off his rehab assignment on Tuesday with Double-A Somerset. This marks a significant step forward in his recovery process and brings him one step closer to returning to the mound for the Yankees. Fans and teammates alike are eagerly anticipating Rodon’s return and hoping that he can make a meaningful impact on the team’s success.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone has outlined the plan for Rodon’s rehab process, indicating that the left-hander will likely require three starts before making his official Yankees debut. This cautious approach is aimed at ensuring Rodon’s readiness and minimizing the risk of setbacks. With his six-year, $162 million contract hanging in the balance, the Yankees are taking a calculated approach to his return. If all goes well during his rehab assignment, fans can anticipate seeing Rodon take the mound for the Yankees in the early days of July. The countdown begins as Rodon inches closer to making his highly anticipated first start in pinstripes.

Carlos Rodon is pitching at Yankee Stadium during a practice session on May 23, 2023.

“He would probably be three [innings] and 45ish [pitches] in this first one coming up on Tuesday,” Boone updated at Fenway Park. “After that, you’re talking 55-65. That would put him in position, with normal increments, to probably be around 70-75 pitches with us on that fourth one.”

The Yankees starter took another step forward in his recovery as he completed a successful third live batting practice session at Somerset. The session consisted of two simulated innings, during which Rodon threw 36 pitches without any reported issues. This positive development brings him closer to a potential debut with the Yankees.

Nestor Cortes injury update

The timing couldn’t be better for the Yankees, who are currently relying on a four-man rotation due to Nestor Cortes’ shoulder strain. With the need for a fifth starter looming on June 24, or potentially earlier if weather disruptions occur, Rodon’s return would provide a much-needed boost to the pitching staff.

As the countdown continues and Rodon’s progress remains encouraging, Yankees fans eagerly anticipate his debut and the added depth he brings to the rotation.


Nestor Cortes, a valuable left-hander in the New York rotation, has been sidelined with a left rotator cuff strain. However, there is some positive news on his road to recovery. Manager Aaron Boone revealed that Cortes may start playing catch on Sunday ahead of the team’s doubleheader against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park. Cortes has been out of action since June 8 and had received a cortisone injection in his shoulder on June 6, leading to his shutdown.

Loaisiga is already throwing

In another encouraging development, Jonathan Loaisiga, who underwent surgery to remove a bone spur in his right elbow on May 2, has begun a throwing program. According to Boone, the early stages of his throwing program are progressing well.

The potential return of Cortes and Loaisiga would provide a much-needed boost to the Yankees’ pitching staff. As they continue their recoveries, the team will closely monitor their progress and work towards getting them back on the mound as soon as possible.

Based on his current trajectory, it appears that Cortes could make his comeback sometime in late July or early August, assuming his recovery continues to go well.

Judge gets second PRP injection


In other injury news, Aaron Judge, the Yankees’ standout outfielder, underwent another PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injection in his injured toe. It seems that another ligament in the toe is causing him discomfort, leading to the need for further treatment.

The team will closely monitor Judge’s condition and provide updates on his progress as he works towards a full recovery. The hope is that these measures will help alleviate the issue and allow Judge to return to the field as soon as possible.

However, there is no timetable yet for the power hitter to return.

What do you think about his return? Leave your comment below.

40 thoughts on “Latest Yankees injury update on Hamilton, Cortes, Aaron Judge, and more

    1. I think that a Captain of a team should be a leader and leaders don’t sit on the bench and watch the game. Leaders don’t let a toe injury be the reason for not playing their position on the field. Previous Captains have had injuries, but they are from another time and place in history and would sure look today and say, the Captain is out because of a TOE INJURY… WT*

      1. Agree. The whole team is soft. Coddled and babied. Mickey played all bandaged up bleeding through his pants leg and refused to come out of the game. His salary at the time was $50,000 per annum.
        They don’t make them like Mick anymore.

      2. Perhaps healing that injury correctly might provide for a longer and healthier playing career. Have injured players had to cut their careers short because of poor/incorrect healing?

        Also, he’s a human being. He’s going to have children someday and we want those toes working correctly so he can play with his children.

      3. The toe injury is a lot more than a stubbed toe. When you have a sprain there is ligament damage and only time can heal
        Of course he could just rub some dirt on it and suit up

  1. Judge will end up missing the rest of the season and will need surgery. The updates from management are very suspect and the Skanks always lie

  2. The Yankees need everyone on the injured list to return as soon as possible. They just lost three in a row, getting blown out by their adversaries. I am pessimistic on those coming off the injured list. Most of the crippled Yankees are fragile & prone to injuries. Losing Judge to a serious injury now is devastating to an already anemic lineup. I really don’t anticipate they will make the playoffs this year.

    1. Correct! This putrid roster is absolutely on the shoulders of Brian Cashman. Josh Donaldson is done, Rizzo s best days are behind him, Stanton & LeMahieu aged right in front of our eyes and Gleyber isn’t the player we thought he was. Plus the outfield is a joke…most if not all DFAs from other teams plus a rookie (Cabrera) who’s been awful, along with the rookie SS (Volpe).
      Fire Cashman!!!

      1. Couldn’t agree more! Since the last of the “core 4” retired the Yanks have not won a World Series (2009). All of those were signed by Gene “Stick” Michaels. Torre rode the coat-tails, he was a losing manager before coming to the Yanks. Girardi the same. Boone has had the worst luck of the draw since he took the reigns. Injuries, bad signings etc. I can’t fathom the reason for so many pulled hamstrings, (which CAN end an athlete’s career), or groins except for poor conditioning. I can still picture Mantle practically limping onto the field in ’69. I guess those days are over.

    1. From the Offense standpoint…. Since it’s a team (all 9 starters plus the 4 in reserve), it’s imperative on all to do their part and step up when one goes on the IL.

      I am frankly disappointed w/ Stanton and DJ who should have stepped up and taken the leadership roles in the team when Judge went down.
      Stanton, for the big $ he’s being paid, has largely been a BIG BUST w/ so many Ks since his return.
      And DJ sadly, seems to have slipped into some kind of hitting funk together w/ Rizzo.
      Maybe they all need to have Hal’s last call to them about “we need to be hitting more” recorded and played even in their sleep and hamnered into their subconscious.

      As for the leadership’s committment to Volpe as the starting SS, they need to seriously consider backing up on that in light of overall good of the team. Perhaps it would do Volpe greater good to get more licks in AAA, and instead recall Peraza, who has been raking it lately.

      1. Ahhh! The poor Yank-mees! Spending a mint-load of cash and what do they have? About the know-it-all who ragged Judge concerning his toe…I injured my big toe playing high school baseball, an injury similar to Judge’s, and I could hardly walk for two weeks! In the “old” days he was referring to, when the owners ran a plantation system, if a player didn’t play, no pay! So shut your pie hole!

  3. Wow can’t believe what happens but for a few years now it’s been second half team get hot and make it to the FALL CLASSIC So LET GO YANKEES

  4. I am behind the bombers no matter what yes it pissed me off to watch them loose the double header to Red Sox On Father’s day Make some trades Wow 4 Games in a row come on Boone, Cash Captain What do you Hal your Dad would do right bring in great players and spend the damm money Hint like the Jeter , Posada, Williams , Rivera years Come on Arron Judge your a God man I am to talk to Hal get Let’s go Bombers I’m 60 years old Survived a golf ball tumor from my brain in 2012 God bless Die hard yankee fan Thomas

    1. Rizzoli, Stanton, and LaMahieu are lovers. They haven’t picked up any slack at all. Judge, Bader, and Rodon need to set up and get back in the line up. The offense has been disgraceful.

  5. Derek Jeter played on a bad ankle in the first game of the ALDS against the Detoit Tigers in 2012 and broke his ankle. In retrospect the captain hurt his team. Was it an intelligent decision on his part and the Yankee training and medical staff? Absolutely not.

  6. Just look at everyone on this team batting average!!!What a joke , we saw this happening last year. This team is a ONE man show!!!! Judge.

  7. “So called analytics” is hurting the game. Players and management are solving for stats and not for skilled playing. Judges head first slide into 3rd could have been a disaster. Instead, he sprints into a fence which I could not believe. I fear for him.

    Also, listening to announcers like David Cohen and Paul O’Neal let’s us in on some of the problems. Volpe, for example, had been gradually changing his swing for the worse. But coaches and management are clueless.

    Playing baseball is a skilled activity, not an activity where you care about launch angle. At first I did like the rule changes because games were unbearably long. But now we forgot how to play actual baseball.

  8. I am an arm chair coach but even I can see that the Yankee team is not doing what they are payed for. Looked very disappointing!

  9. I have been a Yankees fan for 75 years now and have never seen a team like this before. They have lost all their confidence. They need to pull it together and work as a team not as individuals. God will provide the strength and stability they need if they as a team believe. So have faith and believe it and it will happen. Your forever fan.

  10. Same old story. Just too many injuries and the high profile players on the field are not performing. It’s hard to watch this team play right now.

  11. Even if Judge was healthy you need more than one good hitter. Stanton, DJ, Donaldson, Rizzo, Torres, Volpe, Cabrera, none of them are doing anything, aside from an occasional good at bat. The entire OF is AAA players who wouldn’t even be on the roster of a good team. They’re impossible to watch right now, and are at least 3 hitters from contending

  12. Bring back Aaron Hicks! He’d be the best hitter now on this team. And why is everyone forgetting the horrendous numbers our All Star catcher Trevino is putting up? 575 OBS.

  13. I can’t believe that the organization does not see that the pitching coach MUST go and take Boone with him. Isn’t it amazing as soon as we get rid of someone not hitting they thrive on another team. Look at Hicks and Gallo. I could go on.

    1. Won’t be back until August. By then they are done. Besides Bader will be out with another injury so just make him centefielder less walls! Stanton will be out by then so don’t lose IKF next to Torres best player on team.

  14. The Yankees and Cashman are always talking about running the team as a business. I’ve never seen a business that fails terribly without one employee. Since judge has been on the IL the team has failed miserably. What does this say about our Management.

  15. Most of these comments are on track. Judge out extended time. Foot injuries are critical to batting and fielding. Trade Torres, dfa Donaldson, bring up Peraza. This is a rebuilding year. Give Flores another shot.

  16. that’s right men were men and not David I saw Mickey hobble around the bases he couldn’t move he couldn’t take an extra bass he played until he was a wreck of a human being. That really is a sign of a man isn’t it? How about being 6 foot seven, 280 pounds of muscle and your big toe which is I would say fairly important for you to move on and for you to swing and if you to do what you do well you’re a big toe is screwed up but all you guys above who think that soft you are soft in the head

  17. Boone Cashmen and steinbrenner are the 3 stooges. Too much pressure on Judge and if you want to rebuild its a great time.
    Can’t win a championship with mostly aaa players.

    I could manage a team better. Cashman is great when it comes to buying has been.

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