Giancarlo Stanton unleashes second hardest blast in 2023, first multihomer in 13 months

Giancarlo Stanton's two big home runs power the Yankees 6-3 over the Cubs on July 8, 2023, at Yankee Stadium.

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Giancarlo Stanton provided an electrifying start for the Yankees in their matchup against the Cubs by launching a colossal solo home run that traveled an impressive 447 feet, striking the top of the left-field mezzanine. With an exit velocity of 118.1 mph, it ranks as the second hardest-hit ball by Giancarlo Stanton this year, narrowly trailing a double play he hit with a 118.3 mph exit velocity in a previous game against the Mets on June 14.

From his spot in the cramped corner of the Yankees‘ dugout, squeezed between the wall and the steps, manager Aaron Boone turned around to confirm that what he had just witnessed was indeed real. He wasn’t the only one who had witnessed the remarkable feat by Giancarlo Stanton. It was an incredible display, made even more extraordinary when fans consider the player not capable of it anymore.

Giancarlo Stanton’s awe-inspiring hit-off Chicago pitcher Drew Smyly blazed off his bat at an astounding speed of 118.1 mph, as recorded by Statcast. This marked his hardest hit of the season and the tenth-hardest-hit home run of his career. In fact, it stood as the third-hardest-hit home run in the entire MLB season, striking an electronic ribbon board located above the glass windows of the stadium’s Audi Club.

This remarkable feat came as only Giancarlo Stanton’s second home run since June 13. In addition to this monumental blast, he also added another home run, leading the Yankees to a 6-3 victory over the Cubs at Yankee Stadium.

The power show by Giancarlo Stanton

Heading into Saturday’s game, Giancarlo Stanton’s batting average for the 2023 season stood at a disappointing .199. Over his last 24 games, he had been struggling even further, hitting just .146 with a meager .483 OPS during that stretch. His performance has played a significant role in the Yankees’ persistent offensive woes, a concerning trend that has seen the team slide out of a playoff position for the first time in two months.

However, on Saturday, the atmosphere at Yankee Stadium shifted dramatically when Giancarlo Stanton stepped up to the plate. As he unleashed a powerful swing, the jaws of the 43,507 fans in attendance dropped in amazement. Giancarlo Stanton’s solo home run in his very first at-bat soared high into the upper deck, smashing into the electronic scoreboard in left field. It was a colossal moonshot that only players of Giancarlo Stanton’s caliber (and Judge’s) seem capable of hitting, leaving the fans behind the glass in the Audi Club startled by the sheer force of the ball.

Giancarlo Stanton celebrates with Yankees teammates after hitting two homers vs. the Cubs on July 8, 2023, at Yankee Stadium.
New York Yankees

Boone expressed his astonishment at Giancarlo Stanton’s exceptional home run, noting the rarity of such a hit landing off the facade of the upper deck. He marveled at the combination of the ball’s high velocity, its trajectory to the direct pull side, and the height it reached, emphasizing the extraordinary nature of the feat.

“That’s as weird as it gets.”

According to Statcast, MLB’s advanced analytics platform, the statistics generated by Giancarlo Stanton’s towering home run appeared almost unbelievable for two compelling reasons. Firstly, it is a rare occurrence for a player to hit a baseball with a distance of 447 feet and an exit velocity of 118.1 mph. Secondly, the metrics themselves almost appeared to be an underestimation. The trajectory of the hit suggested that if the ball had not made contact with the upper deck, it would have likely landed on the Grand Concourse, highlighting the incredible power behind Giancarlo Stanton’s swing.

First multihomer game since May 2022

In the fifth inning, Giancarlo Stanton opted for a more typical target and launched a two-run home run into the short right-field porch at the Stadium, expanding the Yankees’ lead to 6-1. This particular hit traveled a shorter distance of 322 feet with an exit velocity of 91.3 mph. Nonetheless, it marked Giancarlo Stanton’s first multi-homer game since May 12 of the previous year.

Initially, the hit was ruled as a triple, which would have been only the second triple of Giancarlo Stanton’s tenure with the Yankees. However, after reviewing the replays, it was determined that the ball had struck the bottom of the foul pole, resulting in a home run and the overturning of the original call.

He concluded the game with a solid 2-for-3 performance, also drawing a walk during his plate appearances.

Perhaps this is an indication that Giancarlo Stanton is on the cusp of emerging from a prolonged slump, showing signs of regaining his form. He is the hardest-ever hitter for the Yankees.

The Yankees star acknowledged that he has hit some remarkable home runs throughout his career, but he specifically mentioned that the first home run he hit in the game was particularly satisfying. However, he downplayed its significance, noting that it only contributed one run to the team’s overall score.

Giancarlo Stanton had not achieved a multi-home run game since May 12 of the previous season. In the 14-month period following that game in Chicago against the White Sox, his performance had noticeably declined. He recorded a batting average of .190, an OPS of .705, and hit 29 home runs in 120 plate appearances. These numbers fell well short of the expectations for the former MVP and raised significant concerns. However, a two-home run game has the potential to reignite Giancarlo Stanton’s exceptional skills and capabilities.

The Yankees are hopeful that Saturday’s impressive display of power signifies more than just an individual accomplishment for Giancarlo Stanton. Since returning from the injured list on June 2, he had been mired in a severe slump. Entering Saturday’s game, his batting average stood at a meager .157 with only three home runs and a .542 OPS across 26 games. With Aaron Judge sidelined due to a toe injury until at least August, and with Anthony Rizzo and DJ LeMahieu struggling, the Yankees cannot solely rely on their Triple-A call-ups and rookie shortstop Anthony Volpe to provide the offensive production.

The Yankees are relying on Giancarlo Stanton to elevate his performance, and according to him, he has been feeling more comfortable at the plate recently.

Boone expressed his belief that Giancarlo Stanton has a strong sense of responsibility to become a dominant force in the Yankees’ lineup.

The Yankees manager acknowledged that Giancarlo Stanton takes great pride in his role and carries a significant burden on his shoulders. The manager emphasized that the slugger holds high expectations for himself and understands his crucial role in the team’s offensive production. Boone also expressed his satisfaction with Giancarlo Stanton’s performance and recognized the significance of his contributions to the game.

The Yankees are hopeful that Giancarlo Stanton can sustain this positive momentum as they head into the All-Star break and the second half of the season. Given the struggles of the offense following Judge’s injury, the team is heavily relying on Giancarlo Stanton’s contributions to improve their performance.

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