Yankees fans fret after captain Aaron Judge spotted with Drake

Aaron Judge and Canadian rapper Drake at Madison Square Garden on January 28, 2024.

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Yankees fans are grappling with a distressing scenario: the potential influence of the Drake curse looming over their upcoming season. The Canadian rapper, notorious for his inadvertent association with sports misfortunes, recently appeared with Aaron Judge, fueling concerns that the “Drake Curse” could cast its shadow on the Bronx Bombers.

Beneath the dazzling lights of Madison Square Garden on Saturday, a celestial gathering unfolded as the Knicks and Heat locked horns. Among the courtside constellations shone Yankees slugger Aaron Judge and chart-topping Drake, their camaraderie radiating alongside the likes of Tracy Morgan’s comedic twinkle and Giancarlo Stanton’s baseball brilliance.

This wasn’t their first MSG waltz; last summer, they graced the Garden with their presence, igniting a budding tradition. Years of genuine friendship have woven a tapestry of mutual admiration between Judge and Drake, making their synchronized appearances amidst fellow luminaries a likely refrain, an enduring testament to their off-field symphony.

Judge-Drake photo sparks superstition among Yankees fans

This is more than mere hearsay; there’s a haunting history to consider. Just last year, Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge’s teammate, encountered Drake, only to experience a swift exit from the playoffs. Recollections of Ohtani’s slump following the donning of Drake’s jersey further amplify the eerie aura. The “Drake Curse” is infamous, stretching across various sports, claiming victims from basketball giants like the Golden State Warriors to tennis luminary Serena Williams.


The timing of Drake’s encounter with Aaron Judge couldn’t be more ominous. The Yankees are pinning their hopes on their captain’s batting prowess to lead them to glory. Now, every strikeout and every pop-up carries the foreboding weight of the Drake shadow.

While logic may scoff at the idea of a rapper wielding mystical misfortune, the uncanny string of coincidences is too compelling for fans to dismiss. Twitter is ablaze with anxious pleas to #BreakTheCurse and #FreeJudgeFromDrake, with some proposing elaborate rituals to dispel the perceived doom.

This isn’t about blind superstition; it’s about the emotional armor fans adopt in the unpredictable realm of sports. A collective belief, even in the absurd, can provide comfort and solidarity when confronting the unknown.

Despite the trepidation, hope perseveres. Aaron Judge, known for his positivity and resilience, may well break free from the clutches of the Drake curse. Legends are often forged in the crucible of adversity, and overcoming a supernatural jinx certainly qualifies as a formidable obstacle.

One certainty looms: the MLB season is poised to feature a captivating subplot of baseball confronting the specter of bad luck. Will Aaron Judge transcend the Drake shadow? Can the Yankees defy the curse and triumph? Only time, and perhaps a few well-placed offerings to the baseball gods, will unveil the outcome.

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