Gerrit Cole calls Tommy Kahnle a ‘psychopath’ for his quirky ritual

Yankees pitchers Gerrit Cole and Tommy Kahnle
John Allen
Tuesday August 8, 2023

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New York Yankees relief pitcher Tommy Kahnle is no stranger to displaying emotional reactions after tough performances. However, it appears that his coping mechanism goes beyond what was previously known when things don’t unfold as planned. This has led Yankees ace Gerrit Cole to take a light-hearted jab at Tommy Kahnle by calling him a psychopath.

Certain individuals express their frustration or become agitated after losing a game. They might even engage in throwing objects. In contrast, some individuals opt to inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Alternatively, you might promptly transform the situation into a learning experience. When it comes to Tommy Kahnle, his reaction is unique and serious.

He shaves all his body hair after subpar outings. The reliever himself confirmed this unique ritual, explaining that he adheres to it whenever he gives up a run, even if the run was inherited from a previous pitcher. When asked about it Gerrit Cole responded saying,

“Psychopath, that guy.”

Tommy Kahnle’s unique ritual

Teammates have revealed an intriguing ritual of Tommy Kahnle’s. He grabs a razor or electric trimmer and gets down to business. The 34-year-old, then, shaves his body.

The genesis of this practice was noticed by fellow Yankees reliever Michael King during their time together at Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre back in 2018. This distinct habit emerged following one of Kahnle’s lackluster appearances.

Teammates like Michael King and Clarke Schmidt have witnessed this practice, with the most recent occurrence being before the All-Star break. This curious tradition was recently covered in an article by the New York Daily News.

Yankees pitcher Tommy Kahnle reacts after in the dugout after giving runs to the Angels on July 19, 2023, at Anaheim.

King recounted the following day when he walked in and noticed that Tommy Kahnle had gone to the extent of shaving his entire upper body, covered in shaving cream. King was recalling this incident from their time in the minors and expressed his surprise at the sight.

He recalled Tommy Kahnle explaining that it was a form of punishment, emphasizing the desire to avoid having body hair. King responded with a bemused agreement, accepting the explanation.

The article delved into the quirks of Tommy Kahnle, who has been with the major-league team for portions of five seasons and had three distinct periods with the organization. He has a boisterous and vibrant personality and relishes life and interactions with others.

Tommy Kahnle mentioned that when he initially joins the team, he might come across as a bit excessive. However, he noted that over time, his teammates tend to warm up to his demeanor and find it enjoyable. He believes that his approach helps maintain a relaxed atmosphere and allows everyone to have a good time.


Tommy Kahnle mentioned that this routine originated during his time at Lynn University, where he apparently used to do it “daily.” However, it’s unclear whether he was joking or not when he mentioned this.

But the pitcher admitted that he shaved his “whole body, except the legs,” and expressed that the team management must appreciate his dedication to upholding the Yankees’ clean-cut image.

While baseball enthusiasts were already acquainted with Kahnle’s tendency to display frustration during difficult periods on the mound, this grooming ritual adds an entirely new layer. The silver lining is that, with a commendable 2.13 ERA this season, Kahnle has not found himself needing to enact his distinctive shaving routine frequently.

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3 thoughts on “Gerrit Cole calls Tommy Kahnle a ‘psychopath’ for his quirky ritual

  1. Maybe the whole entire team needs a good body shaving 🪒 😉 😊 . Looks like Cashman already did but, it didn’t do him any good!!!. Enough Said !!!.

  2. I think the whole team would do better if they would let the grow beards or goatees.tje heck with that rule that George put into play..hell if he was still alive Boone’s ass and Cashman would be gone

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