Fresno State University celebrates Aaron Judge’s legacy with jersey retirement

Yankees star Aaron Judge

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The Fresno State University recently announced that it is set to retire the jersey number 29 of Aaron Judge, a former standout of the Fresno State Bulldogs and the current superstar of the New York Yankees.

Where will this event take place?

This memorable event is scheduled to happen during the halftime of the Fresno State football game against New Mexico on November 18th. A formal retirement ceremony will follow at the Pete Beiden Field in the Bob Bennett Stadium on the same day.

Why is Aaron Judge’s jersey being retired?

Aaron Judge, player of the new york yankees

The decision to retire Aaron Judge’s jersey is a significant tribute to his extraordinary accomplishments and contributions to both Fresno State Bulldogs and the sports world in general. In addition to honoring Aaron Judge, the university is also retiring the jersey number 44 of former coach Mike Batesole, who played a crucial role in the Bulldogs’ success. This dual retirement ceremony promises to be a memorable occasion celebrating the lasting impact of these exceptional individuals on Fresno State sports.

Terry Tumey, the Director of Athletics at Fresno State, expressed his excitement about the upcoming jersey retirement ceremony. He noted that Aaron Judge embodies the values and standards that Fresno State athletics represents. Judge’s remarkable athletic achievements are undeniably impressive, but Tumey also emphasized Judge’s character and the positive influence he had on his communities. This sentiment reflects the core values of Fresno State’s athletic program, which prioritize not only excellence on the field but also the development of well-rounded individuals who give back to their communities. Tumey concluded by stating that Fresno State feels fortunate to have Aaron Judge as a representative and eagerly anticipates enshrining his name among the greatest in the university’s baseball program.

In response to the announcement, Aaron Judge expressed his gratitude for the recognition and honor. He described the occasion as “amazing and humbling” and expressed his excitement about the prospect of returning to Fresno State. For Judge, this ceremony will be a reunion with coaches, teammates, and alumni who played a significant role in his journey to becoming a renowned athlete. It is a moment for him to reflect on the pivotal role that Fresno State played in his development as a baseball player and as a person.

Aaron Judge’s journey in baseball is remarkable. He first gained recognition as a freshman All-American at Fresno State in 2011. During his time with the Bulldogs, he consistently showcased his exceptional skills on the field. Judge was thrice honored on the All-WAC team, demonstrating his consistent excellence in college baseball. Over the course of his 169 career games at Fresno State, Judge left an indelible mark. He was known for his powerful hitting, accumulating 18 home runs and driving in an impressive 93 runs. His batting average of .345 further highlighted his prowess at the plate. These remarkable achievements are a testament to his dedication and unwavering commitment to the sport.

Aaron Judge, player of the New York Yankees

For the institution, the decision to retire Aaron Judge’s jersey is not only a recognition of his sporting achievements but also a celebration of his journey from a young and promising athlete to a baseball icon. It symbolizes the deep connections and pride that Fresno State feels for one of their own who has reached the pinnacle of professional baseball. The jersey retirement ceremony will undoubtedly be an emotional and unforgettable moment that will bring together the Fresno State community, Judge’s supporters, and baseball fans.

Currently, Aaron Judge faces the disappointment of not playing in October for the first time of his career due to his team’s failure to qualify for the playoffs. In his first year as captain of the Yankees, the team faced a challenging season with more bad days than good, ultimately missing out on the postseason. Despite this setback, Judge remains focused on the future and the opportunity for improvement in the upcoming years. He understands the responsibility that comes with representing the New York Yankees and is determined to lead his team to success.

The retirement of Aaron Judge’s jersey at Fresno State is a momentous occasion that recognizes his outstanding contributions to both the university and the world of sports. It’s a celebration of his journey from a promising college athlete to a baseball superstar. The ceremony will be an emotional and unforgettable event that highlights the lasting impact of individuals like Aaron Judge and Coach Mike Batesole on Fresno State’s athletic legacy.

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