Fans slam Alex Rodriguez as baseball’s biggest cheater

Alex Rodriguez is in a funny pose

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Many of the Yankees’ fans have a love-and-hate relationship with Alex Rodriguez. The enigmatic player also often invites trouble with his actions that fans refuse to accept. His latest tweeter post on Carlos Correa drew fans’ ire, and many of them slammed A-Rod as baseball’s biggest cheater.

Alex Rodriguez loves Minnesota so much that he owns a basketball team there. Back in 2021, Rodriguez bought a piece of the Minnesota Timberwolves, a team in the NBA. Also, the former MLB star knows how to stay in the news, both because of what he did in the past and what he does now. Many baseball fans think that A-Rod is one of the best players in the world. He is no longer playing the sport, but that hasn’t stopped him from trying new things.

As a sports commentator and real estate broker, Alex Rodriguez is also earning fame. However, his happiness for Carlos Correa, who just re-signed with the Minnesota Twins after a brief hiatus with the Giants and the Mets, went wrong. The Yankees fans slammed him.

Alex Rodriguez’s Correa tweet draws fan wrath

After hearing about the Puerto Rican shortstop, Alex Rodriguez told him and his wife how happy he was for them. On Twitter, A-Rod told the former Houston Astros shortstop how happy he made him by signing a multi-year deal with the Twins and congratulated him.

Alex Rodriguez is usually very vocal about how he feels about the New York Yankees. He used to play for them. A-Roid seems to have changed his mind, as he is no longer playing for them.

In addition, the 47-year-old mentioned how cold it was in Minnesota and told Correa to “grab a shovel!” The former baseball player was out in his driveway shoveling snow because it was below zero and there was a lot of snow. Correa is sure to be welcomed with open arms. But when Alex Rodriguez congratulated Correa on his new contract, MLB fans didn’t hesitate to compare and criticize their careers, which have been controversial.

A lot of people don’t like the way things are going. Even though Alex Rodriguez was one of the best hitters of his time, he is not respected enough because of his PED scandal. On the other hand, Correa’s past is not great either. Because of the shady World Series win in 2017, fans are often angry with him.

In response to A-tweet, Alex Rodriguez’s fans criticized both of them.

Some people are happy to see Rodriguez cheering for the Twins

Some people on Twitter are also upset that Correa is now in the top 5, as A-Rod said.

Correa almost signed with the San Francisco Giants at first, but the deal fell through just hours before the announcement following issues with his physical. The same thing happened with his deal with the Mets Correa’s right fibula was fixed with surgery, which makes some people worry that it might affect how well he plays.

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