Ex-Yankees manager Joe Torre tells Aaron Boone not to lie to players

Yankees former manager Joe Torre with current manager Aaron Boone

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During a recent appearance on the Sal and Tiki show, former Yankees manager Joe Torre shared his insights on the current situation of the Yankees and their manager Aaron Boone. Torre urged the current manager not to lie to players over their performance and point out their deficiencies honestly.

According to Joe Torre, he believes that the players are shouldering more responsibility and pressure than necessary. However, he also mentioned that a few wins can quickly change the team’s momentum and help them get back on track.

Joe Torre had some clear words for Aaron Boone on how he should deal with his players.

“Don’t lie to them,” the ex-Yankees manager told. “You still have to tell them ‘Hey, we need to get better in this area or that area, and we can do it.’”

Joe Torre does plain speaking on the Yankees’ failures

Joe Torre was on the show as part of efforts to promote his Safe at Home Foundation. He talked about the Yankees‘ current struggles, acknowledging that it’s a challenging situation. He highlighted the absence of Aaron Judge and emphasized the impact he has on elevating the performance of his teammates.

“What the Yankees are going through now, it’s tough,” he said. “It’s tough when you miss Aaron Judge. He makes players around you better.

During his successful tenure as the Yankee manager, Joe Torre never missed the playoffs, and the current manager, Aaron Boone, has also managed to guide the team to the postseason. However, the 2023 season presents a challenge for Aaron Boone, as the team is facing a rough stretch that puts their playoff hopes at risk. Joe Torre has experience with Yankee teams facing high expectations but struggling, like during the second half of the 2000 season or the rough start in 2007. If he were in Aaron Boone’s position, the ex-manager would aim to maintain a sense of composure and calm, as he was praised for doing during his time leading the Yankees.

Joe Torre acknowledged that Aaron Boone, who played for him in the past, was from a baseball family background. According to the ex-Yankees skipper, baseball represents a metaphor for life itself, as it is a game played daily, and one must strive to balance the highs and lows, seeking a stable middle ground to maintain.


Joe Torre advised Aaron Boone to be honest with the player about areas that need improvement. He emphasized the importance of communicating the team’s need for progress while expressing confidence in their ability to achieve it.

“You win three or four games, and you get your mojo back and start heading in the right direction,” he told hoping for a turnaround of the Yankees.

Aaron Boone under scrutiny for Yankees’ failure

The New York Yankees are currently facing significant challenges on the baseball field. Their performance has been disappointing since the all-star break, with only one victory so far in the second half of the season. Carlos Rodon, one of their high-priced acquisitions, has been struggling with a high ERA and made a mistake by engaging with Yankee fans in a negative manner. The pressure in the demanding New York market can be overwhelming for some players, and the team is experiencing a lack of offensive production, apart from Gleyber Torres. With Aaron Judge sidelined, the team appears to be missing their star player, and this has added to their collective struggles. Both manager Aaron Boone and general manager Brian Cashman are under scrutiny as they attempt to find solutions to the team’s woes.

The Yankees are facing a crucial moment as the trade deadline approaches. They need to be proactive and make strategic moves to bolster the team’s performance. One pressing concern for Aaron Boone is the vacancy in left field, and acquiring a strong bat to boost the offense is essential. The newly appointed hitting coach, Sean Casey, must work diligently to revitalize the team’s hitting capabilities. The bullpen is also showing signs of strain, and improvements are necessary to maintain their effectiveness. The Yankees need to turn things around quickly and start playing winning baseball to secure their spot in the playoffs, avoiding the risk of missing out on postseason action for the first time since 2016.

As we find ourselves in the heart of June, with more than half of the 2023 MLB season ahead, there’s growing unease among fans as the New York Yankees experience a rapid decline.

Jul 7, 2023; Bronx, New York, USA; New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone (17) in the dugout before the start of a game against the Chicago Cubs at Yankee Stadium.
Brad Penner / USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Boone’s team lacks the power

Injuries to the toe can be exceptionally delicate, particularly for players like Judge who rely on generating significant power in their swings. His entire lower body movement during the swing hinges on the injured toe he sustained in Los Angeles. Until he can regain the ability to generate that power in his swing, his activation remains uncertain.

The Yankees are currently missing key pitchers like Nestor Cortes, Carlos Rodon, and potentially Frankie Montas. Domingo German recently had a rough outing, while Luis Severino has struggled in four consecutive starts. Additionally, Clarke Schmidt’s performance varies significantly from inning to inning.

Gerrit Cole is carrying a tremendous burden, excelling in his performance, but the question remains whether he can maintain such excellence without sufficient support from the rest of the team.

Anthony Volpe showed exceptional promise with his April statistics, but as the months pass, his offensive output has been on the decline. While there are glimpses of his true potential, the team faces the dilemma of how much longer they can be patient and wait for him to find consistency at the major league level.

Regrettably, Harrison Bader’s history of frequent injuries, which he experienced during his time in St. Louis, has continued with him to The Bronx. Giancarlo Stanton goes on a hot streak, then gets injured, comes back, and struggles to match his offensive performance. If the team decides not to use him in the outfield, his only way to contribute is through hitting.

Yankees Manager Aaron Boone is at a press conference after their 3-0 loss to the Cubs on July 07, 2023, at Yankee Stadium.

Aaron Boone shoulders the blame

Aaron Boone’s managerial skills have sparked diverse opinions, as is common for the Yankees’ managers. The upcoming weeks will play a pivotal role in assessing Boone’s capacity to lead the team to victory. In recent times, his lineups have lacked energy, and his player management decisions have been puzzling. He must swiftly identify solutions for his team’s issues.

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  1. Don’t lie to the fans either. That goes from the principle owner on down to the manager.

    If the Yankees are going to need a few years to rebuild a championship caliber team, tell us. We can handle it. What we cant-or won’t-handle, is someone urinating down our necks and then telling us “it’s raining.”

    That’s all we ask. Well, that and finally stomping a mud-hole in Houston’s butts in the AL Championship series. That’s really all we ask. 😉

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