Doxie Kevin helping Anthony Rizzo cope with his latest injury

New York Yankees first base coach Travis Chapman, left, tends to Anthony Rizzo, right, following a first base collision in the seventh inning of a baseball game against the Boston Red Sox, Sunday, June 16, 2024, in Boston. Rizzo left the game after colliding with Red Sox pitcher Brennan Bernardino on a play at first and falling hard on his right wrist.
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NEW YORK — Yankees first baseman Anthony Rizzo endured a sleepless night upon returning to New York from a late-night flight out of Boston, feeling discomfort in his right arm below the elbow. His apprehension grew as he awaited morning tests, which unfortunately confirmed his fears: a fracture that would keep him out of baseball activities for four to five weeks.

Anthony Rizzo is slated to stay on the injured list until mid-August or early September. Despite this setback, he has come to terms with his situation and vowed to continue contributing as a behind-the-scenes leader for the team currently leading the majors.

Thankfully, on Monday night, Anthony Rizzo found solace and rest, partly due to the comforting presence of his best friend, Kevin the Dachshund, who often engages in playful antics with one of Aaron Judge’s dogs. As Rizzo focuses on his recovery, his dedication to supporting his teammates in their quest for success remains unwavering.

Following his diagnosis, Yankees first baseman Anthony Rizzo found solace in the presence of his faithful companion, Kevin the Dachshund, who nestled against his injured right arm and provided some relief during the night. Reflecting on Monday night, Anthony Rizzo noted it was more manageable compared to the initial discomfort he experienced, describing that first night as “pretty rough.” He credited Kevin for the improvement, believing the dog sensed his pain and offered comforting companionship.

“Last night wasn’t as bad,” he said. “I had Kevin right there on my arm. I think he knew I was in pain, so he kind of helped. The first night was kind of ugly.”

Anthony Rizzo sustained the injury during the seventh inning of Sunday night’s game at Fenway Park, where the Red Sox claimed a 9-3 victory. With two runners on base and no outs, the first baseman hit a groundball to first baseman Dominic Smith, who initially looked toward second base before making a wayward throw to reliever Brennan Bernardino covering first.

Anthony Rizzo explained that despite not being the fastest runner and the Yankees trailing by one run, he couldn’t afford to risk a double play in that critical game situation. He characterized Smith’s actions as an unusual sequence involving mishandling and an inaccurate throw to first base.

Anthony Rizzo endured a painful collision with reliever Brennan Bernardino near first base during Sunday night’s game at Fenway Park. As he stumbled and fell, he instinctively grabbed his wrist, initially believing it to be the source of his discomfort. Known for his resilience in playing through pain, exemplified by his eighth-place ranking in all-time hit by pitches with 219, Anthony Rizzo reluctantly left the game. Immediately after exiting, he remained hopeful of a quick recovery, expecting to bounce back within a day or two.

Initial low-grade X-rays at Fenway revealed no fractures, yet the Yankees opted for more thorough testing on Monday’s off day in New York. As the adrenaline from the game subsided during their late-night flight, Anthony Rizzo’s right arm began throbbing persistently below the elbow, prompting him to reconsider the injury’s seriousness. The escalating pain throughout the night led him to acknowledge that his initial optimism might have been premature, recognizing the need for further medical evaluation to ascertain the full extent of the injury.

A big setback for Anthony Rizzo

Anthony Rizzo received devastating news during his Monday medical tests, discovering a fracture in his right arm. The diagnosis caught him off guard, as he initially believed the injury stemmed from his wrist. Describing the pain as intense, he noted it was a new experience for him, having never before suffered a broken bone despite enduring past discomfort.

Doctors have informed Anthony Rizzo that his fractured right arm is expected to fully heal within four to five weeks if he refrains from baseball activities. While acknowledging that recovery times can differ from person to person, he conveyed his trust in the team’s treatment plan and his own capability to recover fully. Anthony Rizzo stressed the significance of letting the injury mend correctly, adhering to restrictions on weight-bearing activities, and resisting the urge to overexert himself as he starts feeling improvements.

The first baseman faces another significant setback, marking the second consecutive year he has endured an extended period on the sidelines. Last season, he persevered through a months-long battle with a concussion that impacted his performance, leading to a re-evaluation on August 2 and eventual shutdown due to post-concussion syndrome. Expressing frustration over his current inability to play, Anthony Rizzo described this year’s injury as another unexpected twist. Nonetheless, he underscored the importance of team unity and dynamics, stressing that success encompasses more than just on-field achievements.

Despite his setback, Anthony Rizzo pledged to contribute to the team’s success behind the scenes, offering support through video analysis, scouting reports, and maintaining a positive presence for his teammates. He remains steadfast in his commitment to being a valuable asset to the team in every possible capacity during his recovery period.

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