Did the earth move the scoreboard? Earthquake rattles NYC, Yankees lose opener, but fans take it in stride

Batting practice at Yankee Stadium on the morning an earthquake hit the region prior to the Yankees’ home opener.

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This Friday, April 5th, started with a jolt, sending tremors through the Yankee community – and the ground itself! It was the team’s home opener against the Toronto Blue Jays, and Mother Nature decided to join the party with a surprise earthquake before the game.

The Earthquake’s theory

MLB reporter extraordinaire, Bryan Hoch, couldn’t resist noting the cosmic coincidence of the quake happening during Marcus Stroman’s pinstripe debut.

Talk about a dramatic entrance! Was it fate, irony, or a playful nudge from the universe? You decide.

Meanwhile, speculation ran wild. Some fans, like Madysoon, even joked about bad omens due to the Yankees leading the American League standings. Seems the universe has a funny bone, even if a little dark.

So, did the earthquake jinx the Yankees‘ performance? Opinions flew like fastballs. Some blamed it, others scoffed. There were even whispers it wasn’t an earthquake at all, but the Blue Jays shaking things up with intense pre-game drills.

With laughter and bats in hand, the game went on, and unfortunately, the Yankees struck out at home. But some die-hard fans, ever the humorists, pointed fingers at the “seismic shift” for the loss, adding another layer to the Yankees’ ever-lively banter.

Earthquake shakes East Coast, Yankees feel the tremor

Yankee Stadium - The house of the new york yankees

Now, let’s get to the ground truth of the earthquake. It hit between New York and Philadelphia, surprising residents in this normally earthquake-free zone. The 4.8 magnitude temblor struck near Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, at 10:23 AM. Thankfully, damage was minimal, with no major incidents reported in either New York or Pennsylvania. However, in New Jersey, three apartment buildings took a hit, forcing the evacuation of 30 people (though everyone was okay).

Reactions ranged from surprise to mild concern, reflecting the unusual nature of East Coast earthquakes. Disruptions included a diverted plane bound for Newark, causing a two-hour delay. Two aftershocks rattled New Jersey but caused no further damage or injuries. Experts attribute the event to ongoing pressure on the Earth’s crust in New Jersey.

According to the NY Post, even Yankee Stadium “definitely felt” the quake before the opener, with players experiencing the tremors during batting practice. Manager Aaron Boone, a California native used to such things, even mistook the shaking for the stadium sound system!

Despite these natural disruptions, fans still showed up to cheer on their team. This wasn’t the first time this season the Yankees faced external challenges – a previous game was even rescheduled due to a solar eclipse!

In the end, whether it was the Earth’s rumble or bad luck, one thing’s for sure: this Friday was an unforgettable one, blending baseball drama with a touch of seismic spectacle. After all, wouldn’t you expect anything less from the Bronx Bombers?

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