Curse of the sponsor? Yankees’ performance dips since incorporating the Star Insurance patch

Yankees' player Aaron Judge.
NY Post
Amanda Paula
Tuesday August 22, 2023

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The New York Yankees’ woes have taken a turn for the worse as they faced their 9th consecutive defeat, this time at the hands of the Nationals. Amid their troubling performance, an ominous sign has emerged for the team, casting a shadow on their partnership with Star Insurance.

The Yankees’ record now stands at 11 wins and 23 defeats since donning the Star Insurance patch, a development that has sent their postseason prospects plummeting.

The Yankees’ recent slump has raised eyebrows among fans and analysts alike, and the addition of the Star Insurance patch to their iconic pinstripes has not brought the anticipated change in fortune. In fact, since the introduction of the patch, the Yankees have managed only 10 victories, while suffering a staggering 18 defeats.

Bad numbers 

Yankees' players Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole.

Before their game against the Nationals, the Yankees’ odds of making it to the postseason were a modest 0.5%. However, the recent string of losses and the underwhelming performance following the introduction of the patch have caused those odds to plummet even further. The once-promising partnership with Star Insurance, which was intended to bring both financial support and good luck, now seems to be shrouded in doubt.

While the patch’s impact on the team’s performance remains a topic of debate, some fans have started to wonder whether the addition of the sponsor’s logo might have inadvertently disrupted the Yankees’ longstanding winning tradition. The team’s history is rich with championships and legendary players, making any deviation from their winning culture a matter of concern for the fan base.

New York Yankees' rookie shortstop Anthony Volpe hit a 3-run HR against Boston at Yankee Stadium on Aug 20, 2023.

As the Yankees navigate through this challenging phase of their season, only time will reveal the true extent of the impact the Star Insurance patch has had on the team’s performance and whether the partnership can weather this storm of bad luck.

In the world of sports, superstitions, and beliefs in omens have always played a role, and the Yankees’ recent struggles have added a new chapter to this narrative. Whether the Star Insurance patch is truly to blame for the team’s downturn or if it’s a mere coincidence remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: the Yankees are in dire need of a turnaround to salvage their postseason hopes and the reputation of their newfound partnership.

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