Cody Bellinger to fan on Yankees talks: ‘No, I wish’


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Silver slugger Cody Bellinger, a sought-after free agent, navigates an intriguing storyline with destiny. Once the assumed second jewel in the free agency crown, his trajectory takes unexpected turns due to significant moves by other teams.

The Cubs, Blue Jays, and, briefly, the Yankees were eager contenders, but Juan Soto‘s arrival in the Bronx appeared to shut the door on Bellinger donning pinstripes. However, whispers from the stands, fueled by a fan’s tweet claiming a direct “No I wish” from Cody Bellinger himself, reignite the flames of possibility in the Bronx.

Does Cody Bellinger want a move to the Bronx?

Is it smoke or a full-blown fire? Only time will reveal. Amidst the speculation, the numbers loom large – Cody Bellinger and his agent, Scott Boras, reportedly seek a contract surpassing $200 million, a substantial sum that may guide potential suitors elsewhere.

Yankees have their eyes on free agent Cody Bellinger in the 2023 offseason.

One certainty prevails: Cody Bellinger’s future remains an open narrative. While the Yankees may have seemingly moved on, whispers like these suggest the tale is not yet concluded. Whether he graces the Bronx in pinstripes or discovers a new home, the next chapter of Bellinger’s journey promises to be an enthralling narrative.

So, baseball enthusiasts, grab your popcorn and settle in. The Bellinger saga unfolds, and the potential for plot twists is considerable. Will the Bronx Bombers reassess their stance? Will another team step into the spotlight? Stay vigilant – each tweet, every rumor, could hold the key to Cody Bellinger’s celestial landing spot.

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