Carlos Rodon takes responsibility for Yankees’ loss, vows to improve

Carlos Rodon took the loss for the Yankees against the Rockies on Friday.

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During the Yankees’ loss against the Colorado Rockies, all eyes were on Carlos Rodon as he made his second appearance in a Yankee uniform. However, the game did not unfold as expected, and Rodon faced criticism for his performance. 

In a post-game interview with the Yes Network, Rodon candidly admitted that he was a bit rusty and acknowledged his ineffective contribution to the team’s effort on the pitch.

Carlos Rodon after the Yankees game against the Rockies, on July 14, 2023.

Reflecting on his outing, Rodon identified his struggles with falling behind in the count, allowing the Rockies to dictate the game in the second inning. He recognized the need to regain control by focusing on getting ahead of opposing batters. Rodon also acknowledged that the Rockies had a well-executed plan against him, effectively attacking his fastball and finding success with his slider. Unfortunately, by the time Rodon made adjustments, the Rockies had already built a commanding lead.

“Behind the count, was in a lot of hitter’s counts in the second inning and they made me pay for that. Should’ve worked on getting ahead of the guys, I felt they had a plan, once again. They attacked the fastball and found the slider late but it was too late, it was 3-is by the point.“

Carlos Rodon’s stats tell the story

Carlos Rodon in action for the Yankees.

When examining the statistical side of Rodon’s performance, it becomes apparent that it was a challenging outing for the talented pitcher. Throughout his five innings on the mound, Rodon allowed four runs on four hits and two walks, managing to strike out six batters. These numbers highlight the difficulties he faced in keeping the Rockies’ offense in check, ultimately resulting in a loss for the Yankees.

However, amidst the disappointment, there were positive takeaways from the game. Notably, Rodon was able to stretch out to 88 pitches, a significant increase from his season debut when he threw 69 pitches. This indicates that he is gradually building up his stamina and should soon be free from any workload restrictions. Looking at his overall performance this season, Rodon currently holds an 8:4 strikeout-to-walk ratio and a 1.16 WHIP across 10.1 innings in his two starts. These numbers suggest that maybe there is potential for improvement and positive contributions in future games.

Yankees fans stand by Rodon despite his struggles

Carlos Rodon allowed four runs in five innings while striking out six batters.

Despite Carlos Rodon’s struggles, it is worth noting that a portion of Yankees fans remained steadfast in their support for him, defending him against the backlash he faced. These fans understand that every player, no matter how talented, will have off-days and challenging moments throughout the season.

Carlos Rodon in action for the Yankees.

They chose to stand by Rodon through his struggles, emphasizing the importance of remaining positive and giving him the benefit of the doubt as he continues to adjust to his new team and surroundings.

As Carlos Rodon prepares for his next start against the Angels, he has an opportunity to bounce back and showcase his resilience on the mound. With the continued support of fans and his determination to learn from his mistakes, there is no doubt that Rodon has the potential to regain his form and make significant contributions to the Yankees’ success in the future.

 It is crucial to remember that sports are unpredictable, and even the most skilled athletes can have off-games. Rodon’s willingness to take responsibility for his performance and identify areas for improvement demonstrates his commitment to personal growth and team success.

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