Carlos Rodon opens up about offseason regimen, pitching coach rift

Carlos Rodon reported to Tampa in excellent shape physically.
Amanda Paula
Monday February 12, 2024

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Yankees southpaw Carlos Rodon arrived at spring training sporting a new look and a leaner physique, a stark contrast to his struggles of the previous season. Departing from his trademark bushy mustache, In an interview with NJ media, Carlos Rodon now appeared younger and considerably lighter than his last outing, a disastrous performance against the Kansas City Royals that marred his inaugural campaign with the Yankees.

“Chased three kids around,” he said with a smile, alluding to his offseason activities.

Harnessing change

Carlos Rodon reported to Tampa in excellent shape physically.
Randy Miller / NJ Advance Media

Carlos Rodon’s transformation wasn’t merely cosmetic; it reflected a determined effort to bounce back from a disappointing 2023. Engaging with reporters ahead of the official start of spring training, Carlos Rodon remained characteristically candid about his offseason regimen and the challenges he faced during his first year in pinstripes.

“I would say my body comp is different,” he said. “There’s not much of a weight difference. So my body makeup … I don’t know, it’s not super crazy. It might be because I don’t have a mustache.”

While coy about specific numbers, Carlos Rodon hinted at a focused offseason dedicated to improving his physical condition and preparing for redemption on the mound. The left-hander’s early arrival at spring training underscored his commitment to turning the page on a forgettable season and reclaiming his form as a dominant pitcher.

Acknowledging his strained relationship with pitching coach Matt Blake, stemming from a publicized incident during his final start of the previous season, Rodon expressed regret for his actions and emphasized his eagerness to mend fences and refocus on the task at hand.

“Unfortunately, a lot of reality is based off perception,” Rodon said. “Granted, it definitely wasn’t a shining moment for myself and doesn’t look good for Matthew.”

Carlos Rodon eyes redemption

Despite the setbacks and criticism received by the Yankees nation, Carlos Rodon remained resolute in his determination to earn back the trust of fans and prove his worth as a cornerstone of the team’s pitching staff.

“I know I’ve got to be better,” he said. “Listen, I’ll be transparent with you. All of us are human. We hear everything.”

Reflecting on a tumultuous timeline marred by injuries and underwhelming performances, Rodon approached the upcoming season with cautious optimism, mindful of the challenges ahead.

“I wouldn’t be here this early if I didn’t think (another standout season is in me),” Rodon said. “I’m just really committed.”

As Carlos Rodon prepared to embark on another chapter of his career in the storied Yankee tradition, his message was clear: redemption begins with resilience, and he was determined to author a comeback story worthy of the Bronx faithful’s unwavering support. With spring training underway, Rodon’s journey toward redemption had commenced, fueled by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a steadfast belief in his ability to overcome adversity.

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