Carlos Rodon dominates Twins, wife Ashely garners off-field headlines

Ashley and Carlos Rodon, who recently announced the exciting launch of the ꓘarlos Rodon Foundation, seen together on May 12, 2024.
John Allen
Thursday May 16, 2024

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In a dominant performance on Tuesday, Carlos Rodon led the New York Yankees to a 5-1 victory, effectively putting a halt to the Minnesota Twins’ impressive run. The Twins had been on a hot streak, winning four out of their last five games, but the Yankees pitcher’s stellar outing, in which he allowed only six hits and one run over six innings, secured a decisive win for the Yankees.

Carlos Rodon’s wife, Ashley, took to social media to celebrate her husband’s crucial role in the team’s success, sharing her pride and admiration for his achievements on Instagram.

The victory propelled the Yankees to a 28-15 record, solidifying their position atop the AL East, with a comfortable lead over the second-place Baltimore Orioles, who currently stand at 26-14.

Speaking to The New York Post after the game, Carlos Rodon underscored his commitment to contributing to the team’s success. He expressed his determination to consistently give the Yankees a chance to win and keep them competitive throughout each game.

New York Yankees starting pitcher Carlos Rodon is in action against the Minnesota Twins, Tuesday, May 14, 2024, in Minneapolis.

Carlos Rodon and ‘The D’: A comical twist from Ashley


During the New York Yankees broadcast on Tuesday, May 15, the keys to victory were presented in a manner that left Carlos Rodon’s wife, Ashley, in stitches. The Yes Network crew listed the essential elements as “The D, Little Things, Rodon,” a combination of abbreviations and terms that Ashley found both ironic and amusing.

In her social media post, which had garnered over 700 likes at the time of writing, Ashley playfully questioned the choice of abbreviation, saying, “I mean… couldn’t type out defense.” She accompanied her comment with several emojis to express her laughter and the hilarity she found in the broadcast’s presentation.

The keys to victory, as outlined by the broadcast, were to excel in defense, execute the fundamentals effectively, and receive a strong performance from starting pitcher Carlos Rodon.

Ashley heads the ꓘarlos Rodon Foundation

Ashley and Carlos Rodon recently announced the exciting launch of the ꓘarlos Rodon Foundation, which is currently focusing on two primary initiatives. The first, named “The Willow Grant” after their daughter, aims to provide support to families seeking fertility treatments, such as IVF. The foundation has partnered with The Nest Egg Foundation to facilitate this initiative.

The second initiative, titled “About The Wild Wanderers,” emphasizes the importance of encouraging children to engage in outdoor activities and embrace an active, adventurous lifestyle. The foundation seeks to raise awareness about the benefits of exposing kids to the various opportunities that come with an active lifestyle.


On their Instagram account, the foundation shared their experience celebrating the official launch of the Carlos Rodon Foundation with their baseball family. They expressed their excitement for upcoming projects and endeavors, feeling incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to engage in such meaningful and beautiful work.

As Carlos Rodon and the Yankees look ahead, they will face the Twins again on Wednesday, aiming to continue their success on the field while making a positive impact off the field through their newly established foundation.

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