Anthony Volpe’s Yankees fandom resonates with a 15-year love story

Anthony Volpe of the New York Yankees
John Allen
Saturday July 15, 2023

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The biggest attraction on the Yankees’ 2023 Opening Day was Anthony Volpe, who took the limelight with his meteoric rise in the team’s farm system. However, his love affair with pinstripes began much earlier in his life, and his school days were replete with stories of his allegiance to the Yankees.

A playful banter emerged among the boys and girls in the second-grade class of 2008-09 at the esteemed Trevor Day School in upper Manhattan, where Anthony Volpe was a student. It was aimed at a specific clique of boys, a tight-knit group united by their shared love for the Yankees. Consequently, they sported a Yankees jersey or shirt as their daily school attire.

The girls in the grade, being typical kids of that age, playfully teased the boys, suggesting that they were engaged in a contest to see who could go the longest without washing their Yankees shirts. In the case of one particular member of the group, Anthony Volpe, the passion for the Yankees proved to be prophetic and he was destined to become the rookie shortstop for the team.

Gabrielle Smith, who attended the same pre-K and second-grade class as Anthony Volpe at Trevor, vividly remembers that he would wear a Yankees shirt on a daily basis. It seemed like he had an extensive collection of constantly rotated different shirts showcasing his team loyalty.

Anthony Volpe, a Manhattan native, spent his early years in the city before his family relocated to Watchung, New Jersey, during his fourth-grade year. While Anthony Volpe didn’t complete his education at Trevor, a prestigious private school that spans from pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade, it played a significant role in his early academic and personal growth. More precisely, he evolved into a determined youngster with a singular objective.

The childhood Yankees fandom continues to flourish

Fast forward fourteen years and Anthony Volpe is still seen donning a Yankees shirt or jersey almost every day. However, this time, it can be safely assumed that the garments are regularly washed and kept clean.

Anthony Volpe expressed that he feels there hasn’t been much change since his days at Trevor. According to him, his love for playing baseball has remained constant, and any developments that occurred along the way didn’t feel like anything more than that. He finds it pretty cool to still hold onto that perspective.

Anthony Volpe is showcasing a smart, small-ball skill in the Yankees' win against the Rays at Yankee Stadium on May 13, 2023.
Paul Bereswill/ NYP

The 22-year-old recalled his early years of learning at Trevor, acknowledging that they were indeed formative. He remembered how the school made the experience enjoyable, and it was something that he and his classmates looked forward to every day.

After the school day concluded, Anthony Volpe’s enthusiasm for baseball would take over as he quickly made his way to the nearby baseball fields. Whether it was for Little League games or casual pickup games, he couldn’t wait to step onto the diamond and continue playing the sport he loved.

Anthony Volpe reminisced about his younger years when he had numerous school projects and homework assignments centered around the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” According to the Yankees shortstop, he would consistently respond with aspirations of becoming a Yankee.

Anthony Volpe reflected on his childhood dream, describing it as a passion for playing baseball. At a young age, he believed that if one enjoys playing baseball, it’s only natural to aspire to become a professional baseball player. He admitted to having limited knowledge about the process and intricacies of pursuing a career in baseball, including aspects like the draft.

During those early years, Anthony Volpe believes that it was a time when everyone discovered their love and passion for the game of baseball.

Anthony Volpe takes over the place of his dad’s favorite player

Isiah Kiner-Falefa holds a special place in Anthony Volpe’s family as he happens to be the favorite player of the rookie’s father, Michael. This creates an intriguing dynamic considering Anthony Volpe ultimately earned the starting shortstop position over Kiner-Falefa during spring training.

Anthony Volpe of the New York Yankees

Every day, as the rookie was sharing with Kiner-Falefa, he finds himself reminded of his humble beginnings and earliest baseball memories. Anthony Volpe told The Post that he had a conversation with Kiner-Falefa about the fields he used to play on while growing up. He mentioned how special it is for him to drive by those fields on the West Side Highway every day on his way to the ballpark. He expressed that not many people can relate to having such a unique connection to their childhood playing grounds and their current home stadium. It was a nostalgic moment as they shared memories and reflected on their journey from those local fields to the professional stage.

Volpe has turned around his bumpy start

Following a sluggish beginning to his rookie campaign, Anthony Volpe has found his stride and showcased impressive performances as the first half of the season concluded prior to the All-Star break.

Having previously held the distinction of being the Yankees’ top-rated prospect according to MLB Pipeline, Anthony Volpe demonstrated his skills by compiling a .300 batting average, .364 on-base percentage, .538 slugging percentage, and a formidable .901 OPS, along with four home runs, during his final 24 games leading up to the All-Star break.

His impressive performance in those 24 games elevated his overall season statistics to a .216 batting average, a .287 on-base percentage, a .395 slugging percentage, and a .682 OPS. Additionally, the 22-year-old has showcased his speed on the basepaths with a total of 16 stolen bases, along with hitting 13 home runs.

Once again, Anthony Volpe is at the center of attention with his boundless energy. However, it is not just his energy that stands out, but also his character and demeanor. Just like his unwavering dedication to the Yankees and boundless energy, his character has remained constant.

According to Dan Feigin, the Head of School at Trevor and a former teacher during Anthony Volpe’s time there, mentioning his name brings smiles to people’s faces, and they only have positive things to say about him. Feigin, whose twin brother is the president of the Milwaukee Bucks, recalled that many people knew Anthony Volpe as a young child and remember him as a genuinely happy, friendly, and kind individual.

Feigin expressed pride in the person Anthony Volpe was during his time at Trevor, and now he takes even greater pride in seeing the person he has become. The rookie shortstop maintains that he is still the same Yankees fanatic he was during his time at Trevor.

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