Alex Rodriguez reveals how he hit a home run while trying to hit a Red Sox pitcher

Alex Rodriguez hit by a pitch from Ryan Dempster.

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Former Yankee great Alex Rodriguez always loves to remain in news. His 2013 season is infamous for his second PED scandal. However, this is the very year when A-Rod tried to hit the ball into a Red Sox pitcher. However, the drive was so hard that it became a home run over the central field.

Alex Rodriguez recently talked about that day and how he got back at the pitcher during an Instagram live with Mets star player Pete Alonso.

After reports link Alex Rodriguez to the Biogenesis scandal, the Yankees played the Red Sox at Fenway Park on August 18, 2013. It was Sunday evening and the last game of the series. In the top of the second inning when A-Rod was up against Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster, who went to the 2013 World Series.

The pitcher was emotional and angry over the PED scandal of Alex Rodriguez that brought dishonor to the game of baseball. He started throwing pitches at A-Rod to hit him. The fourth one did hit Alex in the arm. It was enough!

A-Rod also wasn’t going to let this go easily, and in the third inning, he planned to get back at the pitcher and teach him a lesson.

Dempster showed how he felt and it was clear that he was mad at Alex Rodriguez for using steroids for the second time. So, he took it out on purpose while the game was going on. A throw hit him on the left knee and another on his arm. The crowd was up against him with placards shaming him. The pitcher’s actions led to a commotion between the Yankees manager and umpires.

But A-Rod wasn’t going to give up without a fight as the norm in the famous Red Sox-Yankees rivalry. He, too, turned angry and decided to do something about it himself and hit Dempster back. According to Alex Rodriguez:

“What I was trying to do was hit the ball right back at his cap to hit him in the forehead. I missed, and ended up hitting the ball to center field.”

A-Rod got back at Dempster in a better way. Even though he was trying to hit Ryan on purpose, he hit a home run. The ball flew over the central fence. Alex went “3-for-4 with a home run and two RBIs” to help the Yankees make a comeback and win the game 7-6.

How do you rank A-Rod’s hitting record as a Yankees fan?

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