Aaron Judge’s towering home run leaves Yankees catcher in hilarious disbelief

Aaron Judge, player of the New York Yankees

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Aaron Judge‘s 2023 season has been a far cry from the plans the Yankees and their fans had in mind. In an unexpected turn of events, the storied franchise is poised to miss the playoffs for the first time since their memorable 2016 campaign. For Judge, the road to this point was paved with adversity, primarily due to a toe injury that sidelined him for a significant chunk of the season. However, despite the hurdles and the collective disappointment, Judge has managed to find his groove in the latter part of the season.

Last Friday, Judge sent shockwaves through the baseball world by launching three home runs in a single game. His powerful swing, reminiscent of the record-setting 62 homers he crushed the previous year, showcased his unyielding determination and undeniable talent. And if that wasn’t enough, he wasn’t finished yet. In a mid-week showdown against the Blue Jays, Judge managed to dazzle once more, this time with two remarkable home runs that left spectators and teammates alike awestruck.

The first of these monumental hits was a majestic opposite-field blast, a true no-doubter that cleared the fence with ease. The second, however, was an absolute showstopper—a towering moonshot that soared a staggering 424 feet into the second deck at Rogers Centre. It was a display of raw power that only Aaron Judge could deliver.

What happened?

Aaron Judge, player of the New York Yankees

While the sheer spectacle of Judge’s home runs never fails to captivate the audience, it was the reactions of his fellow Yankees that added an extra layer of entertainment to the moment. In the dugout, where emotions ran high and anticipation hung in the air, the players bore witness to a truly remarkable feat.

Rookie Austin Wells, still relatively new to the big leagues, couldn’t help but express his astonishment. His immediate reaction was to place his hands atop his head in sheer disbelief, as if trying to comprehend the marvel unfolding before him. His wide-eyed wonder encapsulated the amazement shared by fans.

Aaron Judge, player of the New York Yankees

Pitcher Michael King, usually stoic and focused on his own duties, found himself grinning uncontrollably. It was a grin that spoke volumes about the infectious energy and excitement that Judge’s performance injected into the team.

However, it was the reaction of catcher Ben Rortvedt that truly stole the show. Amidst the chaos of the moment, Rortvedt was caught in an entirely different world—a world of intense concentration as he studied film on a tablet. Oblivious to the impending spectacle, he remained engrossed in his task, lost in the nuances of the game.

Then it happened—the unmistakable crack of Aaron Judge’s bat echoed through the stadium. Rortvedt’s head shot up in response to the sudden commotion, and as he cast his eyes toward the field, his face contorted into a grimace. It was a grimace of pure astonishment and disbelief as if he couldn’t fathom the sheer magnitude of Judge’s power. In that fleeting moment, it almost appeared as if Rortvedt empathized with the baseball as if he could feel its pain at being mercilessly launched into the stands.

Aaron Judge’s remarkable power at the plate has always left fans in a state of disbelief. But on this memorable day, it became evident that his teammates, those who share the dugout with him day in and day out, feel the same sense of wonder and amazement. In a season filled with ups and downs, Judge’s resounding home runs serve as a reminder of his unparalleled talent and his ability to bring joy and excitement to the game of baseball, even in the face of adversity.

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