Aaron Judge sets his sight on achieving ‘missed marks’ in 2023

Aaron Judge is seen sharing a lighter moment with Anthony Rizzo during the Yankees spring training in Tampa, Fl.

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Aaron Judge broke the American League record with 62 home runs, came close to winning the batting title and the Triple Crown, played the right field (and center field) almost perfectly, and almost never got caught stealing bases. Still, the AL MVP feels that he didn’t reach all of his goals last year and wants to achieve them in 2023.

Aaron Judge told Jon Heyman of The New York Post, “I missed an A couple of marks; hopefully, we hit these marks this year.”

It’s hard to see how he could ever get better. Aaron Judge is the best right fielder in the league. He often jumps over the wall to catch balls that would have been home runs, and his throws are very accurate. He is a great base stealer who has only been caught once. He does everything, even when he’s not at the game. Aaron Judge is a natural ambassador and often takes the time to take a picture with or sign an autograph for a fan. He also seems to enjoy that role a lot and is also one of the best people to play in the center field.

His primary worry may be the playoffs. But, Anthony Rizzo, his best friend in New York, acknowledges Aaron Judge has some goals and he is not aware of them. The secret might be founded in superstition but the power batter is a wise man who understands that no one wants to hear that he could smash 70 home runs.

Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner with Aaron Judge

In terms of skills and attitude, Aaron Judge is the near-perfect player and employee for MLB’s flagship organization the New York Yankees. When he had a near 1.300 OPS in the second half, the rest of the squad was just around half that.

Aaron Judge claims that he has objectives that help him stay motivated.

“Every year,” he said. “I got ’em in my notes. There’s always room for improvement,” he told.

Aaron Judge is an honest person by nature, but being honest and being humble are not always compatible. In public, he sometimes falls back on platitudes.

The Yankees slugger does some of those things, too, but no one would say they are his most important jobs. The truth is that he will do whatever it takes, even if it means batting first. That worked last year when D.J. LeMahieu was out and Aaron Judge was on his way to breaking the legendary Roger Maris record, but it probably won’t be necessary again.

Harrison Bader said the other players on the team are just trying hard to become the “best-supporting actor” to the clear leading man.

“That’s funny, I’m just trying to support them, too,” Aaron Judge replied.

He is now the captain. Some people in charge of the Yankees decided a long time ago that they would never give that honor to anyone else again because it didn’t always mean anything. But in this case, Aaron Judge deserves to be captain because he is by far the best player and has the most important voice on the team. He also has everyone’s best interests in mind.

Aaron Judge remains hugely popular among the New York Yankees fans.

Aaron Judge is a team player who knows that the World Series is the most important goal. But that’s not a secret goal.

“If we go out there and have a winning season and put ourselves in position in the playoffs I think we’ll be happy no matter what the stats are,” he said.

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