Aaron Judge keeps a watchful on Pete Alonso’s quest for record home runs

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Following Aaron Judge‘s remarkable achievement of surpassing 60 home runs, Pete Alonso is now preparing to embark on his own quest for the milestone. With 19 home runs in 52 games as of Saturday, Pete Alonso is currently on pace to hit 59 home runs for the season. Expressing his thoughts on the matter, Alonso stated earlier this week that it would be incredibly exciting if he were able to achieve such a feat.

Aaron Judge has his eyes fixed on Alonso’s performance. The Yankees captain expressed his excitement about Alonso’s current performance, acknowledging that it brings positive energy to the game. He believes that Alonso’s success with the Mets and his potential pursuit of the milestone would contribute to the overall enhancement of baseball.

“It would be really cool if it happened. To see what he’s doing now is exciting,’’ Aaron Judge said. “It’s good for the game. Him doing his thing with the Mets and hopefully getting there makes baseball better.”

With the discussion now revolving around Alonso’s potential home run achievements, particularly after his impressive 53-homer rookie season that surpassed Judge’s previous record of 52, the Yankees‘ right fielder has some words of wisdom to share.

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Aaron Judge advised Alonso to maintain a laser focus and avoid distractions. He encouraged him to stay committed to his game and not pay too much attention to what others are doing around him. According to him, he has confidence in Alonso’s ability to maintain both his current mindset and performance level.

“I know he’s a guy that prepares the right way before a game and before the season,’’ he told. “Don’t listen to the noise. People are gonna ask a lot of questions. You have to keep it simple. It’s a long season and you have to try not to get distracted. There’s gonna be a lot of noise if he keeps this up. You just have to do the work.”

Aaron Judge expressed his belief that Alonso is someone who approaches both individual games and the entire season with proper preparation. He advised Alonso to ignore external distractions and focus on the task at hand. Aaron Judge acknowledged that there will be increased attention and inquiries if Alonso continues to perform at this level, but emphasized the importance of staying grounded and putting in the necessary effort throughout the long season.


Aaron Judge has had high regard for Alonso since his rookie year, which is why the potential of the Mets’ standout pursuing the home run milestone doesn’t come as a surprise to him. According to him, Alonso has always possessed that power since his impressive rookie season. Over the past couple of years, he has continued to refine his hitting skills, gaining a deeper understanding of his swing, approach, and how pitchers strategize against him. Judge expressed his excitement to witness Alonso’s potential and what he can achieve.

“He’s always had that in him since that rookie year,’’ the Yankees captain said. “He has that type of power and in the last couple of years, he’s developed as a hitter and learned more about his swing and approach and how guys attack him. I’m excited to see what he can do.”

Despite their friendship and occasional conversations during the offseason, as both reside in Tampa, Aaron Judge mentioned that Alonso hasn’t actively sought much advice from him. He was happy to share that Alonso congratulated him after his performance last year, and now Aaron Judge hopes to return the favor by congratulating Alonso at the end of this season. He believes it would be an enjoyable experience for the city.

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