Aaron Boone evades responsibility as poor left field spells doom for Yankees

As part of the Yankees' 2023 Hope Week, Aaron Boone dances at Dancing Dreams with children having medical and physical challenges.
Inna Zeyger
Friday July 7, 2023

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During Thursday night’s discussion, New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone addressed the team’s challenges in the left field and potential strategies to rectify the situation prior to the MLB trade deadline on August 1.

He acknowledged that the team’s performance in the left field has been inconsistent defensively, highlighting it as an area of concern. However, Aaron Boone did not explicitly state if the Yankees should make a trade to address this weakness and evades the responsibility to fix it.

Aaron Boone gave an evasive response

Aaron Boone acknowledged the team’s current circumstances and expressed confidence in the players available. According to him, although multiple individuals have been utilized, a select few have the potential to provide average to exceptional defensive contributions.

The Yankees’ manager joins a growing list of individuals who evade taking responsibility for their team’s requirements. In an ideal baseball or any sports scenario, the strategy of simply “throwing somebody out there” falls short. Furthermore, for a team aspiring to compete for championships, the term “average” doesn’t convey the optimistic tone one would hope for from their manager.

Undoubtedly, injuries have posed challenges for the Yankees, and it’s plausible that the outfield would demonstrate improved performance both defensively and offensively if not for those setbacks. However, it would be unwise for New York to overlook these weaknesses. Instead, they must proactively address these issues that hinder the team, taking advantage of the remaining time available.

Despite experiencing a significant 14-1 loss to the Baltimore Orioles today, it appears that the Yankees are confronted with more pressing concerns.

Nonetheless, the Yankees find themselves in a favorable position to compete for a playoff spot and could potentially transform into genuine championship contenders in October with just a few astute moves.

The Yankees are confronted with an additional concern that necessitates attention, whether through internal adjustments or external acquisitions. The ongoing rotation of players in left field and the inadequate defense at that position has been problematic. In each game of this series, there was at least one defensive play in left field that proved detrimental to the team.

“We know what the problems are, but they’ll consistently do some of the same things and expect different results,” radio host Keith said about the problem. “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

Yankees’ left field problem persists

In Thursday’s game, Isiah Kiner-Falefa was unable to secure a hit by Gunnar Henderson, despite Statcast indicating a 95 percent probability of catching the ball. The subsequent at-bat by Adley Rutschman was a grueling 12-pitch battle against Severino, setting the stage for a nightmarish third inning. Kiner-Falefa’s poor route in the third inning also resulted in Ryan O’Hearn hitting a double over his head.

The Yankees entered the game with a minus-4 out above average in left field for the season, ranking them among the eighth-worst in MLB. Their defensive runs saved and ultimate zone rating also places them near the bottom, ranking third from last. Initially, Oswaldo Cabrera and Aaron Hicks were expected to fill the left-field positions, but neither fulfilled expectations. The team has experienced varying degrees of success with other players they have utilized in that position.

Aaron Boone mentioned that he believes Billy McKinney has performed well when playing in the outfield. He also stated that Oswaldo has demonstrated strong abilities in left field. Additionally, Kiner-Falefa has been praised for his performance. Aaron Boone acknowledged that there have been occasional mistakes made in the outfield. Overall, he described the situation as a mixed bag but still acceptable.

It is evident that the Yankees have a pressing need to address the left-field position before the trade deadline. Jake Bauers, despite his offensive contributions, has displayed subpar fielding skills and is likely to be placed on the injured list due to a bruised rotator cuff. Billy McKinney, who had a strong performance for a period, has regressed since then. In Triple-A, the team has Estevan Florial, who demonstrated his prowess by hitting his 21st home run of the season on Thursday. Florial possesses strong defensive abilities and would be a superior option in terms of fielding compared to the current alternatives. However, he is not currently on the 40-man roster, necessitating a corresponding roster move. One potential solution could be moving Greg Allen to the 60-day injured list to free up a spot on the 40-man roster and provide Florial with an opportunity.

The Yankees’ previous actions imply that they may not have complete confidence in Florial’s potential, as they have had multiple chances to call him up in the past but chose not to do so. Nevertheless, finding a permanent solution for the left-field defense is imperative as it is currently costing the team. Meanwhile, reports link the Yankees to the Chicago Cubs’ outfielder Cody Bellinger as a potential target.

But Aaron Boone expressed uncertainty about the future and stated that they would observe how things unfold in the coming weeks. He emphasized their belief in having competent individuals to fill the left field position. While acknowledging the frequent rotation of players in that role, Aaron Boone mentioned that he continued considering a few of them capable of delivering average-to-excellent defensive performances, which aligns with their expectations.

Meanwhile, radio host Keith slammed Aaron Boone saying:

“You needed a left fielder the last three years. You needed one in the offseason. But you told us Aaron Hicks is working real hard in the offseason, he’s gonna have a bounceback year. Oswaldo Cabrera, the young guy showed up for a month at the end of the season last year, but he’s also a kid. He’s a spark, but he’s also not an outfielder. He played most of his minor league games in the infield. But yeah, that’s good enough. We’re not gonna go sign anybody. We’re gonna have all of these spring training invites. Rafael Ortega, Willie Calhoun, Billy McKinney, Jake Bauers.”

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2 thoughts on “Aaron Boone evades responsibility as poor left field spells doom for Yankees

  1. Like I said over and over again ….The 3 Blind mice need be shit canned !!! . This is the worst I’ve seen the Yankees perform in a long time !!!. Their Defense and Offense is pitiful !!!.
    They haven’t been consistent this year … so far . The only thing that has been consistent are INJURIES !!!. And BAD DECISIONS !!!. Steinbrenner Empire needs to get their heads out of their Asses and make some changes : Executive positions and Manager/Coaches….. Enough Said !!!.

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