Aaron Boone accepts blame for failures, leaves job decision to Yankees

Yankees manager Aaron Boone
Inna Zeyger
Sunday September 24, 2023

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The New York Yankees face the possibility of enduring their first losing season since 1992 and Aaron Boone takes the blame for it. When questioned about the extent of responsibility shouldered by the coaching staff for the team’s struggles this season, the manager acknowledged of taking it “extremely personally.”

However, he refused to express anything about his continuation in the managerial job and left the decision to the team brass. As the Yankees teeter on the verge of mathematical elimination from postseason contention, Aaron Boone is frequently blamed for it.

Aaron Boone adheres to accountability norms

The Yankees manager stressed the need to take responsibility, stating that both he and the team needed to own their performance. He emphasized that as the leaders of the team, they had to accept both the positive and negative outcomes. Aaron Boone acknowledged that the current season had not gone as planned and had fallen short of their championship aspirations. He noted that they invested a significant amount of time and effort throughout the year to build a championship-caliber team, and it was challenging to come to terms with the possibility of not making the playoffs.

Although Aaron Boone acknowledged his responsibility, the Yankees’ struggles this year can be primarily attributed to a combination of factors, including injuries, star players not meeting expectations, and suboptimal roster composition. Some of these challenges are within Brian Cashman’s realm of responsibility, and as a result, a select group of fans organized a protest in the Bleacher Creatures section on Friday. Throughout the evening, they vocalized their calls for the general manager’s dismissal. However, it remains uncertain whether owner Hal Steinbrenner will acquiesce to their demands during the upcoming offseason.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone is seen during an interview with Talkin' Yanks.

Aaron Judge commented on the chants following his three-home run performance in the Yankees’ 7-1 victory against Arizona. He noted that the fans were dedicated, attending games and spending their hard-earned money in the hope of witnessing victories, which had not been the case this season. Judge mentioned that both the organization and the players shared the responsibility for the team’s performance. However, he felt that the players bore the most significant responsibility, as they were the ones actively participating in games night after night. Judge expressed that he understood the fans’ frustration and reassured them that they were committed to improving the situation.

Uncertain future for Aaron Boone’s managerial job

Aaron Boone’s future as the team’s manager presents more uncertainty, even though he has held the role for six seasons. His contract includes one more year and a club option, and while he enjoys strong support from the players, it doesn’t guarantee his return for the 2024 season.

The manager responded that the decision was ultimately not within his control, and he repeated, “We’ll see,” indicating that the matter was not for him to decide. While Aaron Boone’s strategic choices during games have faced scrutiny throughout his tenure, it’s challenging to attribute the issues faced by the 2023 team to his decision-making. These problems have been exacerbated by the intense competition within the American League East.

It’s probable that the division will continue to pose a formidable challenge next year, primarily because, on the whole, the other teams in the AL East are younger, possess more talent, and have greater financial flexibility compared to the Yankees.

Jun 16, 2023; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone (17) reacts during the fourth inning against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.
Paul Rutherford / USA TODAY Sports

While the Yankees have previously managed to surmount divisional obstacles and injury setbacks in recent seasons, it is almost a certainty that they will fall short of making the playoffs this year, marking the first time it has happened under Aaron Boone’s leadership, despite entering the season with hopes of capturing a championship.

Aaron Boone expressed his understanding that they couldn’t take postseason appearances for granted. He noted that he recognized the difficulty of reaching the playoffs and emphasized his deep respect for professional and major league sports, as well as the demanding nature of the MLB season. Aaron Boone acknowledged the need to take responsibility for their current situation and contribute to the team’s efforts to achieve their desired goal, which was to avoid an early exit in October.

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