6 wildest sex stories in Babe Ruth’s life

Babe Ruth is seen with ladies in New York with a big bat.

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Babe Ruth led the New York Yankees to their first World Series glory 100 years ago. Perhaps, there is another superstar in American baseball, who can match his stature, popularity, and power. However, the Great Bambino was as famous for his on-field hits as his off-the-field life. Babe Ruth crushed home runs, savored hot dogs, and loved the ladies. Here are six dark stories about the sex life of the Sultan of Swat.

Babe Ruth liked to boast about his sexual power

The Great Bambino was very confident about his OTHER bat and never shied away from exhibiting confidence about his sexual prowess. In many cases, Babe Ruth put himself ahead of others bragging that he was better on the bed than most other men and why women fans liked him more. Even the baseball icon used it to judge almost everything in his life. At a party, once he climbed on top of a piano and yelled, “OK, girls, if you don’t want to get f***ed now, you can leave!”

Ruth went through ‘all the girls’ in brothels

Ping Bodie, who was a teammate of Babe Ruth in New York from 1920 to 1921, once made a startling revelation. According to him, Ruth once went through “all the girls” at a Philadelphia brothel in two nights. Typically, there would have been about a dozen women working in such establishments at any given time. There was another such claim about Ruth’s night at St. Louis brothel. These reports paint a crazy picture of Babe Ruth’s libido.

Prostitutes ruined Babe Ruth’s marriage

According to The House That Ruth Built authored by Robert Weintraub, Babe Ruth’s attachment to hookers in New York forced his first wife Helen Woodford to divorce him. Soon after the Bambino joined the New York Yankees, he began to cheat on his wife and this led the couple to split in 1928.

Weintraub claims, “Ruth usually liked prostitutes because he didn’t have the time or desire to court properly.”

All-day, all-night game of sex

His baseball teammates claim that from 1914-1935, Babe Ruth hardly ever spent a day without making “friendship” with a woman. Both women and baseball were equally appealing to him. Throughout his career, women were always swarming him and he went with them without any “discrimination.”

Babe Ruth once brought a girl back to the hotel room that he shared with one of his teammates during an away game. The next morning, his roommate asked him how many times he and his girlfriend had actually made out. Ruth pointed out at seven butts in the ashtray and told him “Count the cigars.”

Sex almost pushed Ruth to death

Babe Ruth came close to dying a few times because of his sexual habits. After Ruth slept with a woman, her husband chased him with a gun in a Detroit hotel in Detroit. A fully naked Ruth ran out of the hotel to save his life. In 1925, he missed part of the Yankees season because of syphilis, a bacterial sexual infection transmitted by a hooker. In another incident, a woman attacked him with a knife in a crowded train shouting that Babe had cheated on her.

Babe Ruth went to court for being a playboy

In 1922, the Big Fellow faced legal troubles for his womanizing habits. A teenage department store worker Dolores Dixon sued Ruth for $50,000 citing “breach-of-promise.” She claimed to have conceived a child with Babe Ruth. The girl claimed he raped her and then proposed to her. Furthermore, she stated that they had met numerous times for liaisons in his car. This case went to trial in 1923.

However, Babe Ruth said he had never seen the girl before. Considering how many women he’d slept with, this might not be a particularly solid clue that he hadn’t cheated on the girl. She was only 19 at the time, which made her legally underage by two years in her region then. People wanted to know if he had actually sexually assaulted her and if the child was biologically related to him.

Later, it was found that the girl simply needed money and was motivated to make up a story to extort money from Babe Ruth because of his notoriety as a playboy.

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