1909 New York Yankees (Highlanders)

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The final standing5th in AL (Did not qualify for World Series)
Regular season record74-77 (.490)
Post-season record(Not played)
AL rank5th
World Series record and opponent(Not played)
ManagerGeorge Stallings
CaptainWillie Keeler
Top batterHome runs: Hal Chase, Ray Demmitt (4)
BA: Frank LaPorte (.298), Hal Chase (.283), Clyde Engle (.278)
Runs: Ray Demmitt (68), Clyde Engle (66), Hal Chase (60) 
RBI: Clyde Engle (71), Hal Chase (63), John Knight (40)
Top pitcher/ (W-L, ERA)Joe Lake: 14-11, 1.88
Attendance record501,000 (3rd of 8)

1909 New York Yankees season: A brief summary

The 1909 New York Yankees season, then known as the Highlanders, was a period of transition and moderate performance, culminating in a fifth-place finish in the American League with a record of 74 wins and 77 losses. Under the leadership of George Stallings, the team’s fourth manager in just as many years, the Highlanders sought stability and growth in the competitive landscape of early 20th-century baseball.

Playing their home games at Hilltop Park, the 1909 New York Yankees showed both promise and inconsistency throughout the season. The emergence of the curving “NY” logo on the team’s uniform sleeves and caps marked a significant moment in the franchise’s history, signaling the beginning of a new era and the slow adoption of the “Yankees” nickname by the media and fans alike.

1909 New York Yankees Willie Keeler

Despite the middling finish in the standings, the 1909 season was notable for the Highlanders. The management under Stallings was an effort to bring continuity and success to the team, and while the immediate results were not groundbreaking, they laid the groundwork for the future. The team’s performance on the field was reflective of a squad in the midst of rebuilding, with moments of brilliance overshadowed by stretches of underperformance.

The significance of the 1909 season extends beyond the win-loss record. It represented a time of change for the franchise, with the introduction of the iconic “NY” logo and the gradual embrace of the “Yankees” nickname, both of which would become central to the team’s identity. This season encapsulated a moment in time before the Yankees emerged as a powerhouse in American baseball, offering a glimpse into the early struggles and aspirations of one of the sport’s most storied teams.

Overall, the 1909 New York Highlanders’ season is a fascinating study of a team in evolution. With modest success on the field and significant developments off it, this year served as a stepping stone towards the eventual greatness the Yankees would achieve. As such, it remains an important chapter in the rich tapestry of New York Yankees’ history.

Postseason result

(Did not qualify – Eliminated in regular season)

1909 New York Yankees roster

Jimmy Austin29BR5′ 7″155Dec 8, 18791st1361291.4
Neal Ball28RR5′ 7″145Apr 22, 1881388-0.1
Walter Blair25RR6′ 0″185Oct 13, 1883342290.1
King Brockett28RR5′ 10″168Jul 23, 1880226182.2
Dick Carroll24RR6′ 2″Jul 21, 18841st21-0.3
Hal Chase26RL6′ 0″175Feb 13, 188351181171.4
Jack Chesbro HOF35RR5′ 9″180Jun 5, 18741194-1.9
Birdie Cree26RR5′ 6″150Oct 23, 18822105861.2
Ray Demmitt25LR5′ 8″170Feb 2, 18841st1231082.1
Slow Joe Doyle27RR5′ 8″150Sep 15, 1881417151.8
Kid Elberfeld34RR5′ 7″158Apr 13, 1875111061042.2
Clyde Engle25RR5′ 10″190Mar 19, 18841st1351323.6
Russ Ford26RR5′ 11″175Apr 25, 18831st10-0.2
Earle Gardner25RR5′ 11″160Jan 24, 1884222220.5
Charlie Hemphill33LL5′ 9″160Apr 20, 1876975460.5
Tom Hughes25RR6′ 2″175Jan 28, 1884324152
Willie Keeler HOF37LL5′ 4″140Mar 3, 18721899950.8
Red Kleinow31RR5′ 10″165Jul 20, 1877679731
John Knight23RR6′ 2″180Oct 6, 188541171070.4
Joe Lake28RR6′ 0″185Jan 6, 1881231262.4
Frank LaPorte29RR5′ 8″175Feb 6, 1880590831.3
Rube Manning26RR6′ 0″180Apr 29, 1883326211.5
George McConnell31RR6′ 3″190Sep 16, 18771st1312-0.2
Irish McIlveen28LL5′ 11″180Jul 27, 1880340
Doc Newton31LL6′ 0″185Oct 26, 1877844-0.5
Al Orth36LR6′ 0″200Sep 5, 187215237-0.1
Jack Quinn25RR6′ 0″196Jul 1, 18831st23111.4
Charles Schmidt22LL6′ 1″200Jul 19, 18861st10-0.4
Ed Sweeney20RR6′ 1″200Jul 19, 1888267510.8
Eddie Tiemeyer24RR5′ 11″185May 9, 18853440.1
Bobby Vaughn24RR5′ 9″150Jun 4, 18851st53-0.2
Jack Wanner23RR5′ 11″190Nov 29, 18851st32-0.1
Joe Ward24RSep 2, 1884298-0.3
Jack Warhop24RR5′ 9″168Jul 4, 1884237234.4
Pete Wilson24L5′ 10″150Oct 9, 188421413-0.4

1909 New York Yankees player additions, transactions, and trades

January 1909

  • January 4: Purchased Joe Ward from Altoona (Tri-State).
  • January 14: George Moriarty player rights sold to the Detroit Tigers.

February 1909

  • February 17: Wid Conroy player rights sold to the Washington Nationals.

May 1909

  • May 18: Neal Ball player rights sold to the Cleveland Naps.

June 1909:

  • June 7: Joe Ward player rights sold to the Philadelphia Phillies.

August 1909

  • Purchased Bert Daniels from Altoona (Tri-State). (Approximate date)
  • Purchased Otis Johnson from Portland (PCL) for $4,000. (Approximate date)
  • Purchased Roxey Roach from Lancaster (Tri-State) for $2,500. (Approximate date)
  • Purchased Joe Walsh from Rocky Mount (Eastern Carolina). (Approximate date)
  • Purchased Ray Fisher and Jack Wanner from Hartford (Connecticut State) for $5,000. (Approximate date)
  • August 6: Purchased John Frill from Newark (Eastern) for $2,500.
  • August 12: Purchased Eddie Tiemeyer from Altoona (Tri-State).
  • August 19: Purchased Dick Carroll from Akron (Ohio-Pennsylvania) for $2,500.
  • August 23: Purchased Tommy Madden from Utica (New York State). Purchased Fred Mitchell from Toronto (Eastern).

September 1909

  • September 1: Drafted Les Channell from Fort Wayne (Central) in the 1909 rule 5 draft.
  • September 11: Jack Chesbro selected by the Boston Red Sox off waivers.

1909 New York Yankees player debuts

  • Jimmy Austin – 04-19-1909 – 29 years old
  • Dick Carroll – 09-25-1909 – 25 years old
  • Ray Demmitt – 04-12-1909 – 25 years old
  • Clyde Engle – 04-12-1909 – 25 years old
  • Russ Ford – 04-28-1909 – 26 years old
  • George McConnell – 04-13-1909 – 31 years old
  • Jack Quinn – 04-15-1909 – 25 years old
  • Butch Schmidt – 05-11-1909 – 22 years old
  • Bobby Vaughn – 06-12-1909 – 24 years old
  • Jack Wanner – 09-28-1909 – 23 years old

1909 New York Yankees team stats (batting)

CRed Kleinow31782442062447114015725310.228
1BHal Chase26118513474601341734632520500.283
2BFrank LaPorte29893433093592193031518360.298
SSJohn Knight231164193604685850401537680.236
3BJimmy Austin29136503437371011151393032610.231
OFWillie Keeler3799427360449575132102460.264
OFRay Demmitt251235004276810512124301655430.246
OFClyde Engle25135563492661372053711847550.278
IFKid Elberfeld341064333794790950262328170.237
OFBirdie Cree261044033434890632271030310.262
OFCharlie Hemphill33732221812344510101032230.243
CEd Sweeney2067200176184730021316190.267
CWalter Blair25421211105232201127170.209
2BEarle Gardner252289851228400154380.329
1BGeorge McConnell311346434901051190.209
2BAl Orth362240343901051590.265
2BNeal Ball288342956110323100.207
IFJoe Ward24933283500002150.179
MIBobby Vaughn24515141200001110.143
1BEddie Tiemeyer2431381310000100.375
SSJack Wanner2331080100001210.125
Irish McIlveen284430000000100
PJack Warhop24369186611110302160.128
PJoe Lake283183811014320802190.173
PKing Brockett2826656061700041150.283
PRube Manning26266560511100302110.183
PJack Quinn252350452710020390.156
PSlow Joe Doyle271749425700010370.167
PTom Hughes2524423925111301150.128
PPete Wilson2414363424010201100.118
PJack Chesbro35919171300030140.176
PDoc Newton314861100000220.167
PCharles Schmidt221320000000000
PDick Carroll242220100000000.5
PRuss Ford261110000000000
Team Totals27.915356894981590123414361164731874075980.248
Rank in 8 AL teams5447445244
Non-Pitcher Totals28.115351754506550115313656154441863895000.256
Pitcher Totals26.4153514475408175129118980.171

1909 New York Yankees team stats (pitching)

SPJack Warhop2413150.4642.43623122132243.11978465
SPJoe Lake2814110.561.88312651731215.11808145
SPRube Manning267110.3893.172621511211731677661
SPKing Brockett281080.5562.122618610311701486840
SPSlow Joe Doyle27860.5712.5817152830125.21034936
SPTom Hughes25780.4672.6524158922118.21094235
RPJack Quinn25950.6431.97231112801118.21104526
RPJack Chesbro350406.3494420049.2704735
Pete Wilson24650.5453.171413171093.2825533
Doc Newton310302.8244010022.127177
Dick Carroll24003.62110005762
Charles Schmidt22007.210100051084
George McConnell310102.252110004321
Russ Ford260091010003443
Al Orth3600121100003644
Team Totals26.474770.492.6515315359941781350.11223588397
Rank in 8 AL teams5467438576

1909 New York Yankees record vs. opponents/ Team splits

Opponent (Games)WonLostWP
Boston Red Sox (22)9130.409
Chicago White Sox (23)8140.364
Cleveland Naps (22)1480.636
Detroit Tigers (22)8140.364
Philadelphia Athletics (22)8140.364
St. Louis Browns (22)1380.619
Washington Senators (20)1460.700

1909 New York Yankees monthly record

Month (Games)WonLostWP
April (12)750.583
May (21)1190.550
June (28)11170.393
July (33)14190.424
August (27)11160.407
September (28)17100.630
October (4)310.750

How do you rate the 1909 New York Yankees?

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