1904 New York Yankees (Highlanders)

1904 New York Yankees (Highlanders)
Esteban Quiñones
Wednesday March 13, 2024

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The final standing2nd in AL (Did not qualify for World Series)
Regular season record92-59 (.609)
Post-season record(Not played)
AL rank2nd
World Series record and opponent(Not played)
ManagerClark Griffith
CaptainClark Griffith
Top batterHome runs: John Ganzel, Patsy Dougherty (6)
BA: Willie Keeler (.343), Patsy Dougherty (.283), John Anderson (.278)
Runs: Patsy Dougherty (80), Willie Keeler (78), John Anderson, Jimmy Williams (62) 
RBI: John Anderson (82), Jimmy Williams (74), Wid Conroy (52)
Top pitcher/ (W-L, ERA)Jack Chesbro: 41-12, 1.82
Jack Powell: 23-19, 2.44
Al Orth: 11-6, 2.68
Attendance record438,919 (4th of 8)

1904 New York Yankees season: A brief summary

The 1904 New York Yankees (Highlanders) season remains a memorable chapter in the annals of baseball history, not just for the team’s impressive performance but also for the dramatic conclusion that saw them narrowly miss the American League pennant. Finishing second with a commendable record of 92–59 under the stewardship of Clark Griffith, the Highlanders showcased resilience and skill, laying down the early foundations of what would become the storied Yankees franchise.

The offseason saw strategic player trades, such as Jack O’Connor’s move to the St. Louis Browns and the acquisition of Red Kleinow from the Toledo Mud Hens, which helped shape the team’s roster. These transactions indicated the management’s intent to build a strong competitive team.

The regular 1904 New York Yankees (Highlanders) season was marked by significant achievements and notable incidents. The casual adoption of “Yankees” as a nickname on April 7, 1904, reflected the team’s growing identity, even as “Highlanders” remained the primary moniker. The team’s vigorous performance in the pennant race, leading the American League as late as September 20, demonstrated their potential and fighting spirit.

However, the season’s climax was tinged with disappointment. Jack Chesbro’s infamous wild pitch on the last day against the Boston Americans not only cost the Highlanders the pennant but also heightened the existing rivalry between the two teams. The New York Giants’ refusal to recognize the Highlanders as equals, thereby avoiding the World Series, added to the drama, emphasizing the intense competitive spirit of the era.

The 1904 season’s legacy, especially the rivalry with Boston, resonated throughout baseball history, highlighted by the 2004 ALCS, which eerily mirrored the events of a century prior. The Highlanders’ 1904 campaign, with its blend of triumph and heartbreak, remains a pivotal moment that underscored the unpredictable, passionate nature of baseball.

Postseason result

(Did not qualify – Eliminated in regular season)

1904 New York Yankees roster

John Anderson30BR6′ 2″180Dec 14, 1873101431403.2
Monte Beville29LR5′ 11″180Feb 24, 18752950
Elmer Bliss29LR6′ 0″180Mar 9, 18752100
Jack Chesbro HOF30RR5′ 9″180Jun 5, 18746565111.4
Walter Clarkson25RR5′ 10″150Nov 3, 18781st134-1
Orth Collins24LR6′ 0″150Apr 27, 18801st540.2
Wid Conroy27RR5′ 9″158Apr 5, 187741401404.2
Patsy Dougherty27LR6′ 2″190Oct 27, 187631061061.3
Kid Elberfeld29RR5′ 7″158Apr 13, 187561221225.4
Dave Fultz29RR5′ 11″170May 29, 1875697872.6
John Ganzel30RR6′ 0″195Apr 7, 187451301272.9
Ned Garvin30RR6′ 3″160Jan 1, 18747220
Clark Griffith HOF34RR5′ 6″156Nov 20, 18691316110.6
Tom Hughes25RR6′ 1″175Nov 29, 187852320-0.9
Willie Keeler HOF32LL5′ 4″140Mar 3, 1872131431425
Red Kleinow26RR5′ 10″165Jul 20, 18771st68550.2
Deacon McGuire40RR6′ 1″185Nov 18, 186320101970.9
Frank McManus29R5′ 10″180Sep 23, 1874341-0.3
Al Orth31LR6′ 0″200Sep 5, 18721026202.3
Champ Osteen27LR5′ 8″150Feb 24, 1877228270.4
Jack Powell29RR5′ 11″195Jul 9, 1874847452.8
Ambrose Puttmann23L6′ 4″185Sep 9, 18802930.3
Jack Thoney24RR5′ 10″175Dec 8, 187933634-0.3
Bob Unglaub23RR5′ 11″178Jul 31, 18801st63-0.1
Jimmy Williams27RR5′ 9″175Dec 20, 187661461463.9
Barney Wolfe28RR6′ 1″Jun 10, 1876273-0.6

1904 New York Yankees player additions, transactions, and trades

December 20, 1903:

  • Traded Jesse Tannehill to the Boston Americans and received Tom Hughes.

January 1904:

  • Purchased Champ Osteen from the Washington Senators.

January 5, 1904:

  • Traded Eddie Quick and Jack Zalusky to Toledo (American Association) and received Red Kleinow.

February 21, 1904:

  • Purchased Deacon McGuire from the Detroit Tigers.

March 6, 1904:

  • Traded Harry Howell and cash to the St. Louis Browns and received Jack Powell.

May 8, 1904:

  • Purchased Jack Thoney from the Washington Senators.

June 17, 1904:

  • Traded Bob Unglaub to the Boston Americans and received Patsy Dougherty.

July 20, 1904:

  • Traded Tom Hughes and Barney Wolfe to the Washington Senators and received Al Orth.

August 3, 1904:

  • Loaned Monte Beville to the Detroit Tigers.

August 30, 1904:

  • Purchased Frank McManus from Montreal (Eastern).

September 1904:

  • Drafted Joe Yeager from Montreal (Eastern) in the 1904 rule 5 draft.

September 1, 1904:

  • Drafted Bill Hogg from Spokane (Pacific National) in the 1904 rule 5 draft.

September 9, 1904:

  • Selected Ned Garvin off waivers from the Brooklyn Superbas.

October 4, 1904:

  • Drafted Hal Chase from Los Angeles (PCL) in the 1904 rule 5 draft.
  • Drafted Doc Newton from Los Angeles (PCL) in the 1904 rule 5 draft.

1904 New York Yankees player debuts

  • Walter Clarkson – 07-02-1904 – 25 years old
  • Orth Collins – 06-01-1904 – 24 years old
  • Red Kleinow – 05-03-1904 – 26 years old
  • Bob Unglaub – 04-15-1904 – 24 years old

1904 New York Yankees team stats (batting)

CDeacon McGuire401013573221767122020227450.208
1BJohn Ganzel301305044655012116106481324410.26
2BJimmy Williams27146614559621473172741438650.263
SSKid Elberfeld29122512445551171352461837200.263
3BWid Conroy271405604895811918121523043570.243
OFPatsy Dougherty271064794528012813106221119440.283
OFJohn Anderson301435985586215527123822023370.278
OFWillie Keeler32143612543781861482402135120.343
OFDave Fultz299738233939931742321724290.274
CRed Kleinow2668233209124384016415370.206
3BJack Thoney243614012817244201298200.188
IFChamp Osteen27281111071521142901110.196
UTMonte Beville29924222620020210.273
IFBob Unglaub23619192400020000.211
OFOrth Collins24518173611010160.353
CFrank McManus294770000000010
OFElmer Bliss291110000000000
PJack Chesbro305618217417419311714430.236
PJack Powell294715314611263201003310.178
PAl Orth3124666461911072070.297
PTom Hughes25225754713210211200.241
PClark Griffith3416474226200104130.143
PWalter Clarkson251327263702030130.269
PAmbrose Puttmann23919180511010140.278
PBarney Wolfe28712100000000150
PNed Garvin302440000000000
Team Totals29.415557385220598135419591274991633125520.259
Rank in 8 AL teams4413223612
Non-Pitcher Totals29.415551714682552123717781264581592974260.264
Pitcher Totals29.21555675384611718101414151260.217

1904 New York Yankees team stats (pitching)

SPJack Chesbro3041120.7741.82555134860454.233812892
SPJack Powell2923190.5482.44474523830390.1340154106
SPAl Orth311160.6472.68201821120137.21224741
SPTom Hughes257110.3893.7191811210136.11417256
SPClark Griffith34750.5832.8716115810100.1914032
RPWalter Clarkson25120.3335.02134920166.1634237
RPAmbrose Puttmann232012.7493621049.1402115
Barney Wolfe280303.2173420033.2311812
Ned Garvin300102.25220000121443
Team Totals29.192590.6092.57155155321231411380.21180526394
Rank in 8 AL teams2758534355

1904 New York Yankees record vs. opponents/ Team splits

Opponent (Games)WonLostWP
Boston Americans (24)10120.455
Chicago White Sox (23)10120.455
Cleveland Blues (21)1190.550
Detroit Tigers (22)1570.682
Philadelphia Athletics (21)1290.571
St. Louis Browns (22)1660.727
Washington Senators (22)1840.818

1904 New York Yankees monthly record

Month (Games)WonLostWP
April (10)550.500
May (24)14100.583
June (22)1570.682
July (27)16110.593
August (28)17100.630
September (33)18120.600
October (11)740.636

How do you rate the 1904 New York Yankees season?

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