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Major League Baseball stands as a cornerstone in the American sports landscape. Consequently, athletes within this domain are handsomely remunerated for their skill sets and capabilities. Several players secure contracts and endorsements worth hundreds of millions based on their prowess. Notably, the New York Yankees have been a breeding ground for some of the most affluent sports figures of our time, including a few who rank among the world’s wealthiest athletes. Let’s delve into the current list of the richest baseball players, many of whom have donned the New York Yankees’ uniform at some point in their careers.

#10. Andy Pettitte, $75 million

Sep 25, 2013; Bronx, NY, USA; New York Yankees starting pitcher Andy Pettitte (46) acknowledges the crowd before the game against the Tampa Bay Rays at Yankee Stadium.
Anthony Gruppuso / USA Today

Andy Pettitte, a retired American baseball icon, boasts an approximate fortune of $75 million. His illustrious career spanned 18 seasons in Major League Baseball, with a significant portion spent contributing his talents to the New York Yankees. In the year 2013 alone, he earned a substantial annual salary of $12 million.

Pettitte’s journey as a professional baseball player saw him securing a spot in three All-Star lineups. Notably, his tenure with the Yankees was marked by a series of triumphant moments, clinching the World Series titles in 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2009.

Before his retirement, Pettitte’s affiliations with the Yankees occurred in three distinct intervals: 1995–2003, 2007–2010, and 2012–2013. Additionally, he lent his talents to the Houston Astros from 2004 to 2006, following his acquisition through a lucrative three-year contract amounting to $31.5 million. Following the culmination of the 2006 season, Pettitte returned to the Yankees, signing a one-year agreement worth $16 million, coupled with a player option of equal value for 2008. In a subsequent development, he once again joined the Yankees in January 2009, inking a one-year deal valued at $5.5 million.

#9. CC Sabathia, $80 million

Carsten Charles Sabathia Jr., a former American professional baseball athlete, holds the distinction of being the eighth wealthiest player to don the New York Yankees uniform during his tenure from 2009 to 2019. Notably, this seasoned professional baseball pitcher has amassed a substantial fortune, with his net worth reaching an impressive $80 million. In addition to his tenure with the Yankees, Sabathia also left his mark with the Milwaukee Brewers and Cleveland Indians.

Sabathia’s entry onto the grand stage of major league baseball occurred when he made his debut with the Indians in 2001. This auspicious start led him to secure a notable achievement, clinching second place in the American League Rookie of the Year award voting, a remarkable feat considering he was competing alongside the likes of the 2001 AL MVP, Ichiro Suzuki.

#8. Carlos Beltran, $85 million

Carlos Beltran, a distinguished former Puerto Rican professional baseball player, holds the honorable position of being the seventh wealthiest athlete to have graced the New York Yankees roster during his tenure spanning from 2014 to 2016. This seasoned professional baseball outfielder has amassed an impressive fortune, with his net worth standing at a remarkable $85 million.

Beltran’s illustrious career in Major League Baseball spanned from 1998 to 2017, during which he showcased his exceptional talents for various teams, including the New York Mets, San Francisco Giants, Kansas City Royals, Houston Astros, Texas Rangers, St. Louis Cardinals, and New York Yankees. His prowess extended to both sides of the plate, as he expertly switch-hit and possessed a right-handed throwing arm.

An emblem of his remarkable skill and impact, Beltran’s contributions were lauded early in his career. Notably, he earned the prestigious distinction of being named the American League Rookie of the Year in 1999, a significant accolade he achieved while showcasing his talents with the Kansas City Royals.

#7. Gary Sheffield, $90 million


Gary Antonian Sheffield, a prominent former American professional baseball player, secures his position as the sixth most affluent athlete to have graced the New York Yankees roster during his tenure spanning from 2004 to 2006. With a storied career in Major League Baseball encompassing eight distinct teams from 1988 to 2009, Sheffield’s legacy as a professional baseball outfielder is etched in the annals of the sport.

Having demonstrated his exceptional talents on various fields, Sheffield has amassed a substantial wealth, with his net worth soaring to an impressive $90 million. Throughout his remarkable journey, Sheffield showcased his prowess while representing a roster of distinguished teams, including the Milwaukee Brewers, San Diego Padres, Atlanta Braves, New York Yankees, Florida Marlins, Los Angeles Dodgers, Detroit Tigers, and the New York Mets.

Sheffield’s journey into professional baseball was marked by his selection as the first-round pick for the Milwaukee Brewers in the 1986 amateur draft, a pivotal moment that set the stage for his illustrious career in the sport.

#6. Mariano Rivera, $95 million


Mariano Rivera, a distinguished ex-professional baseball pitcher, graced the Major League Baseball stage for an impressive span of 19 seasons, representing the iconic New York Yankees from 1995 to 2013.

Primarily renowned for his role as a formidable relief pitcher, Rivera’s legacy shines brightest as the Yankees’ dependable closer for an astounding 17 seasons. His remarkable journey in the sport garnered him the prestigious titles of five-time American League champion and recipient of three Delivery Man of the Year Awards.

As of August 2023, the culmination of Rivera’s illustrious career is reflected in his estimated net worth, which stands at an impressive $95 to $100 million.

#5. Randy Johnson, $100 million

Randall David Johnson, a prominent former American professional player, occupies the esteemed position of being the fifth wealthiest athlete who graced the ranks of the New York Yankees, contributing to the team from 2005 to 2006. Best known by his illustrious moniker, “The Big Unit,” this formidable baseball pitcher has amassed a substantial fortune, with a net worth standing at an impressive $100 million.

Johnson’s illustrious career spanned an impressive 22 seasons in the Major League Baseball, commencing in 1988 and culminating in his retirement in 2009. Throughout this remarkable journey, he showcased his exceptional skills for a total of six teams, with notable stints predominantly with the Arizona Diamondbacks and Seattle Mariners. Notably, he achieved the esteemed distinction of being named World Series Most Valuable Player twice in 2001, further solidifying his mark on baseball history. Notably, at the age of 40, he etched his name into MLB’s annals by becoming the oldest pitcher to deliver a perfect pitch, showcasing his enduring prowess.

#4. Robinson Cano, $150 million

Robinson Cano, a proficient professional baseball player of Dominican-American heritage, holds the distinction of being the fourth wealthiest individual within the baseball realm, having made his impactful presence felt as a member of the New York Yankees from 2005 to 2013. Functioning adeptly as a baseball second baseman, Cano’s illustrious journey has extended beyond his tenure with the Yankees to include notable contributions to the Seattle Mariners, New York Mets, and Padres.

Remarkably, Cano currently commands a substantial net worth of $150 million, a testament to his enduring talent and influence in the sports arena. Hailing from San Pedro de Macorís in the Dominican Republic, he embarked on his journey with the New York Yankees by signing as an amateur free agent in 2001. This pivotal decision laid the foundation for his professional career, which officially commenced in 2005 with the Yankees.

Notably, Cano’s dedication and prowess culminated in a significant milestone when he secured his inaugural World Series championship in 2009, further solidifying his legacy as a remarkable force within the baseball realm.

#3. Ichiro Suzuki, $180 million


Ichiro Suzuki, a prominent Japanese professional baseball player, emerges as the third most affluent figure in the baseball landscape, having notably graced the ranks of the New York Yankees from 2012 to 2014. With his exceptional talent as a baseball outfielder, Ichiro has garnered an impressive estimated net worth of $180 million. Widely recognized simply as Ichiro, he has significantly contributed to the sport over a remarkable span of approximately 28 seasons.

Ichiro’s journey within the realm of professional baseball embarked on a trajectory of distinction, with a pivotal phase occurring during his tenure with the Orix Blue Wave of Nippon Professional Baseball, spanning an impactful nine years. This pivotal period laid the groundwork for his illustrious career, which further flourished with a notable 14-year engagement with the Seattle Mariners within Major League Baseball. Subsequently, he extended his influence over three seasons with the Miami Marlins before culminating his active playing career with his final two seasons back with the Mariners.

Of particular note is Ichiro’s brief yet memorable interlude with the New York Yankees from 2012 to 2014, where his unique skills and contribution further enriched his legacy within the sport.

#2. Derek Jeter, $220 million

Rob Carr

Derek Jeter, an esteemed former American professional baseball shortstop, as well as a notable businessman and baseball executive, solidifies his position as the second wealthiest baseball player in history, and he also holds the distinction of having been associated with the New York Yankees. Over the course of his illustrious career, Derek Jeter held the pivotal role of the team’s shortstop for a remarkable span of approximately twenty seasons, from 1995 through 2014.

Derek Jeter’s remarkable achievements have propelled him to a staggering net worth of $220 million, a testament to his outstanding contributions both on and off the field. His financial success is underscored by a significant earnings figure, with reported salaries alone amounting to a noteworthy $266 million throughout his storied baseball career.

In addition to his on-field endeavors, Derek Jeter’s influence has extended into the realm of endorsements, where his partnership with prominent brands like Nike, Mastercard, and Ford has further bolstered his considerable wealth. His multifaceted journey, encompassing athletic prowess, astute business acumen, and a strong presence in baseball leadership, cements Derek Jeter’s legacy as a remarkable figure within the world of sports and beyond.

#1. Alex Rodriguez, $350 million

Adam Hunger/Associated Press

Alex Rodriguez, widely recognized by his moniker A-Rod, stands as the most financially prosperous baseball player to have graced the ranks of the New York Yankees. With an impressive net worth of $350 million, A-Rod’s financial achievements have secured his place among the elite.

Beyond his tenure with the Yankees, Alex Rodriguez’s illustrious career also saw him don the uniforms of the Seattle Mariners and the Texas Rangers. His exceptional prowess on the baseball diamond has solidified his status as one of the preeminent figures in the sport’s history. Notably, A-Rod retired boasting an impressive .295 batting average, an exceptional tally of over 2,000 RBIs, a remarkable 600-plus home runs, and a commendable 300 stolen bases.

Alex Rodriguez’s journey is punctuated by a remarkable string of accomplishments, including an impressive 14 appearances as a Major League Baseball All-Star. This distinction is coupled with an outstanding three-time recognition as the American League MVP, further attesting to his exceptional contributions to the game. Furthermore, A-Rod’s legacy includes a coveted World Series Championship title, a testament to his significant role in guiding his team to the pinnacle of success.

Alex Rodriguez’s trailblazing career, combined with his unparalleled achievements and substantial financial prosperity, firmly establishes him as a true icon within the annals of baseball history.

Know about the richest Yankees on the current roster.

The MLB’s 20 richest

Player NameNet Worth
CC Sabathia$80 Million
Carlos Beltran$80 Million
Barry Bonds$80 Million
Ken Griffey Jr$85 Million
David Price$85 Million
Mariano Rivera$90 Million
Gary Sheffield$90 Million
Felix Hernandez$90 Million
Justin Verlander$95 Million
Joe Mauer$100 Million
Manny Ramirez$110 Million
Joey Votto$110 Million
Chipper Jones$110 Million
Randy Johnson$115 Million
Miguel Cabrera$125 Million
Albert Pujols$170 Million
Ichiro Suzuki$180 Million
Derek Jeter$185 Million
Alex Rodriguez$350 Million
Bud Selig$400 Million

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