Yankees up the ante on the plate with a whole range of new food options for 2024

Yankees are reinventing the culinary experience extensively at Yankee Stadium for the 2024 season.
John Allen
Wednesday March 27, 2024

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Get ready to step up to the plate and indulge in the New York Yankees’ latest culinary creations for the 2024 season – a true feast for baseball and food enthusiasts alike!

Leading the charge is a Bronx-born delicacy: crispy fried meatballs by Food Network star and local hero, Christian Petroni. This exciting addition follows in the footsteps of the wildly popular Italian Sunday-style chicken cutlets inspired by none other than New York Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito.

Building on the success of the chicken cutlets, Robert Flowers, the Yankees‘ new executive chef who took over from Matt Gibson this year, is confident that fans will embrace these extra-virgin olive oil fried meatballs amidst the ongoing “Tommy Cutlets” craze.

“I think it’s gonna be huge,” Flowers declared with optimism. These flavor-packed meatballs are presented in a convenient portable box, accompanied by a cup of simmered-for-eight-hours marinara sauce and cheesy garlic bread, creating a perfect combination for a satisfying ballpark experience.

Flowers is particularly enthusiastic about the product, highlighting Christian Petroni’s culinary talent and the undeniable deliciousness of the meatballs. As a lifelong Don Mattingly fan and a native of western New York himself, Flowers is eager to see how fans react to this exciting new menu item. Will it become a favorite of Yankees fans alongside the “Tommy Cutlets”? Only time (and taste buds) will tell!

Petroni’s meatballs take center stage at Yankee Stadium


Yankee Stadium has always been renowned for its classic hot dogs and peanuts, but this season ushers in a new era of ballpark cuisine, and Bronx native Christian Petroni is at the forefront of this flavor revolution.

Petroni’s signature dish – pecorino romano-infused, blast-fried meatballs made with a blend of beef and pork – takes center stage among the Yankees 2024 exciting additions to the menu. These flavor bombs are sure to resonate with fans craving a departure from the usual ballpark fare.

But the Italian culinary journey doesn’t stop there. Yankee Stadium is also introducing another classic: fried zeppoles served with cannoli cream, chocolate, and strawberry sauces. These decadent delights are presented in a collectible mini helmet at Section 127, offering a sweet and playful treat for fans of all ages.

For Petroni, a native of White Plains Road and 241st Street, seeing his Bronx-inspired creations on the Yankees’ Opening Day menu is a dream come true. Fans can find his mouthwatering meatballs at Sections 125 and 310, ready to be devoured alongside a Yankees victory (hopefully!).


Having already impressed fans with his cheesy garlic bread last season, Petroni aimed to hit a home run with the 2024 menu. He candidly described the challenge of crafting meatballs bursting with “enough pecorino cheese to rival a flock of sheep,” all complemented by a slow-cooked marinara sauce. Despite the complexities, Petroni takes immense pride in bringing elevated Italian cuisine to the iconic Yankee Stadium.

“Enjoying nonna-level meatballs and garlic bread at the stadium – pinch me, bro,” Petroni enthusiastically declared. It seems Yankee fans can expect a truly unforgettable culinary experience alongside the on-field action this season.

Yankees pack stadium’s 2024 menu packs flavor punches


Christian Petroni, a Bronx native sporting a Don Mattingly jersey, acknowledges the recent wave of Italian-inspired dishes at Yankee Stadium, including the popular Tommy DeVito chicken cutlets. But Petroni isn’t just following suit – he’s aiming to crank things up a notch.

“DeVito definitely put Italian food on the map at Yankee Stadium,” Petroni admits, “but if you ask me, meatballs are what will take us all the way to the championship!” he jokes playfully.

While Petroni’s signature meatballs are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, the 2024 menu offers a variety of other exciting options to explore.

Beyond 99 Burger: A world of flavor

NYC’s renowned butcher shop, Lobel’s, is famous for their signature steak sandwich at the left-field booth. This year, they’re branching out with a brand new offering: filet mignon crispy tater tots!

“Everyone’s got French fries,” says Lobel’s co-owner Mark Lobel. “We wanted to bring back a little nostalgia with tater tots.” These aren’t your average tots, though. Lobel describes them as barbecue-flavored, topped with melty cheddar cheese and crispy onions for a flavor explosion.

“The flavor profile is absolutely exceptional,” Lobel enthuses. It seems Yankee Stadium’s 2024 menu is set to deliver a winning combination – delicious food alongside the on-field action.

Get ready to level up your ballpark dining experience, Yankee fans! The 2024 season boasts an exciting menu expansion, featuring a delicious mix of returning favorites and innovative new offerings.

Yankees fans show Aaron Judge-inspired 99 Burger at Yankee Stadium.
Twitter/@thatpocnyc and @0xburn_

Lobel’s, renowned for their mouthwatering steak sandwiches, is taking center stage once again. Building on the success of their exclusive Wagyu beef “99 Burger” honoring fan-favorite Aaron Judge last season, Lobel’s is removing the quantity limit and relocating the burger to Section 107 for wider availability. Anticipating even greater demand this year, Lobel’s co-owner Mark Lobel expressed excitement about the expanded presence of both the “99 Burger” and their classic steak sandwich.

But Lobel’s isn’t the only culinary star this season. Here’s a taste of the other exciting options you won’t want to miss:

Spicy-Sweet Satisfaction from Streetbird: Chef Marcus Samuelsson brings the heat with his signature Streetbird wings, offering a delicious balance of spice and sweetness. Find them in Section 112.

City Winery’s Porchetta Powerhouse: Craving Italian? Section 105 has you covered with City Winery’s delectable porchetta sandwich, featuring savory broccoli rabe and melty provolone cheese.

Mighty Quinn’s Chipotle Kick: Get your taste buds tingling with Mighty Quinn’s chipotle barbecue chicken sandwich in Section 132.

A plethora of sweet treats and refreshing brews

No ballpark experience is complete without a satisfying dessert. Indulge your sweet tooth with grand slam, Butterfinger, or black and white cookie shakes in Sections 112, 125, and 324.

For those seeking a refreshing beverage, Yankee Stadium is replacing the beloved Pinstripe Pilsner with Goose Island’s New York’s Legendary Ale, a golden beer available for purchase throughout the concourses.

With a diverse selection of culinary delights and refreshing drinks, the 2024 Yankee Stadium menu promises to tantalize taste buds alongside the on-field action. So grab your ticket, pack your appetite, and get ready for a delicious season!

Yankee Stadium throws open the gourmet grub


Get ready for a sensory overload at Yankee Stadium this season, and we’re not just talking about Aaron Judge‘s monstrous home runs! The Bronx Bombers have unveiled a completely revamped dining menu that would leave even Martha Stewart speechless.

Mark your calendars for April 5th at 1:05 PM ET, because that’s when the Yankees’ home opener kicks off, along with the chance to devour these culinary delights.

Leading the charge is Robert Flowers, the newly appointed executive chef for Legends at Yankee Stadium. Fresh on the job for just a week, Chef Flowers is already making waves. He’s overseeing the entire stadium’s culinary program, from general concessions to premium clubs, suites, and even catering. His mission? To completely redefine what “ballpark food” means.

While acknowledging the nostalgic comfort of classic hot dogs, peanuts, and Cracker Jack, Chef Flowers is determined to elevate the Yankee Stadium food experience to meet the expectations of 2024. Forget settling for just hot dogs – this season is all about variety and gourmet options that cater to every palate. Get ready to hit a home run for your taste buds alongside the Yankees this season!

A feast for the senses beyond baseball

The crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, and now – tantalizing aromas wafting through the stands! Yankee Stadium’s 2024 season promises to be a feast for all senses, thanks to a completely revamped dining experience. Before you head to the ballpark, dive into the 2024 Yankee Stadium Dining Guide for a mouthwatering preview.

Beyond baseball: The 99 Burger steals the show

Aaron Judge and Aaron Judge-inspired 99 Burger

Forget the standard ballpark fare – the 99 Burger at Section 107 is a gourmet masterpiece. This isn’t your average patty. Two juicy, 4-ounce American Wagyu beef patties are layered with melted American cheese, caramelized onions for a touch of sweetness, a secret sauce with a unique kick, and tangy dill pickles. All this flavor is nestled within a fluffy brioche bun, creating a burger that transcends the ballpark experience.

Signature creation: The Porchetta sandwich


Executive Chef Flowers isn’t shy about sharing his personal favorites, and the Porchetta Sandwich at City Winery in Section 105 is a prime example. This drool-worthy creation features tender, flavorful porchetta – slow-roasted pork perfection. But it doesn’t stop there. Broccoli rabe adds a touch of bitterness, melty provolone cheese provides a creamy counterpoint, and a touch of Calabrian aioli adds a hint of spice. Arugula brings a refreshing peppery note, and the whole masterpiece is sandwiched between a toasted brioche bun. According to Chef Flowers, it’s pure perfection on a plate.

Comfort food cravings? Head to the Mac Truck!

Craving a warm, familiar taste? Look no further than the Mac Truck in Section 223. This season, they’re dishing up the new Bacon Ranch Mac & Cheese, a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Imagine creamy macaroni and cheese loaded with crispy bacon crumbles, a generous helping of butter-toasted breadcrumbs for added texture, and a drizzle of rich buttermilk ranch dressing. This is pure comfort food bliss!

Specialty drinks to quench your thirst


No culinary journey is complete without a refreshing drink. Throughout the stadium’s various bar areas and social gatherings, you’ll find specialty cocktails crafted to tantalize your taste buds. Opt for the Strawberry Paloma, a light and summery concoction featuring Hornitos Plata tequila, house-made strawberry mix, and bubbly grapefruit soda. For a touch of Southern charm, try the Bleacher Peacher, a delightful mix of Jim Beam Peach bourbon, sweet tea, and a squeeze of fresh lemon.

Legendary beers and delicious diversity on the table


Yankee Stadium isn’t just about legendary home runs anymore – this season, they’re serving up legendary brews too! Get ready to raise a glass to “New York Legendary Ale,” Goose Island’s special creation for the Bronx Bombers. Available at Section 105 and the Kona Bleachers Bar, this golden ale promises a taste sensation.

Imagine a crisp, aromatic beverage with a hint of fruit and brilliant taste. Brewed in Baldwinsville, New York, “New York Legendary Ale” boasts a perfectly balanced flavor profile. Two-row barley and wheat malts offer a touch of sweetness, perfectly complemented by the slight bitterness of Mt. Hood and Hallertau hops. Whether you choose a draught offering or a convenient 25-ounce can, this beer is sure to hit the spot for any fan.

But Yankee Stadium caters to all appetites, not just hopheads. For fans with dietary restrictions, there are exciting options too! Consider the Sweet Spot Bowl from Legends Hospitality (Section 311). This vegetarian delight features flavorful sweet plantains, a satisfying bed of rice and black beans, zesty pickled onions, a refreshing cilantro sauce, and a kick of Melinda’s Hot Sauce. It’s a perfect example of how Yankee Stadium is offering delicious and diverse food options to ensure everyone enjoys a memorable day at the ballpark.

As Executive Chef Flowers emphasizes, attending a Yankees game goes beyond just the action on the field. It’s about creating lasting memories with loved ones. By offering high-quality and inclusive food options, Yankee Stadium elevates the entire experience, ensuring that every visit is a home run!

Hassle-free transit options for Yankee Stadium visitors


Calling all baseball fans! Here’s some exciting news to get your opening day at Yankee Stadium off to a smooth start.

Metro-North takes you right to the action

Metro-North Railroad is stepping up to the plate this season, offering a convenient game-day service straight to Yankee Stadium! Just in time for the team’s first home game against the Toronto Blue Jays on Friday, April 5th, Metro-North will be running special shuttle trains.

These shuttles will make multiple stops, picking up fans at Grand Central Terminal, Harlem-125th Street, and Yankees-East 153rd Street stations. So, no matter where you’re coming from on the Metro-North line, you’ll have a hassle-free way to get right to the heart of the action.

East side access makes journey a breeze

Attention, Long Island baseball enthusiasts! Thanks to the completion of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s East Side Access project, your journey to Yankee Stadium just got a whole lot easier. Now, you can simply hop on the Long Island Rail Road and transfer seamlessly to Metro-North’s Grand Central Madison station. From there, you can connect with the convenient game-day shuttle trains and be on your way to cheer on the Yankees in no time!

With these enhanced transportation options, getting to Yankee Stadium for the home opener (and all games throughout the season) has never been simpler. So ditch the traffic, grab your gear, and let the trains whisk you away for an unforgettable baseball experience!

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