Aaron Judge crushes historic milestone in week of highs and birthday lows

Aaron Judge prior to the game between the Yankees and Brewers on April 26, 2024.
Amanda Paula
Saturday April 27, 2024

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There was a palpable buzz surrounding Aaron Judge’s birthday, with expectations high for him to reach a new milestone as he also completed his 32nd year. However, despite the anticipation, the moment didn’t materialize as planned. Nonetheless, it was a favorable week for the Yankees’ captain, as he ascended to the 9th position among all-time home run hitters in the team’s history. But Judge’s impact extends far beyond mere statistics; he’s adept at making mathematics work in his favor.

The fascinating numbers behind Aaron Judge’s homer milestone

Aaron Judge prior to the game between the Yankees and Brewers on April 26, 2024.

Translating mathematical analysis into baseball terms, Aaron Judge’s rise in the Yankees‘ record books presents a fascinating contrast in games played compared to the legendary Derek Jeter.

While Jeter’s illustrious career spanned an impressive 2,747 games, Aaron Judge’s ascent to surpass Jeter’s home run record with just 860 games played speaks volumes about the towering outfielder’s impact on the team’s offensive prowess.

The numerical disparity is striking: Aaron Judge has played approximately 68.7% fewer games than Jeter, yet his power at the plate has propelled him to this historic milestone. This percentage encapsulates the brevity of Aaron Judge’s tenure compared to Jeter’s lengthy reign, underscoring not only the difference in their playing durations but also the potential for Judge to carve out his own legacy in the annals of Yankees history.

Birthday bash fizzles for slugger Aaron Judge

Die-hard kid fans of the Bronx Bombers wished Aaron Judge a happy birthday prior to the game between the Yankees and Brewers on April 26, 2024

There was too much hype and buzz around Aaron Judge because, against all odds, the numbers showed the writing was on the wall in his favor. For example, on the day Judge received happy birthday wishes from his Yankees teammates and even diehard fan Tracy Morgan, the stars were aligning for the captain.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg – last night was a night to remember when a ton of fans wished Aaron Judge a happy birthday, shouting it from the rooftops on social media and raising the roof in the stands.

For instance, although it was a Mets game, before the Queens Crew dropped the ball against the Cardinals, the Apple TV broadcast killed two birds with one stone by reminding viewers that Aaron Judge was one of the fastest players to hit the 200 home run milestone in MLB history. Honestly, looking back, Aaron Judge was the second-best at this feat.

Apple TV displayed the board showcasing the fastest players to reach the 200 home run milestone in MLB, with Aaron Judge included.
Apple TV

On that historic occasion, Aaron Judge cemented his name in the record books as the second-fastest player to reach 200 career homers, and the Bronx Bombers knocked it out of the park with an 8-2 win over the Royals. The 6-foot-7 slugger Aaron Judge’s 200th dinger came in his 671st career game, just behind Philly’s Ryan Howard who accomplished it in 658 games back in 2009. And since Aaron Judge was already a big-time bash brother, everyone and their mother, even Mets fans, expected him to continue raking, which made total sense given his eye-popping numbers.

Before the gut-wrenching 6-7 Yankees loss to the Brewers last Friday, the stars seemed aligned perfectly in Aaron Judge’s favor per stat guru Max Goodman – the Yankees superstar Aaron Judge was red-hot on his birthdays, slashing .412/.545/.941 with 5 runs, 3 doubles, 2 homers, 7 RBIs and 5 walks over 5 games. In 9 career games against Milwaukee, Aaron Judge flat-out dominated with a .364/.512/.697 line.

Aaron Judge surpassed Derek Jeter as the ninth all-time home run hitter for the Yankees during the game against the Oakland Athletics on Wednesday, April 24, 2024.

But ironically, in that most recent Brewers game, the Birthday Bomber Aaron Judge went 0-fer for the first time ever on his born day, which raised some eyebrows and red flags about how far he can keep this torrid pace going. Though it’s still early – only two months into the season – it does beg the question of how to solve Aaron Judge’s power drought while teammate Giancarlo Stanton, who’s been on thin ice, keeps raking.

Speaking of Stanton, unlike the former MVP who was in a brutal slump last year, this season he’s been on a tear with 19 hits, tied for the team lead with the much-maligned Gleyber Torres.

But when it comes to leaving the yard, the All-Rise Aaron Judge has cleared the fences 4 times while Stanton has gone deep 5 times. However, neither Bomber has been able to keep up with the ridiculous pace of Juan Soto, who has been an RBI machine with 33 knocks and 7 big flies so far.

As Aaron Judge navigates the ups and downs of the marathon baseball season, his performance against the backdrop of Yankees lore will be closely monitored. While eclipsing Derek Jeter’s home run total in a fraction of the games is a remarkable feat, Judge’s true legacy hinges on sustaining this torrid power pace and leading the Bronx Bombers to championship glory.

The Pinstripes nation eagerly awaits to see if the towering slugger can cement himself as an all-time Yankees great by adding some more prestigious milestones and hardware to his already impressive resume. One thing is certain – the numbers and maths surrounding Aaron Judge’s rise have captivated fans, fueling excitement about what electrifying achievements may still lie ahead for the face of the Yankees franchise.

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