Yankees prospect hits 3 HRs, records third multi-homer game in two weeks

Yankees prospect Tyler Hardman

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On July 1, Tyler Hardman, a highly regarded Yankees prospect who was chosen in the fifth round of the 2021 Draft, hit three home runs to power the Somerset Patriots to a 9-5 win over Bowie Baysox, a Double-A affiliate of the Orioles. This was his third multihomer game in a fortnight.

During the last two weeks, the Yankees prospect has been on fire, demonstrating his skills at the plate. On June 17, he recorded his first multi-homer game of the season. Tyler Hardman repeated this accomplishment on Wednesday and, just three days later, reached a remarkable milestone by hitting three home runs in a single game for the first time in his career.

Reflecting on his recent success, the 24-year-old Yankees prospect acknowledged his outstanding display of power. He recalled his childhood aspirations of hitting home runs in every at-bat, aiming to accumulate as many as possible. However, Tyler Hardman stressed the need to treat each at-bat as a separate entity, regardless of the outcome, and maintain a level-headed attitude without becoming excessively elated or discouraged.

“Obviously, it felt really good,” he told. “When I was a kid, I definitely would have been trying to hit homers every at-bat, like, ‘Let’s see how many I can get.’ But what really good hitters do, and what I aspire to do, is separate every at-bat from the other, good or bad. I try to be level-headed, not get too high or too low.”

The unique ability of the Yankees prospect

Tyler Hardman’s ability to hit home runs consistently has become evident, as he has hit eight out of his 19 total homers in the past 11 games. This remarkable performance places him at the top of the Eastern League home run leaderboard. It is a significant improvement from last year when the Yankees prospect hit 22 home runs in 111 games, and he is well on his way to surpassing that mark in the current 2023 season.

In the game against Bowie pitcher Carlos Tavera, Tyler Hardman began with a walk and later took advantage of a pitch from the right-handed pitcher. The Yankees prospect unleashed a powerful swing on a pitch in the middle of the strike zone, sending the ball soaring over the left-center field fence for a home run, setting the tone for his impressive performance.

Yankees prospect Tyler Hardman

His next two at-bats came against right-handed pitcher Ignacio Feliz, who would soon become a victim of Tyler Hardman’s hitting prowess. In the sixth inning, he crushed a breaking ball on a 1-1 count, driving it to left field for his second solo home run of the day. In the following inning, Feliz made the mistake of throwing the same type of pitch to the Yankees prospect, resulting in another thunderous hit to the same area of the ballpark for his third home run of the day.

After the game, Tyler Hardman emphasized the importance of his swing decisions in his overall performance. He acknowledged that when he is struggling, it often results from not swinging at highly hittable pitches. The Yankees prospect highlighted the significance of preparing for his swing decisions, which involves analyzing the pitches and making calculated choices. He emphasized the need to swing the right pitches and position his body correctly to effectively see and connect with the balls. By focusing on these aspects, he aims to improve his performance and make better choices at the plate.

Tyler Hardman is inspired by Aaron Judge

As a fifth-round pick in the 2021 MLB Draft, Tyler Hardman understands the significance of being chosen by one of the most renowned franchises in the world. He admits that he has a tendency to become frustrated when things don’t go his way and takes inspiration from modern baseball greats like Aaron Judge, who remains composed in the face of disappointing outcomes.

Yankees prospect Tyler Hardman

The Yankees prospect expresses great confidence in the Yankees’ ability to help him develop into the hitter he aspires to become. He believes that the organization’s expertise and resources make them the ideal team to support his growth and help him reach his full potential.

Tyler Hardman expressed his excitement about being drafted not just by any team but by one with a rich and iconic history. He described the feeling as “really cool.” Upon joining the team, he quickly recognized the reasons behind their success. The Yankees prospect observed the team’s commitment to producing and training players to perform at higher levels, which he found impressive. Tyler Hardman commended the organization for its ability to bring out the best in every player. With his talent and the Yankees’ renowned reputation, he believes that together they can achieve great things on the baseball field and make a significant impact in the sport.

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