Yankees’ Jasson Dominguez ready for switch-hitting in next rehab step


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Yankees’ outfielder Jasson Dominguez is steadily progressing in his recovery from Tommy John surgery, poised to reach another significant milestone on Monday.

What happened with Jasson Dominguez?

Jasson Domínguez #89 of the New York Yankees smiles before a spring training, in 2023.

According to media expert Max Goodman, Aaron Boone, the manager of the Yankees, has announced that Jasson Dominguez has begun switch-hitting as an outfielder. This development comes just two weeks after he began swinging a bat following his surgery. Initially, he focused solely on right-handed swings, but now, as a switch-hitter, Dominguez will incorporate left-handed swings into his routine. It’s anticipated that, akin to his right-handed swings, he will start with hitting off a tee from the left side.

Jasson Dominguez, dubbed “The Martian,” has been steadily increasing his throwing distance, progressing from 60 to 75 feet by late February. His rehabilitation process, approximately six months post-surgery, appears to be on track. Boone expressed confidence in Dominguez’s return, stating on The Michael Kay Show last month that the 21-year-old outfielder will likely rejoin the team “back in the summer.”

Jason Dominguez made his MLB debut donning the Yankees‘ shit on Sept. 1 of the previous season and showcased his talent in eight games, boasting a .258/.303/.677 slash line with four home runs and seven RBIs before his injury.

The Martian’s comeback fuels Yankee hopes

Jasson Dominguez, player of the new york yankees

But at the beginning of this week, Jasson Dominguez showed a glimpse that he’s throwing, which the Pinstripes Nation already reported.

The New York Yankees are riding high on optimism as top prospect Jasson Dominguez, nicknamed “The Martian,” makes strides in recovering from Tommy John surgery. His steady progress in throwing rehab, including a throwing session early this week reported by Pinstripes Nation, has sparked excitement about an earlier-than-expected return this season.

Dominguez’s rise was halted last year when he tore his ulnar collateral ligament just as he began showcasing his talents in the majors. The grueling recovery from this surgery tests a player’s physical rehabilitation and mental fortitude.

His recent successful throwing sessions, including the one highlighted early this week, signal promising steps forward. His dedication, honed from a childhood of daily training, now propels his pursuit of regaining peak form.

While Jasson Dominguez navigates his comeback, his progress ignites hope within the Yankees. After a disappointing season, they view his return as pivotal to reigniting their championship ambitions. His talents could inject renewed vitality into their lineup.

As Jasson Dominguez methodically returns to the Yankees, his journey epitomizes the resilience the team hopes pervades their season amid lofty expectations.

What are your thoughts on Jasson Dominguez’s impact on the Yankees’ fortunes? Comment below!

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