Aaron Judge hints at potential return following All-Star Game

Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees with kids.
Amanda Paula
Monday July 3, 2023

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In a recent appearance on NBC’s ‘Today’ show, New York Yankees’ outfielder Aaron Judge provided fans with a glimmer of hope regarding his return to the field. Judge, who has been sidelined since early June due to a torn ligament in his toe, suggested that he could be back in action shortly after the All-Star Game on July 11.

Since his injury, the Yankees have remained tight-lipped about Aaron Judge’s expected return date. Manager Aaron Boone even refrained from ruling out the possibility of Judge missing the entire season. However, during the ‘Today’ show segment, Judge subtly hinted at his imminent comeback.

When asked about his return, Aaron Judge replied:

“Hopefully soon. We’ll see. We got the All-Star Game coming up here, so hopefully that will buy me a couple of days, and we’ll be back there soon.”

The comment sparked laughter among the hosts and guests, prompting teammate Gerrit Cole to make a clear ‘praying’ gesture with his hands, seemingly expressing his support for Aaron Judge’s swift recovery.

Throughout his recovery process, Aaron Judge has made a point to stay actively engaged with the team, offering encouragement and support to his fellow teammates. Despite being unable to participate in games, Judge has attended most Yankees matchups since his injury, often playing catch with his teammates in the outfield.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone acknowledged Judge’s gradual progress, noting his presence on the field during warm-up activities. Boone emphasized that Judge’s ability to generate power and torque in his swing would be a crucial indicator of his readiness to return.

“When we get to that point where he starts being able to let it go hitting-wise, that’ll be a good indicator that now it’s just about getting built up and ready to go,” Boone explained.

He added that Aaron Judge’s return would require ensuring his back foot can withstand the necessary force, highlighting the importance of Judge’s ability to fully utilize his lower body strength.

While the Yankees organization has been cautious about setting a specific return date for their star slugger, Aaron Judge’s optimistic hint following the All-Star Game offers hope to fans eagerly anticipating his comeback. As the team eagerly awaits the return of their power-hitting outfielder, Judge’s involvement and support during his absence continue to play a significant role in maintaining team morale.

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7 thoughts on “Aaron Judge hints at potential return following All-Star Game

  1. We’ve seen what happened to DJ after playing hurt last year. Not good last year and not good this year. I hope they make sure AJ is 100% before he returns even if it means missing the playoffs.

  2. I’m ok with missing the playoffs if it means not messing up Judge. Look at DJ. He’s having a crappy time.

  3. I don’t think that he will be back this year. Anymore you can’t believe anything they say,especially Boone.

  4. So tired of the Yankee propaganda. You cannot trust what anyone says. From the sunny outlook of an inadequate team, broken down players past their prime to vague injury updates. All smoke and mirrors.

  5. The Yankees need Aaron Judge back playing like a flower needs the sun; however, it would be safer & smarter to keep him on “ice” until next year. This year’s team would need an all star lineup to make the playoffs anyway.

  6. Trutfully, no one wants to risk 360 mil because of an immediate problem. Returning AJ too soon would do just that, create a risk atmosphere daily and certainly reduce effectiveness. The NYY solution for 2023 is getting DJ back to shape, or bringing Perraza to 3B.all the rest is a winning offense once Stanton wakesup and Rizzo improves. Bader, Volpe, Torres, IKF can be counted upon for superior offense. Don should be done with.

    1. Stantsn, Rizzoand Donardson are has been past their standards. Drag on offense, only produce once a week and strikeouts, ground out or weak flyouts.
      Yankees will nwwd to eat a bunch of money and spend a lot to be a force again. Don’t see it happening.

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